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[Variety] Happy Sunday - 1 Night, 2 Days 1박 2일

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Subbed deleted scene video, no recap.
Deleted scene short recap

1N2D Deleted Scene Ep 83

Video cut: https://vimeo.com/88755755 (Credit: Sarangaia via http://owen47.wordpress.com)
1N2D Deleted Scene Ep 87

I reuploaded this video because the youtube link I found already deleted.
Video cut: http://dai.ly/x2zpv9a (Credit: http://ontdfansubs1.wordpress.com/)
1N2D Deleted Scene Ep 96 - 1

After opening, before getting into plane.
Raw video cut: http://dai.ly/x261gvk

Some scenes before checking in and while checking in, they showed their ID card photos and play with them.

photo 1n2d-ep96-1_zps3e2f0443.jpg
Busy playing alone

photo 1n2d-ep96-2_zpsa8a1145e.jpg
Looks like a mafia

ID pictures parade
photo 1n2d-ep96-3_zps2fe464bc.jpg
photo 1n2d-ep96-4_zps54e891f8.jpg
photo 1n2d-ep96-5_zps1c93b702.jpg
From left, KimC, JiWon, HoDong

1N2D Deleted Scene Ep 96 - 2

After HoDong team arrived and failed to get lunch.
Raw video cut: http://dai.ly/x261ib5

In KBSW version, it's as if all the members didn't get to eat because they arrived late. But actually HoDong negotiated with PD Yoo (Sinib PD/Rookie PD) to let them do bokbulbok for lunch. This was done before scooter team arrives. They agreed, they would be divided into 2 teams, HoDong-SuGeun vs. JiWon-Mong.

The game was relay running with parasol. The windy weather made the game more competitive and interesting.

photo 1n2d-ep96-6_zpse3cde809.jpg
photo 1n2d-ep96-7_zps7b86624a.jpg

The game won by JiWon and Mong, so they got to eat lunch as promised while HoDong and SuGeun stayed hungry. After eating, they moved to the room, waiting for the scooter team.

Meanwhile, the scooter team was continuing their journey despite being cold. Despite it was the start of spring season in Jejudo, riding scooter in cold weather seems not a good idea.

The next scene related to episode 95's Cha InPyo and Shin AeRa act. The scooter team was resting. SeungGi said that riding scooter at Jejudo was fun because the scenery was beautiful, especially riding with friend or girlfriend. But it would be better if they ride at April. Then the next conversation started.

KimC: Was I the first person who ride scooter with you? In your life?
SeungGi: Yes, that's right.
KimC: Wah, it's my honor. The first time was not with girlfriend, but me.

photo 1n2d-ep96-8_zps858001b9.jpg
Happy couple (Cha InPyo and Shin AeRa)

photo 1n2d-ep96-9_zps1774d27a.jpg
Happy being the first man, LOL

In this happy moment, PD Na came and ruin the mood.

PD Na: Just maybe, are you two Cha InPyo and Shin AeRa?

photo 1n2d-ep96-10_zps8c06714b.jpg

SeungGi: Kheopheuline (couple)...!
KimC: Why do you always say that about us?
SeungGi: Was that part (Cha InPyo and Shin AeRa) aired? (When they shot this episode, episode 95 wasn't aired yet.)

1N2D Deleted Scene Ep 96 - 3

After SeungGi and KimC arrived.
Raw video cut: http://dai.ly/x261ivj

They rested for awhile in the room before went back to beach.

photo 1n2d-ep96-11_zps50b24fef.jpg
photo 1n2d-ep96-12_zps05ec27ff.jpg
photo 1n2d-ep96-13_zpsbc4b585d.jpg


Credit: http://diahaksaeng.wordpress.com/2012/03/19/kbsw-deleted-scene-from-episode-96/
Indonesian to English: sgsairl
This was translated from Korean to Indonesian to English. Some meaning may lost in translation. Please pardon my grammar.

