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[Variety] Happy Sunday - 1 Night, 2 Days 1박 2일

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@sgsairl Thanks for all these new translations and cuts! What a great way to start my day! I've been laughing and smiling the whole way through~
So.. turns out Jiwon intentionally wrote something wrong at first... :)) I think he's really good at it. 
And Jiwon fooling Hodong not once, but twice.. and he put up a different tactic this time.. There's a caption at the end saying: "I'm really a genius, right?"
And Mong dancing Genie!!! He's so funny!!! How he danced the actual choreography, but he totally looked like a chicken dancing.. Hahaha!!! So cute!!!
And Kim C~~ Even if it was betrayal that he did, he still felt like a mom cooking for his children.. hehehehe :x
I think the upload cut for the stairs walk though is different from what's been translated.. but it doesn't matter!
Thanks for the great job as always!!! :D

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Deleted scene~


1N2D Deleted Scene Ep 151 - 1

After PD Na explained the morning mission, before preparing to sleep in tent.
Raw video cut: http://dai.ly/x2caq25

Before everyone went to sleep, PD Na suggest for the members to take a pic together and upload it to 1N2D website as fanservice. After listening to PD Na...

HoDong: Is there a card reader?
[Caption: Pretending to understand]
PD Na: There is...

Then KimC threw the camera to HoDong. He hadn't even took the pic, but already confused at how to move the pic to the notebook. SuGeun said to use Bluetooth ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

photo 1n2d-ep151-1_zpsbde64b7f.jpg
The camera that made HoDong nervous

Seeing that it seemed to be impossible, PD Na challenged HoDong, said that he would sleep outside if HoDong could did all of that in 10 minutes.

HoDong: This won't do... this is camera!
PD Na: Didn't you ask about card reader just now?
HoDong: What's a card reader? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

JiWon said that he didn't really understand about it too, but he knew that the memory card in the camera must be connected to the notebook.

HoDong: Is this digital camera?
JiWon: Do you want to use analog one for it?

HoDong decided to do it, but he already had trouble turning on the camera. After awhile, finally he found the power button. HoDong then took his lil' brothers pic.

photo 1n2d-ep151-2_zps22a10fbe.jpg

Then, it was time for uploading the pic to the site using a staff ID.

SeungGi: Just sit first, don't be nervous.
HoDong: If I can't do this now, then I'll look stupid.

As always, HoDong negotiated first. He wanted to get help from his brothers even if it was only verbal help. If he can did it in 10 minutes, then PD Na would sleep outside alone. Hearing that KimC seemed to be disagree (not clear what was he saying). SuGeun supported HoDong.

SuGeun: Doesn't (KimC-)Hyeong know "Mission Impossible"? From now on (HoDong-)Hyeong is Tom Cruise.
JiWon: If that body is Tom Cruise, lasers would shoot all of it.
Mong: Even the wire will break.
SeungGi: He will stuck at door.
JiWon: I'm certain his head will get it first.
Mong: His sweat would be dripping.

Then the mission started. First he removed the memory card from the camera, then put it into card reader, connected it to notebook. It was hard for HoDong and he did it slow and took time, not to mentioned how all the others' orders made him more confused.

photo 1n2d-ep151-3_zps8928f274.jpg

Finally it was connected, and this pic appeared...

photo 1n2d-ep151-4_zps2cc6579d.jpg

After they found the pic he took earlier, then they became noisy again for the uploading process.

photo 1n2d-ep151-5_zpscdd4282e.jpg
Pic to upload

In the middle of the commotion, HoDong placed the cursor incorrectly and the view returned to dekstop. HoDong then mad at SeungGi who was beside him.

photo 1n2d-ep151-6_zps287ba5b7.jpg
Back to desktop ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

HoDong: I didn't do anything wrong.
JongMin: Open My Document, My Document.
SuGeun: 4 minutes already passed.
JongMin: My Computer, My Computer.
SeungGi: Open My Computer.
HoDong: Where's My Computer?
SuGeun: But Hyeong don't have computer ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Finally, they were able to open the picture file location. But there were lot of pictures in the memory card, so they had to search for it.

photo 1n2d-ep151-7_zpsd0df457e.jpg

HoDong was busy directing the cursor based on the command on the background, left, right, up, down. While giving command, KimC voice became higher, hearing that HoDong immediately said "Don't be mad!" After the laborious search, they finally found the picture.

