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Guest baekkyungzqt

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Guest mintoro

Music Core.081025 Performances cuts

2PM - MusicCore.081025

Banana Girl - MusicCore.081025

Brown Eyed Girls - MusicCore.081025

Crown J - MusicCore.081025

Dong Bang Shin Ki - MusicCore.081025

Epik High - MusicCore.081025

H-Eugene - MusicCore.081025 (Feat. YeEun)

Kim Jong Kook - MusicCore.081025

Rain - MusicCore.081025

Smash - MusicCore.081025

SolBi - MusicCore.081025

Son Dam Bi - MusicCore.081025

V.O.S - MusicCore.081025

W&Whale - MusicCore.081025

Wonder Girls - MusicCore.081025

YMGA - MusicCore.081025 (Feat. Uhm Jung Hwa)

SolBi, YunHo & YooChun - MusicCore.081025 (MC cut)


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Guest mintoro

InkiGayo.081026 Performances cuts

2AM - InkiGayo.081026

2PM - InkiGayo.081026

Dong Bang Shin Ki - InkiGayo.081026 + win mutizen song

Epik High - InkiGayo.081026

F.T Island - InkiGayo.081026

H-Eugene - InkiGayo.081026 (Feat. YeEun)

Kim Jong Kook - InkiGayo.081026 + interview

Rain - InkiGayo.081026

SHINee - InkiGayo.081026

Smash - InkiGayo.081026

SolBi - InkiGayo.081026

Symmetry - InkiGayo.081026

V.O.S - InkiGayo.081026

Anti Smoking Song - InkiGayo.081026 (Brown Eyed Girls)

U-Kiss - InkiGayo.081026 (Mobile Ranking)

Eun Ji Won & Heo Yi Jae - InkiGayo.081026 (MC cut)


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Guest mintoro

Music Core.081101 Performances cuts

2PM - MusicCore.081101

Dong Bang Shin Ki - MusicCore.081101

F.T Island - MusicCore.081101

Kim Jong Kook - MusicCore.081101

Lee Hyun Ji - MusicCore.081101

Lee Ji Hyung - MusicCore.081101

M - MusicCore.081101

Rain - MusicCore.081101

SeeYa - MusicCore.081101 (Feat. GwangSu)

SHINee - MusicCore.081101

Son Dam Bi - MusicCore.081101

Tae Yeon - MusicCore.081101

Whee Sung - MusicCore.081101

Wonder Girls - MusicCore.081101

YMGA - MusicCore.081101 (Feat. Uhm Jung Hwa)

YounHa - MusicCore.081101

SolBi, YunHo & ChangMin - MusicCore.081101 (MC cut)


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WGM/AlShin cuts for November 9th Episode:

Part 1:


Part 1 is just a short clip at the beginning of the episode in the studio.

There are only 2 shots of them smiling.

Download this part last if you have low bandwidth. :)

Part 2 & 3 are the real AlShin cuts.

Part 2:


Part 3:


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Haven't visit this thread for sooooooo long. LOLS. Sorry. Anywayss...

Star King LQ 081122


http://www.mediafire.com/?wrqhjzmuyxa Part 1

http://www.mediafire.com/?mnt5nzmnyyz Part 2


1 Night 2 Days LQ 081123


http://www.mediafire.com/?5ymmomjd3nw Part 1

http://www.mediafire.com/?le2yjzmygzj Part 2

Megaupload link coming soon!

Credit: DKYang's BLOG


For HQ links:

Visit DKYang's BLOG

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Guest mintoro

Music Core.081108 Performances cuts

Big Bang - MusicCore.081108 + interview

Brown Eyed Girls - MusicCore.081108

Crown J - MusicCore.081108

Epik High - MusicCore.081108

Goofy - MusicCore.081108

H-Eugene - MusicCore.081108 (Feat. SolBi)

Hwang Bo - MusicCore.081108

Kim Dong Wan - MusicCore.081108 (Duet With YounHa)

Mario - MusicCore.081108

Rain - MusicCore.081108

SeeYa - MusicCore.081108

SHINee - MusicCore.081108

SolBi - MusicCore.081108

Wonder Girls - MusicCore.081108

YMGA - MusicCore.081108 (Feat. Ji Eun)

SolBi, DaeSung & SeungRi - MusicCore.081108 (MC cut)