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Oh gosh!!! I've long wanted to have a copy of that Awards Night!!! Thank you so much for re-uploading it, @sgsairl DAEBAK!! :D
And again for the wonderful translations!!! ♥
LOL Seunggi making couple lines left and right with Papa Bear and Mommy Kim C! :))
I'm just gonna share this cos it's making me too happy!
We've been going to our other house every weekend.. and there's no cable there at the moment and the antenna reception is really awful. I just bring my hard drive so I can have something to watch when I'm there. And recently, I was able to make my mom watch 1N2D and I never thought she would actually appreciate it! And now it's become a weekend habit for us to marathon some episodes! I've never seen her laugh so hard like that at any tv show ever.. So yeah, our daebak boys have done it! :))
I can't wait to show her more episodes! The benefit of having no cable at all.. kkkk And now, she actually knows the names of the members. Which is really a great achievement cos she is so not into watching tv shows that needs to be watched with subtitles.

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I found this thread after I got hooked on watching 1N2D season 1.  ........well, I am 7 years late.  If anyone knows the whereabouts of ep1 to 27, pls pm me. 
It's ironic.I wasn't really enjoying 1N2D until one segment in season 3 caught my attention. One of the cast members boarded a public bus. A conversation between the cast member and bus driver ensued and the bus driver lamented that he preferred 1N2D when it first began. That's how I started watching ......and i have 100 more episodes to cover while reading this thread on page 790

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@Blizzardistkaputt Hello!!! Welcome to the thread! It is great that you still decided to watch season 1. A lot of people who only watch s2 or s3 don't bother with s1 anymore.. it is understandable but still a pity. Cos s1 is really amazing!

It is great that with s3 they are going back to the original roots of the show. :)

Eps1-26 were never subbed in English though.. :( I could give you the links when I get to a pc tomorrow.. Im on my phone now atm.. hehehe

And wow!!! You have read so much!!!

What made u officially hooked with 1n2d?

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@craptelly ... does a link with the first 27 episodes exist?
I want that ... I watched 95% off all episodes from S1&S2 and was always sooooo sad, that I never got the chance to pick up on the first episodes ... I guess someone started to sub for all the Lee Seung Gie fans ... but I would looooove ti see the beginning ... I loved the chemistry in the both Seasons 

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Eps 1-12 are from a different show called, Are You Ready. The ratings were bad so they decided to change concept and turn it to 1N2D that we know and love today. I have the copy taken from torrent long time ago but couldn't find streaming links at the moment.

Here are the links for eps 13-26 of 1N2D Season 1. Only subbed in Chinese though.. Ep 27 is Lee Seunggi's first ever episode.

1 Night 2 Days

Ep 13
Ep 14
Ep 15
Ep 16
Ep 17
Ep 18
Ep 19
Ep 20
Ep 21
Ep 22
Ep 23
Ep 24
Ep 25
Ep 26

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Hello :) Sometimes I'm jealous of new fans because it means they still have new episodes to watch, LOL. But being a late fan myself, I miss lot of buried stuff. I haven't read the thread from the beginning at all, probably the deleted scenes I posted already posted here before too :P

It's nice you can make you mom interested in watching too. I tried before with my brother, but he just won't touch it because "I only want to watch if you have the show from the beginning with English sub.", sigh.

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@sgsairl Keep on posting all the stuff you have please!!! ;;;___;;; I've been reading this thread right from the beginning in hopes of finding more stuff. And I'm not disappointed cos some deleted scenes got translated too. Thing is, a lot of subbed vids by 1n2d fansubs have been long deleted.. A lot of awesome things I've wanted to watch! T___T
So yeah, keep them coming!!!
Hahaha you might want to disguise ep 27 as ep 1.. cos in variety shows, the order of episodes don't really matter unless they are divided in to two-three episodes. I made my mom watch the 1st scorching heat camp ep.. And she was hooked with kang hodong having a hard time with a computer cos she can totally relate! 
What I'm envious about season 2 and 3 is that kbsworld always subbed the full episode!!! In seaon 1.. they only started at ep 47 and deleted so many wonderful scenes!!! :'( They really missed out on so many great stuff!!

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I'll keep the deleted scenes coming. There're 16 eps left for the available recaps. My bro actually noticed it because there's no show and members introduction in ep 27. I was actually waiting for KBSW to release complete DVD/Bluray for season 1, hopefully without any of the scenes omitted, but there's small chance.

Deleted scene~

1N2D Deleted Scene Ep 99

After SuGeun vs. SeungGi game, before SuGeun vs. JiWon in spinning and kick game.
Raw video cut: http://dai.ly/x2647tm

The deleted scene is the part where they were playing meaningless game for sleeping bokbulbok. Why was it meaningless? Because in the end, it wasn't the deciding game.

