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Guest Hakxzz

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What do you think???/I personally think this anime is so hot!! i dunno how many ppl watch this but share your thoughts ok? oh yeah are they not going to make anymore episodes after Traumend???

In the 20th century, a legendary doll maker named Rozen created seven bisque dolls which were powered and given sentience with a gem called Rosa Mystica.Phase 2 Since then, Rozen sent the dolls away to find masters and to battle among themselves to gather each other's Rosa Mysticas; this competition is referred to as the Alice Game. When a doll obtains all seven, they are to become a perfect doll dubbed as Alice and will be reunited with Rozen.Phase 5 By order of creation, the seven Rozen Maidens are namedSuigintouKanariaSuiseisekiSouseisekiShinkuHinaichigo, and Kirakisho.

Volumes: 8 (Complete) http://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=822Published by: TokyopopAnime Episodes: 1st Season: 12 + 2nd Season: 12 + 3rd Season: 2 + 4th Season: 13




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Guest Take Five

i remember reading on this anime blog that it seemed like they changed the ending in traumend from what they originally planned because they knew there would be a 3rd season. i dunno if what he is saying was true though or if it's just what he thought.

anyway, i only downloaded the first season. haven't watched it yet.

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Guest Millou

wow, not many replies huh?!

I really like this anime? i'm currently watching eps 10 from traumend, does anyone know when the 3rd season will be out??? or is it already out?

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Guest ~fantasygurl~

i thought this anime really hits me though! ^^ it's really cool how they are dolls and they come to life but i have only watched one episode though

overrall i love it all!

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Guest Zapple

I watch RM till the second season.

Its really nice. Izzit true theres a 3rd season to be?!?!

Omg, if there's one, I'm soo gonna be anticipating it :blush:

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Guest `soliloquy

Never watched the anime before; but the manga is superb! borrowed my bestie's 1 - 4, i wish the English ones would come out soon. It's been eons. T___T

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Guest solitaryraven

Love Rozen Maiden, my friends cosplayed RM at an anime convention. xD

Yay for Shinku!

XD And why only Shinku, Pogi?

I love Rozen Maiden!!! I want the set of pullips of them!! They are soooo cute!! But $800+ for the set is a bit .. out of my reach XD .. cos I prefer shoes!!

But you know that, don't you Pogi?

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