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♡*Official Japanese Model Thread*♡

Guest Rodarte

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Guest Angel1430267648


^ She has a really bad lazy eye O_O

It's not that bad, just the angle. Although I can kind of see her eyes are asymmetrical.

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Guest happipplrock

^ she's not a japanese model. I'd suggest asking in the Chinese net idol thread.

What's her name please?

*quoted image*

She's a model for Scawaii. Her name is Arime.

And from reading Elli Rose's blog a fellow vivi model. It says Jun Hasegawa left to become the main model for "Glamorous" another magazine. I'm fine with Jun leaving vivi as long as she doesn't quit modeling.

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Guest Tofu_Cloud

why no one like to come on here anymore?? :sweatingbullets: our forgtten thread T^T

but before this thread keeps taking lonnngg breaks and then i cant find it

lets not forget this thread too!

Anyways i always confused Kumiko Funayama(1991) and tsubasa masuwaka(1985) mixed up, i always thought they were the same person. They are both around the same height ~155cm and have that same artifical appearance.

tsubasa+masuwaka.jpg Tsubasa

ku4.jpg Kumiko

i cant tell them apart :unsure: oh so creepy :wacko:

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