Then the next problem, they had hard time finding 1N2D homepage, then logging in. SuGeun said they must said the login ID out loud, LOL. But as if they were following SuGeun advice, all of them busy saying the ID "DFNE" while typing. It was in the middle of logging in process, 2 minutes left...

HoDong: If there was anything wrong, it's you guys fault.
SeungGi: Yes... Eh, the loading is so slow.
HoDong: So slow, this (loading) is very slow. Finally, they managed to sign in. Now for uploading the pic. They were already on the upload page.
SeungGi: Write something.
HoDong: It's okay not to write anything.
SeungGi: Write something first, then the pic'll show up.
PD Na: 1 minute left... There was not much time left, then he clicked wrongly, and the result is... SHILPAE!!!

HoDong then directed his anger to the others, mainly SeungGi.

HoDong: What kind of explaining was that... Aren't you guys educated people?

To cheer up the husband, as good wives, one was finishing the unfinished task, and the other was trying to calm down his anger because of his child deed, LOL.

SuGeun: Hyeong already did it well, very well.
HoDong: (Seems like directed at SeungGi) All of you take responsibility. Two of us, let's sleep outside!

HoDong seemingly still being grumpy said "It'll be nice if it was successful." ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

1N2D Deleted Scene Ep 151 - 2

After JiWon met an ahjumma who had the same destination as him, Pohang.
Raw video cut: http://dai.ly/x2casbo

In the bus, JiWon called his friend who lives there. JiWon asked him, would he mind to appear on TV because he wanted to eat together. Then they promised to meet at Pohang's terminal.

photo 1n2d-ep151-8_zpsdbb274d4.jpg
JiWon and Ahjumma

photo 1n2d-ep151-9_zps0a0a2e1b.jpg

1N2D Deleted Scene Ep 151 - 3

After they took pics in front of Cheomseongdae.
Raw video cut: http://dai.ly/x2casfy

There were lot of people mainly college students there, so it became impromptu fanmeet.

photo 1n2d-ep151-10_zps996ebd27.jpg

HoDong had a long opening speech, the conclusion was, their meeting was all fated.

HoDong: Everybody, is there something you want to know from 1N2D?
A: Why you didn't go to Namhae? (Will be visited in ep200-202)

The girl was asked to promote Namhae (south sea area). Then she ran quickly to the members. Her name is Park EunYoung from Daegu. HoDong asked whose fan is she? The answer was "Seunggi-oppayeyo." and hug him.

photo 1n2d-ep151-11_zps67eae2a1.jpg

HoDong: Please mention Namhae's pride, and said "Gungmin yeoreobun Namhaero nolleo oseyo (Everybody please visit Namhae)."
A: Namhae is an island surrounded by sea. Yuja (type of orange) is very delicious. And... Jugbang myeolchi (Tool to catch anchovies, made from bamboo)!
SeungGi: What is Jugbang myeolchi? *heodang mode on*
A: Yes?
HoDong: *explaining the tool*

Before she went, the girl hugged all the members, greeted by the viewers' shout out. Then HoDong explained that they were in the middle of trip around Korea for 3N4D. Now HoDong gave a chance for a person to promote his/her region. It didn't take long, there was already person running to them.

