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So we have new employees this year. With age gap about 10-14 years from me (I’m 37). One new employee, guy, 30,  I just don’t know how accidentally now is following me because of he always starts a heart to heart conversation with me, about how to help him to find a wife.  HAHAHA


So the electricity in our office in some buildings has been off for about a week. Including in my room. So I move temporarily to my friend’s room and work there. There are many employees move there too so that room full with people. LOL 


This little bro accidentally sit face to face with me. At the same desk. Because of that’s the only desk left in that room. In the beginning its just normal but now it feels his sharing is a bit over hahahaaa.. HAHAHAaa I need to focus to my laptop because of my work already overload. Lol. 

and tomorrow will be sit face to face again. HAHAHA.. OMG help me lol. Should I just move to another room? hahaha. The worst is in the afternoon. It feels like everybody come to our room and that room will be full with this little bro group who come and share about their love lives hahaha.. HELP !! I need to work and focus :Megalol:

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I have a new director. Not him the new I am the newbie. Lol.. I was being promoted to the new directorate. He is my director in our capital city and I his head section in our province. 

My new director is a sensitive, aggressive, competitive and an emotional guy. And me too. I am sensitive and emotional too, passive aggressive but not that competitive. Btw the point is we both are sensitive. Lol. I don’t know who is more sensitive. Him or me. Hahaha..


so we clashed on Dec 2022. It’s understandable. It was the end of the year and we both had overload jobs and deadline and everything. So we clashed. But he was very cruel. Like a.. a kind of feminine guy. HAHAHAHA ok he’s not a gay. He has a wife and 2 sons. He is older than me. 10 years gap.

I was wrong too. When he mad I mad too. I mean he is older and the director so I feel that it was.. might be.. could be wise if I could lower my tone to him. Lol


Then I back to my city and things happened on February and I need a backup from the directors for the problem. I was like oh gosh I don’t want to cross path anymore with this gey. Lol. But somehow my things need to through to

my head office - sensitive director - Human Resources director - main secretary of our ministry 

then.. I don’t know how, this sensitive director chat me on whatsapp and saying things like “Please pray for me to help ya..” and I was like in heart what? What? WHAT????? Then I replied him on chat “amen. Thank you very much sir, god bless.” 

I don’t know how but our conversation becomes more religious HUAHAHAHA oh gosh..


So we have a technical meeting since Wednesday. And him and I meet again HAHAHAHA. This is a meeting with 140 participants and I was hope that he will not see me.. BUT.. yeah I have that talent. Even if I try to hide from the spotlight, that light will always follow me and found me. HUA hahaha.. zZZzz


That’s because my head office. He is like a father and a uncle to me. So I was taking care of his things in this business trips, like his tickets, hotel bills, and everything blablabla.. and that gey director even though he sits very very very far away from me in the front of the room, I don’t know how he can see me walk there and there and there. Zzzzz.. 

so when I feel cold inside the meeting room and wearing my scarf, he said this in the meeting forum. Yes in the meeting forum with hundreds eyes on him. “Event organizer please, if the participants wearing scarf in this room, it means that the temperature need to be raised. It’s cold in here. We need to be more sensitive in read the situation ya.” And my friends see me and I was like in heart what what what??? What is he doing there? Please just focus on your discussion subject. Arggghhh.. 

Is that a caring situation or he just want to be seen that he is a caring boss? Or what? He did not need a showtime in a showtime. 

the next day, in the same seminar, in the same meeting room, he tooks 3 picts. And he shared those picts in our whatsapp group. On the day 2 he became the camera man ya. In the 2 picts from those 3 picts, his pictures focus on me. Yes. I was the focus of his camera. And I was like, in heart. Please dech sir. What are you doing actually? Please give that taking pictures job to the even organizer.

My friend said, he wants to be seen by you. And me like what? We already praying for each other in private chat in whatsapp. I pray for his family. So he did not need to do this. I don’t need him to be like this. 

and I think yeah.. after lunch, he could not hold anymore so he came to me and shaking my hand like we’ve just met for the first time. HUAHAHAHA.. so okhay we officially forget our clash. And he asked my being and that problem thing. And I said thank you very much sir because you have helped me and bla bla bla bla.. and he said after this we have a discussion class ya just for the new head sections. It’s not in the official schedule of this meeting, it’s my initiation to help the new head sections with our programs. And I like oh okhay sir thank you.

my friend said ‘he wants you gumiho he wants you!!’ 
and me like.. whatever.. I don’t want him. If can please less contact between us ya. HAHAHA zzZZzzzz… 


In every situation he can in this technical meeting, I feel like he did things that will make me to be ‘oh ya I see you, sir’..  

he even said in the class, for the head sections who are not active in whatsapp group, please be more active so I can see. And yes I am not active in whatsapp group. Why must I? Hahaha.. if back to my city my province I will just do my job. No time for whatsapp group and chat. I have 2 babies and I need my quality time with them too. In office I am busy with works and not having much time to spent with chat applications. Time flies fast and so many things need to be done. 

my pray is just I hope 2023 shall passed soon and he will be promoted to another directorate and I don’t need to get contact with him anymore. Lol.. 


he wants emotional bonding with people he works with but I don’t want it. I want less emotion. Lol.. 