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Guest mintoro

Music Bank.081114 Performances cuts

2PM - MusicBank.081114

Baek Ji Young - MusicBank.081114

Banana Girl - MusicBank.081114

Big Bang - MusicBank.081114

Brown Eyed Girls - MusicBank.081114

F.T Island - MusicBank.081114

Goofy - MusicBank.081114

H-Eugene - MusicBank.081114

Lee Soo Young - MusicBank.081114

Mario - MusicBank.081114

Miru - MusicBank.081114

NaJeSe - MusicBank.081114

Rain - MusicBank.081114

SHINee - MusicBank.081114

Tei - MusicBank.081114

Typhoon - MusicBank.081114

Whee Sung - MusicBank.081114

Yoon HwaJaeIn - MusicBank.081114

Yoo Se Yoon & Seo In Young - MusicBank.081114 (MC cut)


Music Core.081115 Performances cuts

2PM - MusicCore.081115

Baek Ji Young - MusicCore.081115

Big Bang - MusicCore.081115

Brown Eyed Girls - MusicCore.081115

Dong Bang Shin Ki - MusicCore.081115

F.T Island - MusicCore.081115

Infinite Girls - MusicCore.081115

Lee Soo Young - MusicCore.081115

Memory - MusicCore.081115

Rain - MusicCore.081115

SHINee - MusicCore.081115

Tei - MusicCore.081115

Typhoon - MusicCore.081115

Whee Sung - MusicCore.081115

Wonder Girls - MusicCore.081115

Zudy - MusicCore.081115

SolBi, DaeSung & Seung Ri - MusicCore.081115 (MC cut)


InkiGayo.081116 Performances cuts

2PM - InkiGayo.081116

Big Bang - InkiGayo.081116 + interview

Brown Eyed Girls - InkiGayo.081116

Dong Bang Shin Ki - InkiGayo.081116

Dynamic Duo - InkiGayo.081116

Goofy - InkiGayo.081116

IU - InkiGayo.081116

Kim Jong Kook - InkiGayo.081116 + interview

Lee Soo Young - InkiGayo.081116

Mario - InkiGayo.081116 (Feat. Son Dam Bi)

Mighty Mouth - InkiGayo.081116

Miru - InkiGayo.081116

SeeYa - InkiGayo.081116

SHINee - InkiGayo.081116 + interview

TBNY - InkiGayo.081116

Typhoon - InkiGayo.081116

Whee Sung - InkiGayo.081116

Yoon HwaJaeIn - InkiGayo.081116

2PM & 2AM - InkiGayo.081116 (SAT Song)

Brown Eyed Girls (Narsha) - InkiGayo.081116 (Mobile Ranking)

Eun Ji Won & Heo Yi Jae - InkiGayo.081116 (MC cut)


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Guest mintoro

Baek Chan - MusicBank.081121 (Feat. Lee Soo Young)

Baek Ji Young - MusicBank.081121

Big Bang - MusicBank.081121 + win 1st place

Black Pearl - MusicBank.081121

Brown Eyed Girls - MusicBank.081121

Crown J - MusicBank.081121

Dong Bang Shin Ki - MusicBank.081121

Kim Jong Kook - MusicBank.081121

Lee Hyun Ji - MusicBank.081121

Lee Soo Young - MusicBank.081121

MC The Max - MusicBank.081121

Mighty Mouth - MusicBank.081121

Miss S - MusicBank.081121 (Feat. Nam GyuRi)

Rain - MusicBank.081121

SeeYa - MusicBank.081121

Son Dam Bi - MusicBank.081121

Trans Fixion - MusicBank.081121

Typhoon - MusicBank.081121

Untouchable - MusicBank.081121 (Feat. Hwa YoBi)

YMGA - MusicBank.081121 (Feat. Ji Eun)

YounHa - MusicBank.081121

Zudy - MusicBank.081121

Yoo Se Yoon & Seo In Young - MusicBank.081121 (MC cut)


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Guest mintoro

2PM - MusicCore.081122

Big Bang - MusicCore.081122

Black Pearl - MusicCore.081122

Crown J - MusicCore.081122

Dong Bang Shin Ki - MusicCore.081122

Lee Hyun Ji - MusicCore.081122

Lee Soo Young - MusicCore.081122

Mario - MusicCore.081122

Rain - MusicCore.081122

Son Dam Bi - MusicCore.081122

SS501 - MusicCore.081122

Tei - MusicCore.081122

Untouchable - MusicCore.081122 (Feat. Hwa YoBi)