HoDong: Please introduce yourself.
B: I'll do it here (in center).
HoDong: Yes, please in the middle, hehehe.
B: My name is Kim JaMin, 21 year old from Yeongcheon, North Gyeongsang province. *Miss Korea talking style*
HoDong: Ah, 21 year old. Why do you come here?
B: Joined an MT with other students.
HoDong: How do you feel meeting 1N2D team?
B: Fantastic, elegance...

Hearing and seeing that, all 1N2D members couldn't hold their laughter and the girl became nervous.

B: Sorry, I'm trying to be entertaining. *still in Miss Korea talking style*
HoDong: Did you ever participate in Miss Korea?
B: That's for young beautiful girl.
SeungGi: The talking tone is like Miss Korea, yeneung yogsimnaesseumnida~~ *mimicking the talking style*

Then the promotion for Yeongcheon started. Next, HoDong gave one more chance for the last time. The lucky girl immediately scream, not sure because she was happy or scared, LOL. The name is Jung YooJin from Daegu. Then the promotion session for Daegu started. After it ended, the fanservice began.

HoDong: Please hug your favorite member.

She immediately hug SeungGi, HoDong felt a little disappointed.

photo 1n2d-ep151-12_zps13c4b215.jpg

HoDong: Why do you like Lee SeungGi so much?
C: Because he's handsome.
HoDong: There are lot of handsome people here.

Understanding the situation, the viewers immediately called out HoDong's name to mend his disappointment.

photo 1n2d-ep151-13_zpsc4f713a1.jpg

Next, the scene change to the member who was almost being forgotten, apparently he had reached Pohang. His friend was already waiting at the terminal, then they went to the dining place.

photo 1n2d-ep151-14_zps40e7db8d.jpg

JiWon: Fishy smell standard for Seoul people and people who lives near sea is different.
[Caption: JiWon can't eat fishy food]

The food came and JiWon excitedly tried it, and luckily it wasn't smelly.

JiWon: Really not smelly. I can't eat smelly food even if it is in front of camera.

Now, time to interview JiWon's friend, name's GyeongSik.

photo 1n2d-ep151-15_zpsd1fd822b.jpg

GyeongSik: The first time I met JiWon-hyeong, it was in Yeongdeok. Met and played there. JiWon-hyeong is a celebrity who doesn't look like one.
Staff: Please give some advice to JiWon who will be married soon.
GyeongSik: Will be annoying.
JiWon: Is it really that hard?
GyeongSik: Being alone is good. Seems like married life only nice for 2 years.
JiWon: Is it okay that your wife watch this?
GyeongSik: She herself know this, she also feels the same way, just for 2 years.

Hearing this, JiWon who will be married soon only staying silent ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ (This was his last trip before married)

Credit: http://diahaksaeng.wordpress.com/2013/08/31/kbsw-deleted-scene-from-episode-151/
Indonesian to English: sgsairl
This was translated from Korean to Indonesian to English. Some meaning may lost in translation. Please pardon my grammar.

1N2D Deleted Scene Ep 166 - 1

After PD Na offered a chicken to OB and threaten with a rock by SuGeun.
Raw video cut: http://dai.ly/x2cavyr
After winning "strong men race", Seobseobdang could justifiably enjoy their reward including food prepared by babcha ajumeoni.
photo 1n2d-ep166-1_zps1d676c57.jpg 
Babcha ajumeoni
photo 1n2d-ep166-2_zpsdba24d01.jpg

Meanwhile, the loser team was whining wanting to eat ramyeon, but PD Na was being 'kind' and gave them raw chicken ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
photo 1n2d-ep166-3_zpsd2e6636d.jpg

To be able to eat it, JongMin wrapped the chicken meat in aluminium foil and just toast it in fire like that.
photo 1n2d-ep166-4_zpse0c14b2f.jpg 
Wrapping chicken in foil

1N2D Deleted Scene Ep 166 - 2

After Seobseobdang playing in river and OB team eat the corn.
Raw video cut: http://dai.ly/x2caw1i

