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♡*Official Japanese Model Thread*♡

Guest Rodarte

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Guest Aestas

Kitagawa Keiko is so damn pretty

Hasegawa Jun looks even better on video... i saw her episode on Kat-tun and she looks even better smiling and talking away.

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Guest ilovetrees

i think someone should start a japanese uhlzzang thread. i would..but i dont know any lol

Thats what I was thinking. But, I don't even know any Japanese net idols or Blogs =/

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Guest l-ing

i love popteen models!!

tsubasa masuwaka




her n her husband (men egg model)

they look really sweet together!!





ilove their couple wear!!

and also

kanno yui





yui n tsubasa

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Guest clouds4ME


these girls are like dropdead gorgeous!

one of them resembles that new chinese

model bei wei i think thats her name

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Guest mugendai

^ tsubasa and umeshan are so cute together :)

looking at japanese magazines always make me depress because everyone is so gorgeous.

i absolutely adore ebi-chan


sasaki nozomi (PINKY) is soooooo pretty (right)

i like kinoshita yukina too. she used to model fpr PINKY but i dont think she does anymore.

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Guest littlemisssunsunshine

i get leah &lena confused.. lol but i like lena better

yuri-chan has got to be the prettiest thing ever :)

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Guest kandi

thanks for keeping this thread alive guys !

well i don't know anything about japanese net idols but want to start a new thread on it.

however went searching google for japanese net idols =.=; lots and lots of pervy "net idol" sites came up so im guessin u need to know some japanese / specialised japanese sites for that or the japanese aren't really into the whole camwhoring idol thing.

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Guest h0ney

lena is sooo pretty its unfair! lol shes all over vivi.. looks good in anything... i nearly got her mixed up wit leah dizon once..

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Guest HanMai

niigaki risa




i don't think risa is model. she works as singer for H!P and official pictures is one kind of company/artist goods not her work as model that this tread mean. if she had worked for model role plz tell me cuz i never know ;P

i don't know abt j-gal/boy model must //poor me. however, i like anna tsuchiya. she is very cute : D leah is very popular in my country. i think lena is a bit look like leah lolz

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Guest unknown.

Oiishi Mitsuki (SEVENTEEN)





credit goes to her ST blog :)

I'm lazy to crop magazine scans. LOL.

I'm wondering if Japanese "uhljjangs" exist...

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