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BIRTHDAY / 1982.11.23
HEIGHT / 187cm



2020 MBC Kairos : Kim Seo Jin

2019 SBS Vagabond : Ki Tae-woong

2019 KBS Perfume : Seo Yi Do
2018 SBS The Last Empress : Lee Hyuk
2018 SBS Return : Oh Tae-seok
2017 MBC Man Who Dies to live : Kang Ho-rim
2016 KBS One the way to the airport : Park Jin-suk
2015 KBS The king’s face : Kim Do-chi
2014 tvN Liar game : Kang Do-young
2014 KBS The trot lovers : Jo Geun-woo
2013 SBS You who came from the stars : Lee Jae-kyung
2010 SBS Definitely neighbors : Jang Gun-hee
2009 MBC My life’s golden age : Go Kyung-woo
2008 KBS One mom and three dads : Na Hwang Kyung-tae
2008 OCN 10 Rules for Sleeping Around : Hyun-soo
2007 MBC Thank you : Choi Seok-hyun
2007 KBS Drama city "A very special love to me" : Lee Jin-ho
2006 tvN Hyena : Lee Seok-jin
2003 SBS Shoot for the stars
2003 SBS A Problem at My Younger Brother’s House


2017 The prison : Chang-gil
2016 The age of shadows : Jo Hwe-ryung
2011 Pitch high : Kang Dae-hyun (cameo)
2011 The story of my life : Sung-rok
2010 Finding Mr. Kim : Captain Choi (cameo)
2010 Bloody lnnocent : Dong-shik
2008 6Years in love : Lee Jin-sung
2008 Rabbit
2007 The worst man of my life : Kwon Jae-hoon
2005 All for love : Basketball player



2019 Rebecca : Maxime De Winter

2019 Daddy long legs : Jervis

2018 Daddy long legs : Jervis

2018 Dedication of Suspect X : Yukawa

2017/18 Hourglass : Park Tae Soo

2017 Daddy long legs : Jervis
2016 MONTE CRISTO : Edmond Dantès
2016 Mata Hari
2016 Daddy long legs : Jervis
2015 ELISABETH : Death
2014 Ie Roi Soleil : Louis XIV
2013 Carmen : Don José
2011 MONTE CRISTO : Edmond Dantès
2010 Hero
2010 The story of my life : Thomas Weaver
2009 Jack the Ripper : Daniel
2009 Romeo et Juliette : Romeo
2008 Finding Mr. Destiny : Kim Jong-wook
2007 Dancing Shadow : Solomon
2007 Singin’ in the rain : Dong-hyun
2007 Hamlet : Prince Hamlet
2006 DRACULA : Dracula
2004 Mosquito


2013 Closer


I Love Pasta, N.diff

Source : wiki and HB entertainment page

Upcoming dramas:

1. Kairos - tentative Oct 2020


Recently completed dramas

1. Vagabond - Sept 2019



2. Perfume - June/July 2019



3. The Last Empress Nov 2018/Feb 2019


4. Return 2018


Pic credits to SBS and KBS.



Originally started by @namoo_ya

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SHIN SUNG ROK BIRTHDAY / 1982.11.23 HEIGHT / 187cm BLOOD TYPE / A DRAMA   2020 MBC Kairos : Kim Seo Jin 2019 SBS Vagabond : Ki Tae-woong 2019 KBS Perfume : Seo Yi Do 2018 

SSR gets the actor spotlight on dramabeans! http://www.dramabeans.com/2019/02/actor-spotlight-shin-sung-rok/  

Latest cray Hyuk pic from TLE ep 45/46 preview. SSR acts cray so well, i wonder if he'll be stuck with these kind of roles forever haha   Ctto   And the preview

Whoa, he could sing? I did think he had such a nice voice, when I watched TY, but I didn't know he sings as well. That's cool.

I love this guy. True, I have only watched him in TY, so far, but even so, he really impressed me. There are times when I can't even separate SSR from Choi Sook Hyun, the acting and reality, cause he seems to really embrace his character. I do hope he would appear more on TV.

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So happy there's a thread for SSR! woohoo!! ^___^

Loved him in Hyena. First drama I've seen him in. I thought he did such an awesome job in there..

Didn't know he's doing all this musical drama like Oh Man Seok hehe..

And when he sings on JiPiJiGi show, I was like.. wow.

