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Grenadier ~hohoemi No Senshi~

Guest xunnecessary one.

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Guest xunnecessary one.

Tendo Rushuna
Not sure if you guys have heard of it but heres some details


Tendo Rushuna is an Enlightened, which means that she is a person who uses a gun xD, And is the empress's Double body, meaning she acts under the empress. She was sent on a journey to spread the empress's words on how power can only lead to more trouble in the chaotic world. Rushuna is an expert senshi slinger, or Enlightened , and along the way of her journey, she meets Yajiro Kojima who ends up following rushuna and becoming her new partner.


Rushuna and Yajiro, also known as Yatchan, are on there journey when they encounter a clown who is spreading chaos and making people think that power is absolute. After there first encounter with the clown, a bounty is placed on Rushuna from the empress herself and so yatchan and her try and go back to the capital to see why the empress wants her dead. Although along the way, very strong warriors, known as the Ten Heavenly Enlightened ones, try to kill Rushuna.

Volumes: 7 (Complete) http://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=594

Published by: Tokyopop
Anime Episodes: 12

Here are pictures :]



yea highly recommended if you haven't seen it. its only 12 episodes

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Guest Aznbanana

o_o ya...i've seen it. Its like Trigun with boobs honestly. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOoo much fanservice =| i just watched it cuz i dont like not finish anime series @_@ but honestly, the girl is hot and her boobs are like godly lol. The way she reloads, its just like XD too much skill involved lmao

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