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He writes on my fb status this morning. I was in a national virtual meeting. “Wait for me come to your city ya.” I show it to my friend with this reaction “what the heck is he doing?” And my friend replied him on my fb acc “it will not be the same without you.” And he replied “siap.”

I will die soon in 2023..

I will die I will die I will die…

I will die and go to the bad girl hell..

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Accidental event today.


that 50s director. 

so I held an event. My 1st official event in 2023. It’s a seminar event for teachers. 
so I share a pict of this event in our office whatsapp group. That’s a pict of our seminar speaker by virtual conference.

then 50s director.. good job ms.. bla bla bla. Yeah he is this kind of a guy. A kind of 50s guy who will support your work. 

and he is a director. 2nd highest echelon in our ministry. And I just feel that if he can say hello or something to our participants even just via zoom meeting, it will be the motivation for our participants. And I chat him in private whatsapp.. asked him to bla bla bla.. and he said yes. Okhay. Even though this is not not a formal procedure because of I did not sent a formal office letter to ask him to be our speaker in this seminar, but he said yes. 

ok he helps me a lot this year. Hahaha oh gosh.. in the first place I should not share anything in office wa group, shouldn’t I? Hahaha.. but ottoke.. this my work. 

so at the opening of his presentation, I presenting him to the participants, we do it by virtual zoom meeting conference with him, and he said.. Ms. Gumiho, I want to come to your city ya. And me in heart. WHAT? What? Oughhhh.. and my mouth said “all right, sir! The teachers and the students here would be glad if you can come to us.” Me in heart “shut up my mouth. Shut up!!” Of course I couldn’t say NO sir! It’s forbidden for you to come in here. Sighhhhhh


I see that I drown into a black hole deeper LOL 



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Fellas a question for you


A friend that is a girl who doesn’t do anything to you or even say anything to you to make you angry. But somehow when she is in a line for example a coffee shop where the line is long and you don’t know where her about was! Or even when you don’t see her whereabouts you get worries and anxious. but others friends are done getting their food and they told you that she was at the line at Starbucks! Would you get annoyed or think she takes too long? Is not like she lost or anything, she saw the guy and the friends already, and he sees her whereabouts too. 

the other question here is why would a guy get annoyed at a girl when she doesn’t do anything wrong! It’s like her presence always make the guy annoyed or even angry or frustrated? It doesn’t make any sense! 


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When you have a crush on some girl you can't take the initiative and even try to talk to a her
Why are you silent and afraid to be the first to confess to a girl!!!  What are you waiting for?

Know that most girls will definitely not take the initiative first because they expect it from you. 

Better to take the risk. Even if you hear a rejection, everyone else will forget about it the next day.:eats2:

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Great initiative! Understanding different perspectives is key to fostering healthy relationships. As for video games, for some guys, it's a way to unwind and connect with friends. Keeping a mate close often stems from a desire for emotional connection and shared experiences Here. Looking forward to insightful discussions!

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Late-night dilemma? Skip the TV boredom and fire up that PlayStation 2 for some timeless entertainment. With a plethora of games to conquer, it's the perfect remedy for passing the time and keeping you hooked till the wee hours!

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Certainly! While I can't provide personal perspectives, I can offer some general insights into common questions or ponderings about men's behaviors and relationships:

1. **Video Games All Night:**
   - Men may play video games for leisure, stress relief, or social interaction.
   - Competitive nature and goal-oriented play can be satisfying.

2. **Keeping Their Mate Close:**
   - Men often value emotional connection and intimacy.
   - Desire for companionship and support drives closeness.

Remember, individual preferences and motivations can vary widely. Feel free to share more specific questions for insights!

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I have a question, any guy around here can help to answer?

There is a man, at the beginning, he invited you every week to coffee shop & could talk with you for (2  or 4) hours, you texted with each other regularly.

After some weeks the frequency is reduced: 1 message per month, 1 coffee appointment per 2 or 4 months, then 1 coffee appointment per 6 month, 1 message per 4 month. 

So more than a year has passed. You recently have drank coffee with each other. He was very busy and concentrated in his business.

Some guys/girls here can help to let me know if he can be interested in the girl or not?

Thank you.....


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