Whee Sung - MusicCore.081122

Wonder Girls - MusicCore.081122

Yuri - MusicCore.081122

SolBi, DaeSung & SeungRi - MusicCore.081122 (MC cut)


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Guest mintoro

Music Bank.090109 Performances cuts

Baek Ji Young - MusicBank.090109 + win 1st place

Blue Spring - MusicBank.090109

Eun Ji Won - MusicBank.090109

Gavy NJ - MusicBank.090109

K.Will - MusicBank.090109 (Feat. Jang Geun Ee)

Kara - MusicBank.090109

Kim Bum Soo - MusicBank.090109

Kim Kyung Rock - MusicBank.090109 (Feat. Baby J of Jewelry & Seo Ji Yoon)

Kim Yeon Woo - MusicBank.090109

M - MusicBank.090109

Mario - MusicBank.090109 (Feat. ChangMin of 2AM)

Mighty Mouth - MusicBank.090109

Miru - MusicBank.090109

NoRaZo - MusicBank.090109

SeungRi - MusicBank.090109

SHINee - MusicBank.090109

SS501 - MusicBank.090109

Tei - MusicBank.090109

Trans Fixion - MusicBank.090109

Typhoon - MusicBank.090109

Untouchable - MusicBank.090109 (Feat. Hwa Young)

Yoo Se Yoon & Seo In Young - MusicBank.090109 (MC cut)

Download here

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Guest mintoro

Music Core.090110 Performances cuts

Baek Ji Young - MusicCore.090110

Blue Spring - MusicCore.090110

Gavy NJ - MusicCore.090110

K.Will - MusicCore.090110 (Feat. Jang Geun Ee)

Kara - MusicCore.090110

Kim Kyung Rock - MusicCore.090110 (Feat. Baby J of Jewelry)

Lee Eun Mi - MusicCore.090110

Lee Seung Chul - MusicCore.090110

NoRaZo - MusicCore.090110

SeungRi - MusicCore.090110

SHINee - MusicCore.090110

SNSD - MusicCore.090110

SS501 - MusicCore.090110

Tei - MusicCore.090110

Untouchable - MusicCore.090110 (Feat. Hwa Young)

SolBi, DaeSung & SeungRi - MusicCore.090110 (MC cut)

Download here

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Guest mintoro

InkiGayo.090111 Performances cuts

Baek Ji Young - InkiGayo.090111

Blue Spring - InkiGayo.090111

Eun Ji Won - InkiGayo.090111

Kara - InkiGayo.090111

Kim Bum Soo - InkiGayo.090111

Kim Kyung Rock - InkiGayo.090111 (Feat. Baby J of Jewelry & Lee Bo Ram)

SHINee - InkiGayo.090111

Seung Ri - InkiGayo.090111

SNSD - InkiGayo.090111

SS501 - InkiGayo.090111 + win mutizen song

Typhoon - InkiGayo.090111

ZY - InkiGayo.090111

Energy Song - InkiGayo.090111 (SHINee)

Mario - InkiGayo.090111 (Mobile Ranking)

Eun Ji Won, Lee Teuk & Lee Young Eun - InkiGayo.090111 (MC cut)

Download here

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Guest mintoro

Music Core.090131

After School - MusicCore.090131

Blue Spring - MusicCore.090131

Bobby Kim - MusicCore.090131

Brand New Day - MusicCore.090131

Dear Cloud - MusicCore.090131

K.Will - MusicCore.090131 (Feat. Jang Geun Ee)

Kim Kyung Rock - MusicCore.090131 (Feat. Baby J)

Kim Suk Min - MusicCore.090131 (Feat. TiA)

Lyn - MusicCore.090131

May Doni - MusicCore.090131

NoRaZo - MusicCore.090131

SeungRi - MusicCore.090131

SNSD - MusicCore.090131 [MC Special Stage]

SNSD - MusicCore.090131

SS501 - MusicCore.090131

Tae Goon - MusicCore.090131

Untouchable - MusicCore.090131 (Feat. Hwa Young)

Wink - MusicCore.090131

SolBi & SNSD - MusicCore.090131 (MC cut)

Download Links Here

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