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37 minutes ago, yani99 said:

Please Help me chingudeul,

I really want to watching a drama series Han Yo Reum's memory, Chao Kang Hee, but where can I watch it? does anyone have a free link?


check your messages ;)

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I found it! It's called "Extraordinary You"

To give way to Descendants of the SongSong jk. No, it's open     None that I've heard of. Want to try Three Meals a Day instead?    @Killa92 will relay this to the tech peop

http://www.koreanwiz.org/dramas.html - good site for basic info on dramas. it's one of those glitch when you dl using CB. All you need to do is delete the CDCDATA and delete the "NEO" extension (le

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Hello I was wondering if anyone could help me figure out this drama I watched a while back. It was about a group of friend's in their early 20s. This 1 girl some how got stuck homeless a was staying in a tent on a roof but the guy friend let her inside. One day he stuffed all kinds of junk inside the tent when he had a girl/date come over. There's another friend she cuts hair and is mentally thinking her dad is still alive but sadly he isn't. In the drama all the friends get together and help her with that. Then 1 friend ends up going away in military about end of the drama. If I remember correctly the roof room guy and tent girl end up dating. 


Anyone know of this? Driving me nuts trying recall all one's I've watched. Finally started making a notebook of all them wanted to re-watch and add this one if I can figure the name of it. Thanks

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I started watching Korean movies about 1O years ago. There was a movie that I loved but CAN NOT remember the name of it or anyone who was in it. I think the girl was the sister of the bride and this guy had to drive her around. I remember they were stuck on a beach and I THINK they were in an aquarium at one point. Does anyone remember a movie like that? Any help would be greatly appreciated! (I have a few others that I need help with but thought I would start with this one.)

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Nice to meet everyone! I'm posted because randomly last night I remembered a korean drama I watched over a decade ago but for the LIFE of me, cannot remember what it's called.

It's about an average, under-achieving guy who takes a company exam which touts "perfect machines" that score exams...and of course that means one of the machines actually messes up when scoring the protagonist's exam, and gives him a 100% even though he failed!! So to cover it up, the execs allow him to work at the company, and hijinks ensue as the protagonist falls in love and tries to one-up his childhood rival, who's also at the company.


The opening scene I remember vividly because of how funny and relatable it was--the protagonist goes to an interview, where they ask him obscure questions on his favorite TV shows (which of course he knows all about)...but it was a just a dream he had while dozing off in the pre-interview waiting room.


I feel like the name is something like "happy credit" or "lucky credit"...but that's not showing any results. I don't remember ANYTHING else, not even the characters names or the actors names (though I think one of the character's names might be Bong-sam or Bong-sang, I could be COMPLETELY wrong though).


Any help would be appreciated, I just remember this was such a funny and sweet show!




EDIT: I found it, and it's called Super Rookie! And Bong-sam really was a character's name!

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There are a lot of kdramas with the guy coming of cold tho. TBH, kdramas are one of the best outlets if you are trying to look for a new idea or concept on basically what you are working on. 

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Can someone help me figure out the name of a drama? I saw a clip on TikTok but now can't remember the drama's name. 


In the clip there was a couple running down a hallway. As they ran the lights above them were going out. It was like they were running from the dark. I didn't recognize either of the 2 lead actors. I feel like the synopsis was something about one of the characters starting to lose time or something like that. 


I know that's super vague! Sorry! I want to kick myself for not writing it down. 

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