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​9 K-drama actors who need a starring role

by Lauren Jinkerson on Thu, Mar 26, 2015

When a new K-drama series is announced, one of the most pressing questions is always "who's going to star in it?" Choosing the right actors to play the parts is a crucial element of what makes a drama successful. Sometimes we go on to watch every other show an actor has done because they were so good. Sometimes it's the secondary characters who steal the spotlight, who have us clamoring for more. We wait with bated breath to see if they're going to be the stars of the next big series. This list explores actors who have proven their skills and who we are hoping will jump into that starring role.

8. Shin Sung Rok — My Love From Another Star


Shin Sung Rok has shown his amazing acting skill through playing some pretty sinister characters. He almost always gets cast in the role of the most hated villain who is going to ruin everything for everyone. In Liar Game, I was especially intrigued by his difficult to read persona. I'd love to see him use those skills to play someone likeable. His smile is so infectious, it changes his whole face. Someone give this guy a role other than the villain — he sure is good at that, but I bet my money  that he'd be good at the happier side of things too. 

Source: http://www.dramafever.com/news/9-k-drama-actors-who-need-a-starring-role/

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