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Please Help Me! Thread!


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Hello all!

I am desperately trying to find an old korean drama/comedy television show I saw in the 90's. I have been searching for so long and you are all my final hope.

I do not know much details, but I will tell everything I can remember and hope there is an old soul who might know what I am looking for. It was a modern military drama/comedy following some new recruits in training in the military. They were always making mistakes and goofing around. One character was very serious and strong, but the rest were goofy kids. They would try to sneak out for leave, and there was a civilian girl that one of them was very interested in.

The show came on KSCI in the 90s in the US late at night. I'm sorry that is all the info I remember. Perhaps someone might know a place where I can search, or some images that might be a clue?

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Okay does anybody watches chinese drama here? There is scene i saw in IG where the boy has wings and was strangling the girl but when her tears fell on his hands his wings vanished. Can someone tell me the name of this drama?

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I watched a drama a while back it had alot of episodes and i got bored with it, trouble is now i want to find it again I cant remember the drama let alone the country it originated but i do recall the context.


It was all about a family, father retires from the military but every morning the kids get up and go for their morning jog.  There is like 3 sisters and 1 brother if i recall.  The brother eventually goes off into the police military and the girls have to deal with thier respective love interests, one sister who's boyfriend left her returns and they sort through that mess.   The other sister falls for a lietenant i think he is and as the bond grows it turns out has a history with the other sister, so that mess needs to be resolved.  It striked me as a taiwanese drama but I could be wrong.  I remember it was suppose to be military based but they rode police motorbikes at the end in a parade the uniforms were like light brown.


Pretty please with sugar on top if anyone knows the name of the &*^^* (insert frustrated word here) drama would be greatly appreciated......LOL

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Thanking you all however I have now found this confounded drama, its called Bitter Sweet and taiwanese i beleive.  I accident found a drama with one of the guys in it and searched back.


So now happily rewatching......LOL

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I would have sworn I watched a series of shorts that was a kind of prequel to Dramaworld.  But I'm unable to find any mention of it anywhere.  I'm beginning to wonder if maybe I just saw excerpts from the first episode on YouTube, but can't find those either.  (The whole first episode is there, just not a chopped up version.)  Does any kind of prequel or earlier version of Dramaworld exist besides Season 1 that was released on Netflix and Viki?

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