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# Jungwoosung came in first place for a list of male actors who were highly anticipated for his marriage news, according to a Voting conducted by "Exiting Dish," run by the community portal site DC Inside (CEO Kim Yoo-sik) and MyCelebs, the search company. The vote was held for seven days from May 24 to 30.
#JungWoosung, which is at the top with 649 votes (13.1 percent) of a total of 4,945 votes, has maintained his title as the most handsome person in the entertainment industry since his debut. Many female stars choose him as their ideal type, and there are also many male stars who want to work with him and make their debut in the entertainment industry.

Actor Gong Yoo ranked second with 602 votes (12.2 percent). #GongYoo, one of the main public actors in South Korea who is "loved by everyone," and has become "the king of RomCom" in various works, attracts women with a gentle smile.
#HyunBin was ranked third with 561 votes (11.3 percent). Together with Gong Yoo, Hyun Bin is also one of the actors who has many female fans, and managed to play a tough and romantic action at the same time.

4th place is #HaJungWoo, 5th is #ParkHyoShin, and 6th is #KangDongwon #SungSiKyung and #LeeJungJae

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