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Guest adikkeluangman

Minho, Jinwoon, Shin Sung Rok and More to Participate in “Hanstar Celebrity Basketball Festival,” First-Ever Celebrity Basketball League
The “Hanstar Celebrity Basketball Festival” for multicultural families will open on January 15 in Yongin. It is the first-ever celebrity basketball tournament in Korea.
The tournament will consist of seven teams, six of which (“Ahddi,” “Cool Kiz on the Block,” “Jinhon,” “Rainbow,” “The Hole,” and “Hoop Stars”) will be composed of celebrities. The seventh, “Women’s Press,” will be composed of the nation’s top women’s basketball players, including previous national representatives and still active professional players.

Over 10 weeks, from January 15 to March 19, the seven teams will go head to head on the court. Four teams will go to the playoffs, and the winner will be determined by a championship game. A total of three basketball matches will take place every Thursday, one at 3 p.m., 5 p.m., and then at 7 p.m., KST. MBC Sports Plus will always live broadcast the 5 p.m. games but will broadcast only one of the other two games.
“Hanstar Celebrity Basketball Festival” is organized and sponsored by MBC Sports Plus and Hanstar Media, the entities behind the ongoing four-year-old celebrity baseball league.
The opening match on January 15 will be between “Rainbow” and “Jinhon.” It will be followed by an opening ceremony and then two more games, “Cool Kiz on the Block” vs. “Ahddi,” and “The Hole” vs. “Women Press.”
The team rosters are as follows:
“Cool Kiz on the Block”: Seo Ji Suk, Park Jin Young, John Park, g.o.d’s Kim Tae Woo, Julien Kang, among others.
“Ahddi”: Lee Se Jun, SHINee’s Minho, Shin Yong Jae, Ryan Kim, and David Oh, among others.
“Jinhon”: Lee Sang Yoon, Lee Ki Woo, Lee Chun Hee, Shin Sung Rok, and Son Heun Su, among others.
“Rainbow”: 2AM’s Jung Jin Woon, Lim Hyung Suk, Na Yoon Kwon, and Heo In Chang, among others.
“The Hole” aka the gagman team: Lim Hyuk Pil, Song Joon Geun, Kim Jae Wook, Yoo Min Sang, Kim Ji Ho, Park Hwee Soon, among others.
“Hoop Stars”: Double K, Sangchu, No Min Hyuk, Shim Ji Ho, Oh Jong Hyuk, and Kim Heung Soo, among others.
“Women’s Press”: Park Yoon Sun, Kim Jeong Min, Lee Hye Kyung, Kim Soo Hee, Kim Jung Mi, and Yang Hyo Jin, among others.

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Guest danielsantos

Made by me! :)
Hope you people like!

@rinamuse When i started to see Liar Game i was a dissapointed but after a few episodes i just loved psychshin character! hehe

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