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♡*Official Japanese Model Thread*♡

Guest Rodarte

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^bah nah, it's okay my fault i didn't know what ravijour was

i thought it was a magazine :X

edit// topped DX

anna tsuchiya she's my fashion icon <3



would upload more but imageshack is being a slowpoke.

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Guest peppero

One of the Ravijour models is Ayumi Uehara, she is the main girl for S Cawaii magazine. That's my favourite magazine :P

edit - Sasaki Nozomi has been modelling for Pinky since 2006. I used to buy it when I was in Japan. She actually got super pretty all of a sudden (she was cute before, then became super cute)

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Guest UnadonLove

I luv jun....she's so pretty wit a nice figure,....unlike most japanese models wit stick thin bodies........i think she's got a really nice proportionate body tat gives illusion tat she's tall eventho she's only 164cm........and she's so outgoing too and doesn't try to act cute or pretend to b sweet.........

I luv u Jun!!!

PS: I'm a girl but i luv models especially when i'm pretty unattractive myself...hahahaha............

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Guest CandyRain

i see so fai i only acknowledge the beauty of yuri ebihara. SHe's all natural but i think her twin sister is a bit prettier

what? ebi has a twin sister...anyone have her pic?

Emi suzuki is gorgeous...

i like Keiko kitagwa..^^

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Guest nicolexr

Lena Fujii is GORGEOUS. So gorgeous.

I also like Sasaki Nozomi and Suzuki Emi, but Suzuki Emi's a little too thin. D: Still really, really pretty though.

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