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Guest annababy

finally i can see him again!!!!!!!!!!!!

except i dont really like sung yuri, she sucks as an actress

she is pretty though but i wanted him to work with someone more talented!!!!! man~

he's going to be in a new drama

check out this thread


so about the NG's on lollol101's clubbox..

i tried to get into the clubbox.

(i have membership) but it still wont show me contents of the box.

does anyone know what the problem is?

yeah her clubbox is like on hold or something, i don't think anyone can access it right now~

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Guest Airine Pratama

Can somebody tell me, his new project with Kim Jung Hwa, is it movie or drama??

With Kim Jung Hwa?

I think it's an old one, Spy Girl ...

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GongYoo, LeeYeonHee, SungYuRi To Be In San Francisco Starting April

I actually heard this from an associate at SM Entertainment, LeeYeonHee's management company. They will start shooting a drama in San Francisco starting sometime in April. I think there is a news article, but I have to go look fori t.

고교생 스타 이연희가 성유리와 한판 연기 대결을 펼친다.

영화 ‘백만장자의 첫 사랑’에서 인기 스타 현빈과 호흡을 맞췄던 이연희는 오는 5월 중순 첫 방송될 MBC 새 수목 드라마 ‘샌프란시스코’(가제ㆍ극본 손은혜ㆍ연출 신현창)의 구효주 역에 최근 발탁됐다.

이 연희가 연기할 구효주는 남자 주인공인 서건(공유 분)을 적극적이고 열정적으로 사랑하는 인물로 또 다른 여자 주인공인 서하늘(성유리 분)와 삼각 관계를 이루는 역할이다. 이로써 이연희는 여성 4인조 그룹 핑클의멤버이자 연기자로도 활동 중인 성유리와 피할 수 없는 연기 대결을 벌이게 됐다. 신현창 PD는 “지난 해 가을 이연희를 처음 만났을 때 청순 가련한 이미지만 지닌 줄 알았는데 영화 ‘백만장자의 첫 사랑’을 본 뒤 밝고 발랄한 매력도 발견하게 돼 효주 역에 최종 낙점했다”며 캐스팅 배경을 밝혔다. 1988년 생인 이연희는 그동안 KBS 드라마 ‘해신’ ‘금쪽 같은 내새끼’ ‘부활’ 등에 출연, 팬들에 얼굴을 알려왔다.

길혜성 기자(comet@heraldm.com)

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Guest atreyu112

leikela, thank you for the pix. i saw clip of news and camera captured gongyoo for only few seconds. glad to have these pix.

Heeelloooo Gong's Fans..

I am new here..i just finished watching she's on duty last nite and Damn!! that guy is gorgeous!!! he is a hunk and i agree, he is underated.. i think he can act and he has such a nice body, looks and smile!! can't wait to see him in the next project..

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Guest musiqpipe

I just watched "Hardtack Teacher & Star Candy". And I like all of you, fell instantly in LOVE with him. He has to be the hottest guy around. I wish he was more popular though.

I'm gonna re-watch "My Tutor Friend" again. I didn't know he was there.

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Guest pipilinx

i like this gorgeous man too, really love him and KSA in she is on duty...

i buy spy girl because of him, haven't see it yet.

so...he is really act in screen?

what movies he already played? can any one mention it to me?


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Guest kikkizz

Hehehe my first post is in gong yoo topic

I first saw him in My Tutor Friend but I didn't know he was there

When i saw him in she's On Duty . He's so hot!!!!!!!

Can't wait to see him in his new drama!!!!!!

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Guest rainmist

this is one HoooOOoooT Man!!! look at those pictures on page 5. xP he has a great body. i loved him in seabiscuit, star candy. so adorable

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  • lkgy99 changed the title to Gong Yoo 공유 | ★ Upcoming Movie : Wonderland ★

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