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Hot Football / Soccer Players!

Guest rapunzel283

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Guest wonbinlover

LOL i thought you meant NFL American football. I thought i was going to see pictures of like David Carr or Tom Brady. Sorry don't know any of these guys except for Becks since i'm not a fan of soccer.

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^ O_O. Well, yea he was accused of rape, but when it went to court it was found to be a false accusation. ("._.)


There are plenty of hotties in the soccer world... I remember the Korean and Japanese teams had heaps. I just don't know their names T_T lol~

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Guest mangchilo

aah nakata hidetoshi! i first saw pix of him a couple years ago and was like "ooh who's that?" not sure what about him but i like it whatever it is. baek ji hoon's not that bad. cristiano ronaldo's decent eye candy, too.

but other than his nice body i dislike david beckham.

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