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SSR post Perfume interview part 1

(thank you to fanwho (DB) for translations :))


Shin Sung-rok (37) also had an interview after Perfume ended. Wiki has good amount of info. on him. He debuted with the drama "Shoot for the Stars" in 2003, but had hard time to find the drama roles because of his tall height, so he switched and joined the theater company to do musicals. His debut on the stage was with "Moskito" and "Singin' in the rain" in 2004. While doing the musical, Shin was cast in drama again, and more supporting roles in dramas and films followed. Here is his interview for Perfume. [Starnews, 2019.07.26; OSEN, 2019.07.24]

"Perfume" is a fantasy romance that a genius designer and a suspicious fashion model met and had the second chance in life. Shin Sung-rok played a genius fashion designer Seo E Do and gained favorable viewer response with his comical acting and sweet romance that were not seen in his previous works. Even with the disappointing ratings, Shin succeeded in transforming the image once more through Perfume.


Q: Please Tell me how you feel now that the show ended.

Shin: It has been only two days since it finished, so I don't feel it. But I feel relieved. Because my parts were enormous, I had physical burden memorizing the dialogue. So I feel good because I feel like I have escaped from 'typeface Phobia'. Still, "Perfume" was a very enjoyable piece. I was happy to have opportunity to do "roco" which seemed to be impossible for me to do for a lifetime. It is the first time I had such a lot of work. Because of working hours labor law, one team left and another team came, but I kept shooting. There was always scripts in my pocket.


Q: What was reason to select "Perfume" quickly as your next project after "The Last Empress" ended.

Shin: It's true that there was a sense of being hurried. So I thought a lot. I was worried about doing works in succession. For the previous projects I've done, many intense characters were offered. Since I had strong villain image, I was greedy for this role. As I grew older I felt like I could not do a "romantic comedy", so I really wanted to do one. In addition, "Perfume" has many unique lines. I thought I could grow more if I poured out a large amount of these lines without hesitation.


Q: Were you disappointed in ratings?

Shin: Of course I was disappointed. Since it did well in the beginning, I felt it would do good. But evaluation is done by the viewers. Regardless of ratings, I think I gained what I wanted to gain I thought through this project.

Q: Perfume had difficulty with casting before the broadcast.

Shin: I don't get swayed because the casting doesn't work out well. I thought about what the justification this project wanted to have. I did my best to get what I wanted to get.



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SSR post Perfume interview part 2

(thank you to fanwho (DB) for translations :))


Q: Did you sympathize with the character Seo E Do?

Shin: E Do is an innocent character. Actually I'm not an innocent person. But through the mind control, I acted thinking "I am such person". I don't act understanding all the characters. I try to express by analogical interpretation on the character's situation.


Q: Tell me about your experience working with Ha Jae-sook and Ko Won-hee.

Shin: I filmed a lot with Ha Jae-sook noona in later episodes. We matched very well. (Ko) Won-hee is my junior but she was flexible and acted well. She was able to take it easily like a sponge in the field even if I showed my own interpretation. We were able to shoot comfortably.


Q: How did you feel about doing a RomCom? Your wife wasn't jealous? (Shin married a non-celebrity office worker in 2016, and became a father to a daughter.)

Shin: It was fun. There was not a gap in the genre that did not match me (laughs). My wife could have felt unfamiliar, but she responded calmly. She already saw kiss scenes in the past musicals, so I think she understood as a part of profession. There were times I stubbornly asked her reactions in the beginning of the project, but her response was always similar, so I stopped asking.


Q: What was the most memorable comment you read while doing Perfume?

Shin: I felt good reading the comment "I thought he is only good for villain roles, but "RoCo" looks good too".


Q: Did some of the projects you have worked help you doing Perfume?

Shin: Jervis Pendleton role I played in the musical "Daddy-Long-Legs" was helpful. Pendleton exchanges his heart with the heroine only by the letter. He is also a character helping through dedication and donation.

Q: It seems you did diet for the show.

Shin: I started diet when I started the project. I had a lot of stress. When I'm off work, I usually weigh 84kg, but it seemed I lost upto 77-78kg.


Q: Did you have a slump as an actor?

Shin: I had a slump. I thought that I had no talent a lot. I think that now is the most stable period living as an actor. As growing as an actor, I was criticized a lot, and was told I couldn't act. I thought I had to do this because I had nothing else I know how to do. When I feel depressed, I seem to have found happiness, thinking "I should be happy just by the fact that I am standing on the stage." I could overcome it when I thought "Let's just have fun".



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SSR post Perfume interview part 3

(thank you to fanwho (DB) for translations :))


Q: What is your resolve as an actor and what role do you want to play?

Shin: I feel rewarded when I perform what I imagined from reading scripts, and feel the feedback from the audience and staffs. It doesn't always turn out as I want, but I want to be a unique and fresh performer. I want to give the audience the feeling that the actor expresses differently. For this project also, even though every scene couldn't be new, but I did my best to make it look as different as possible. I have not played a doctor, I did not do genre, and I want to try all the roles I have not done before.


Q: In the past drama "My Love from the Star", you gained the nickname "KatokGae"(Kakao Talk+ Gae/dog- because they thought Shin's look resembles kakao talk's emoticon dog's image)

Shin: I have no feeling now, but I was embarrassed when I got the nickname at first. I played a scary role in the show, but I was embarrassed that people thought me cute. Now I've overcome the idea of "I'm sick of it". I just try to understand because it is an affectionate nickname. Now I just accept it is "me".


Q: You kept working. How about the next work plan?

Shin: There is no plan yet. The SBS drama "Vagabond" will broadcast soon. It's true I didn't even have time to see my child enough. I realize that my child is growing up. Her speech grows day by day, and her face grew bigger. It seems her eyes and nose resemble me, but rest took after my wife. After finishing Perfume I thought I wanted to take a break for the first time. There was various filming sites and even overseas location doing Vagabond, so it took a year to shoot. And I did the Last Empress during that period. So I've been empting my brain for last 2 days. I don't know how to rest. I can start working on a project right away even if I'm having a break. An actor never turns down good scripts you know. Also I'm not confident doing episode variety, but I would like to challenge if there are good works such as observation or travel variety. But I want to do variety alone (no family members). Since it's hard enough to control just me, it troubles me just thinking about taking care of family members.


2010 from musical The Count of Monte Cristo




Do you remember this-TROT LOVERS I need Jung Eun-ji back.



2014 TAXI (sorry no sub- they are talking about his nick KatokGae)







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20 hours ago, confusedheart326 said:

Hello @katakwasabi! How have you been? Sorry for being MIA. I just realized that Vagabond will be on Netflix. I am looking forward to it.


Hello!!! *waves hard* :D


I'm good~ how are you? Yes Vagabond will be on Netflix. I hope it's makjang fun. Haha






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