Looking forward to see more of his work in drama/movies ^^

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Guest lollipop

Shin Sung-Rok... luv his performance in "Thank You"... He is charming and very talented Actor... Hope to see him more... "FIGHTING":wub: :wub::wub:

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Guest yoonah

He's gonna be in a new musical!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

[HERALD INTERVEW] 'It is heart that embraces character'


Solomon in the upcoming musical "Dancing Shadow" is a character that grabs attention from every woman in town, making them desire him not only physically but also mentally. To play this solitary, but charming fugitive, an actor definitely has to be good-looking as well as capable of depicting the complex, struggling character.

Shin Sung-rok, 25, was picked out for the role from an audition that tested some 400 candidates before him. The sense of charisma that often accompanied a series of shy smiles at the first sight clearly explained why he was the one for the character. Perhaps not knowing that he does have such an unidentified, but very powerful appeal, the actor said he is still struggling playing Solomon.

"Solomon disturbs me, urges me to identify him, his fragile ego on the stage. And it is not easy because I have to understand him in a short period of time," said Shin after finishing a 10-hour-long rehearsal of musical "Dancing Shadow" earlier this week.

But soon he comes with his own approach on the character, saying it is his heart, not his head, that makes him understand Solomon.

"Solomon is a very indecisive wanderer. Maybe he is a representation of dependent and fragile human beings. But I think it is your heart that fully embraces the character, not the head," said Shin who has made himself known to the public with the hit drama "Thank You" (2007, MBC).

The young actor is taking the role of Solomon in "Dancing Shadow," a musical adaptation of acclaimed Korean realist play "Forest Fire." Written by the country's celebrated playwright, Cha Bum-seok, the play explores human desire as coming before ideology, social norms and tradition through the story of an injured communist guerilla who has sexual relationships with two widows in a village located in the Sobaek Mountains.

Now the musical version of the drama, renamed as "Dancing Shadows," is to be staged at the Opera House of the Seoul Arts Center, southern Seoul, on July 8. It runs through Aug. 30.

The musical brings all the characters from the original piece, but some parts of the plot are changed. In the musical, Sa-wol (whose name changed to Cinda), pregnant with the child of the communist guerrilla Kyu-bok (Solomon), decides to save the child, who brings hope and peace to the village.

The musical is a joint production with foreign organizations and renowned writer Ariel Dorfmann writing the script for the musical. The music was composed by Eric Woolfson, leader of 1970s rock band Alan Parsons Project.

Along with Shin, the cast of "Dancing Shadows" includes a number of experienced musical actors. Kim Bo-kyung, who played the protagonist of the Korean language musical "Miss Saigon," takes the role of Nashtala (Jum-rye from the original piece), and Bae Hae-sun, one of Korea's musical divas, takes the main character Cinda.

Despite his relatively young age and lack of experience, Shin is winning attention from critics and media with his fast-growing talents.

Debuted in 2004 with a Korean musical "Mosquito," Shin has been active on stage taking lead roles in a number of musicals. He has recently made success on TV screen with his role Choi Suk-hyun in the MBC drama "Thank You," in which he abandons his pregnant girlfriend in the face of strong family opposition.

"I feel weird but at the same time, I feel more responsible for what I do, since a lot of people began to recognize me. I think I should learn not to disappoint my fans," said Shin.

Asked on his motivation of becoming an actor, Shin said, "There is no specific reason why I became an actor. It all started from having a vague idea ... that I just wanted to act."

Shin, who was an amateur basketball player before becoming an actor, is also a brother to Shin Je-rok, a professional basketball player with the KT&G Anyang team.

Shin is branching out his acting career to the film screen. He is taking a supportive role in the movie "In Love for Six Years," which stars Kim Ha-neul and Yoon Kye-sang. But he noted that his heart and life is and always will belong to the stage.

"I feel more affection toward stage (than TV). I think it is the stage where actors learn life and understand the meaning of acting. It is where I learned how to act and where I gained confidence. I think the core of my life will remain on the stage," said Shin with his signature smile.

By Cho Chung-un

Source: christory@heraldm.com


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Guest lollipop

thanks yoonah for the news, too bad I will miss his musical show :o maybe next time :wub: I visit Seoul :) never know...I'll bump to him...LOL

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  • Jillia changed the title to Shin Sung Rok 신성록 aka Royal Hotness! ⏰

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