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Gong Yoo was Spotted at a Bakery, Surprised Everyone with His Perfect 'Daily Look' Visual

Gong Yoo was spotted at a bakery in Cheongsong, Gyeongsangbuk-Do Province.


Photos of Gong Yoo are circulating in various online communities. According to fans, the actor visited an old bakery for a photoshoot. In one of the photos taken by fans, Gong Yoo was holding a bag of bread in his arms.



Although the photos are low in quality, Gong Yoo showed off his distinct features. With his height of 183 cm, he showed off his golden ratio. He even has a cute face that make us cannot believe he's 42 years old this year.


Some comments found on the web read, "As soon as I saw Gong Yoo in person, I became his big fan," "It wasn't a human beauty! He's a god," "I'm a man but I'm in love with him," and more. 




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Gong Yoo Spotted Walking out of a Bakery in the Countryside of Gyeongsangbuk-Do

Gong Yoo’s just out there living his best life.

Gong Yoo was recently spotted walking out of a bakery in Gyeongsangbuk-do, and photos to prove it are going viral in online communities.

The photos show Gong Yoo walking out of a bakery called “Mammoth” in Cheongsong-gun.


And it appears that he was holding a large paper bag full of bread.


It’s been reported that Gong Yoo was in the area that day because of a photo shoot.

And when Gong Yoo was coincidentally spotted at a bakery by local citizens, photos immediately began circulating to share the news of his whereabouts.

Not only are netizens fascinated by the random sighting of the star, but they’re also drooling over how handsome and realistic he looks in the photos.

Some of the comments to the posts include “I became a fan as soon as I saw these“, “I’m a man, and I’m in love with Gong Yoo“, and “I can’t believe how handsome he looks“.

Just last year, Gong Yoo was spotted in a similar fashion when he went out to buy candles.



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6 Celebrities Who Have a "Dark Past" Because They Cannot Move on from Their Ex Easily

It's not easy for them to stop loving someone. 


Sometimes it's not easy for us to forget the sweet moments we had with our ex. Just like us, these celebs, too! They once revealed that they have the "dark past" because they cannot move on from the one they loved easily. They revealed that once they love someone, their love won't change easily. So, can you guess who they are? Check out the list below! 


Gong Yoo



In the first episode of Lee Dongwook's 'Because I Want to Talk,' Gong Yoo revealed that he once sent a text message to his ex when he was drunk. He sent her a text message in the middle of the night, asking whether she had slept. 



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