OB team went to eat their chicken. SuGeun was so moved because he was able to eat chicken then said he wanted to drink beer.
photo 1n2d-ep166-5_zps9847e473.jpg
photo 1n2d-ep166-6_zps7e2aa467.jpg 
photo 1n2d-ep166-7_zps3d3c85c5.jpg 
SuGeun, open your mouth, aaaa~~~
photo 1n2d-ep166-8_zps419fe10e.jpg 
Moved because of his husband kindness ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

1N2D Deleted Scene Ep 166 - 3

While explaining jamjari bokbulbok (sleeping bokbulbok) rules, before they were given 5 minutes to practice.
Raw video cut: http://dai.ly/x2cawf9

PD Na was explaining jamjari bokbulbok rules. There was one controversial rules, the number 4 rule, which said "Licking your own elbow, 1 lick = 1 point".

Mong immediately interrupted and said if they were to successfully do the mission as said then they would get the point. Mong emphasized if he were to lick his elbow 100 times in ten minutes, then they would got 100 point.

Then the others began debating the problem because Mong surely can do it. But Mong firmly said he couldn't. After that, they began the licking elbow training session.

Began with HoDong who forced himself a little (maybe a lot?) with SuGeun and JongMin help. He ended up hurting himself rather than successful.
photo 1n2d-ep166-9_zps45a9379d.jpg
photo 1n2d-ep166-10_zps19cab800.jpg

Then SuGeun turn, ended up in same result...
photo 1n2d-ep166-11_zps971ebfd4.jpg
photo 1n2d-ep166-12_zpsd01eb314.jpg 
Too forceful
photo 1n2d-ep166-13_zps8fcea93d.jpg

Then it was about the center part of the elbow that must be licked.
photo 1n2d-ep166-14_zps4f96baa7.jpg

While the other members was still debating about the center of elbow, PD Na admitted...

PD Na: I want to admit something, can I? Actually licking elbow was only for fun because the probability of doing it is like 1 to 100.000.
Mong: How can it be?
JiWon: Can really no one do it?
PD Na: We will erase rule 4. Because it was a pity, then we ask MC Mong to show it once.
Mong: Can't...
But the others asked him to do it, then Mong gave up and did it. But before he done it, SeungGi said he wanted to try it first.
photo 1n2d-ep166-15_zpsa00fc79b.jpg
photo 1n2d-ep166-16_zpsc80b56a9.jpg

After SeungGi, JiWon tried too.
photo 1n2d-ep166-17_zpsad5f8625.jpg

Then SuGeun joined in, but this time a little different, he was moving his tounge like a snake hunting his prey ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
photo 1n2d-ep166-18_zps76d92eb2.jpg

Not satisfied with his first try, SeungGi tried again. Result was still a failure.
photo 1n2d-ep166-19_zps1a1e1f01.jpg

After the failures parade, it was time for the master to show his greatness. Then as predicted, he succeed in one try.
photo 1n2d-ep166-20_zps8caac44b.jpg

The others were awed ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

HoDong: Wah, this is unbelievable. He's not human... Mong, this only can be done by one person in 100.000.
SeungGi: Really unthinkable.
Scriptwriter: This can't be done by human.
SeungGi: Mong-hyeong is really a great person.
With various consideration, HoDong begged on his knee in front of Mong to not include licking elbow in the competition. Then with the reason to make the show fun, Mong agreed to erase the rule. Imagine if it was included, Seobseobdang didn't need to work themselves, enough with Mong alone, he already could collect a lot of point.
photo 1n2d-ep166-21_zpsd2546c35.jpg 

Mong-a!!! Buthaghanda...!!!
SeungGi: Please plan the game wisely, PD-nim.

Then rule 4 and 5 (not clear why?) was officially erased in that night competition.
photo 1n2d-ep166-22_zps76a501f7.jpg


Credit: https://diahaksaeng.wordpress.com/2013/02/15/kbsw-deleted-scene-from-episode-166/
Indonesian to English: sgsairl
This was translated from Korean to Indonesian to English. Some meaning may lost in translation. Please pardon my grammar.


