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On 7/17/2020 at 4:29 PM, blackbeannoodle said:

Last episode of his Jeju trip is up now he's gonna disappear till the movie or drama comes out poo


I'm really sad that's the last episode 

We will wait again to see him again in anything else :bawling:

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@tok-soompiwe 'll see more and more of gy . It seems gy 'll be so busy in the end of 2020 & 2021 just like 2016. I hope he won't be so exhausted like what happened to him in 2016 & 2017. 


 I don't care if gy is popular or not but as a fan I'm glad to see how our man is popular in many countries. He is the 3rd in Middle East & Thailand. And in top 10 in China. 


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More news about gy special appearance in Netflix drama

Gong Yoo to Make Special Appearance in "Round Six"

Actor Gong Yoo will me making a special appearance in "Round Six", a Netflix Originals.

This was possible due to his friendship with producer Hwang Dong-hyuk who also produced the movie "Silenced".



Actor Gong Yoo to make special appearance in upcoming Netflix series 'Squid Game'


New Netflix K-Drama Is In The Works Starring Park Hae Soo And Lee Jung Jae, With Gong Yoo To Make A Special Appearance






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 Gong Yoo's Personal Trainer Talks More about the Actor's Physique, Picks Him as the Best Among All

He said that Gong Yoo has a (very) awesome body. 


On August 3rd, 'allure Korea' released a new episode of 'allure Fit', a series which reveals celebrities' health routine. For the episode, the personal trainer talks about Gong Yoo. He commented about Gong Yoo, "He's cool. He is so cool. When you see him in real life, he is cooler. I'm not joking. He is the best."


In the interview, the trainer explained how Gong Yoo hits the gym almost every day. He said, "Gong Yoo came to the gym every day and he spends around 3 hours per visit, including break times. He works out around 2 hours per session." 

The trainer then talked about how Gong Yoo has great motivation in working out. He explained, "There are times that I need to stop him. I said to him, 'Hyung, you are a celebrity.' I think the way he works out depends on whether or not he has a project. When he has no project, he likes to bulk up. However, when he has a project, he works out to make a physique to fit his characters.




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