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Same here! It's because of Lee Seunggi that I started watching 1N2D! Enjoy watching Season 1~~ the brotherhood and fun in this show is really amazing and one of a kind!

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Guest kyung-jin

8 K-dramas your boyfriend will actually enjoy watching with you

by KD Bonbon on Tue, Apr 07, 2015


While it often seems like K-drama fandom consists mostly of females, DramaFever has plenty of content that guys would like too! The K-drama male viewership is always growing as new and interesting dramas are released. Now is the perfect time to get that guy in your life started watching K-dramas. Whether it be your friend, coworker, brother, boyfriend, or husband, turn him onto one of the dramas below and he will certainly be thanking you for the introduction to Dramaland!

No matter what television genre your guy is into, here are 8 K-dramas that he'll love to watch with you!

5. If He Likes Reality Television: 2 Days 1 Night


2 Days 1 Night is a hilarious long-running variety show that follows six Korean celebrities over the course of, you guessed it, two days and one night, competing in a range of different games and competitions against one another for food, shelter, and sleep.

Why he’ll like it: 2 Days 1 Night is laugh-out-loud, can’t breathe, funny. Seriously, just watch it - you won’t regret it!

Source: http://www.dramafever.com/news/8-k-dramas-your-boyfriend-will-actually-enjoy-watching-with-you/

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'1N2D' Heads To LA Next Month For US Special

Osen - Naver: [Exclusive] '1 Night 2 Days' heads to LA in June.. Currently preparing for US Special 

1. [+1016, -56] The roundtrip would already take longer than 1 night and 2 days

2. [+740, -73] If they go to the US, it won't be 1N2D then, right??? But I'm still looking forward to itㅎㅎㅎ

3. [+684, -79] They might meet Ryu Hyun Jin there...

4. [+712, -261] Isn't 1N2D's original purpose to introduce the hidden and beautiful places in our country?

5. [++72, -9] Maknae Joon Young will be the popular one among his hyungs because they'll need to group with someone who speaks English ㅋㅋ

6. [+92, -26] I think this will be fun. But are they staying there for 1 night and 2 days because the title is obviously '1 Night 2 Days'?

7. [+77, -18] When will 1N2D go to the South Pole?

8. [+41, -11] It will probably take 3 nights and 5 days. I'm excited to watch it


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20150531_1433068991_16102600_1.jpgkang Hodong with kim jong  min attended park jangguen wedding .even suguen also attend this wedding.. After appear on SNL as guest for kim byung manman... time suguen appear in front press .. Can search abt new god attend jangeun wedding on soompi news becoz say why suguen come...

20150531_1433067725_73456100_1.jpghodong and jongmin always attend wedding together .before this they work together on starking but now jongmin already leave starking .. 



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Everytime there's a little moment of the S1 cast members I'm starting to wish again, for them to appear together having fun in VS again T^T

I've actually translated 2 episode deleted scenes since last year and haven't post it here since I haven't make the video cut yet, sorry. But with the new soompi forum, I saw that my previous styling is a mess since they don't allow html anymore :o

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suguen meet jongmin for new show KBS N .. Where suguen back on tv screen as MC - cable station .. this show abt billiard .. another mc jang donghyuk-cha yuram 




fanpic time filming this show 



15 june 2015 

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Glad to see Lee Sugeun back working again! <3 <3

@sgsairl I feel you ugh... I'm still not used to this new soompi format and so I've gotten rather lazy..

Yeah I wish they could work together again.. T_____T Just do anything together!

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I've fixed the recap translations but I didn't fix all the formatting since I'm too lazy XP

I noticed some line breaks are missing too. I've fixed some that I noticed, but maybe I missed some. At least they're readable now.

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