The scene is 100% KimC's torture scene. Even HoDong and SuGeun as KimC teammates, didn't help KimC at all, but joining in torturing... Poor KimC. It was starting from JiWon vs. KimC...

photo 1n2d-ep99-1_zpscd7a6a8f.jpg
photo 1n2d-ep99-2_zps32f3f444.jpg
photo 1n2d-ep99-3_zpsbb9b2fa2.jpg
photo 1n2d-ep99-4_zpsca2a6fe2.jpg
I want to cry

Because he failed to make a goal, HoDong asked him to repeat it. Despite KimC already complaining that he had spin for 70 times, his teammates weren't listening at all or pretended to not listen. Continuing with KimC vs. SeungGi...

photo 1n2d-ep99-5_zps147c83a8.jpg
KimC vs. Heodang

After only few seconds the game started, Heodang suddenly fell and said that his feet cramped whereas KimC already spun. KimC who didn't know anything was still spinning, and other members didn't bother to tell him at all until KimC realized it himself. How about Heodang? He was the reason yet he laughed together. With this, KimC already spun for 80 times.

photo 1n2d-ep99-6_zpsd100cff1.jpg
Argh, My feet got cramp

photo 1n2d-ep99-7_zpsa2c1189e.jpg
Mianhaeyo KimC-hyeong, but this is fun

Because of the cramp, the previous game was nulled, so it was a rematch for KimC vs. SeungGi.

photo 1n2d-ep99-8_zps4c5e620e.jpg
KimC vs. Heodang silly game

But after few spins, Heodang fell again. The reason? Still cramp.

photo 1n2d-ep99-9_zpsdaae579e.jpg
Cramped again???

So, continuing. Still with the same competitors, KimC vs. SeungGi. After all the "hardship", KimC finally fell, so SeungGi managed to make a goal. Score was 2:1 for YB Team.

photo 1n2d-ep99-10_zps5e2dc0c1.jpg
photo 1n2d-ep99-11_zps8308d433.jpg

After making a goal, SeungGi proudly said "I only run (but I scored)...", while in actually the goal keeper already fell like that, LOL.

photo 1n2d-ep99-12_zps0223aabb.jpg
Hurray!! I defeated KimC-hyeong!

After all of these, apparently KimC trial hadn't end. HoDong who was disappointed with the fame result, asked KimC to do it again, when he actually had spin for 90 times. Powerless KimC could only agree with whatever Papa Bear said. This time the opponent was Baby Bear aka Eun Choding. But unexpectedly, KimC who seemed like had spin for 100 times managed to score, leaving Eun Choding speechless. The score tied 2:2.

photo 1n2d-ep99-13_zps8144b72d.jpg
photo 1n2d-ep99-14_zpsce71f330.jpg
photo 1n2d-ep99-15_zpsfc07e965.jpg
photo 1n2d-ep99-16_zps0e9c487b.jpg
photo 1n2d-ep99-17_zpsc6229169.jpg
How could it, I was defeated by person who lost to Heodang

Eun Choding still wanted to continue. He asked Mong to play with KimC as goal keeper. Of course KimC whose head had been spinning rejected it.


Credit: http://diahaksaeng.wordpress.com/2013/02/07/kbsw-deleted-scene-from-episode-99/
Indonesian to English: sgsairl
This was translated from Korean to Indonesian to English. Some meaning may lost in translation. Please pardon my grammar.

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While I still got free time, another deleted scene for today~

1N2D Deleted Scene Ep 104 - 1

After the teams are divided, going to each of their own destination.
Raw video cut: http://dai.ly/x264bo3

Starting from JiWon and KimC team, they set their navigation system before going. Even though the navigation already set, Eun Driver was overly confident so he didn't listen to the navigation. When the system asked him to turn right, he went straight, and so on, each time it asked him to turn, he still went straight. They began to panic when the navigation asked them to U turn. But Eun Choding didn't give up and said that the navigation was weird.

photo 1n2d-ep104-1_zpsd09595a5.jpg

JiWon: Does Hyeong know the weird navigation system story? There was a person who got a cursed navigation. He did as what the navigation said, but when he arrived, in front of him was a cliff. Then the navigation said "Just a little more. Just a lil' more and I'm there."
KimC: If you told this story to SeungGi, he would be petrified.

Change to Mong and SeungGi team. Though it wasn't as bad as JiWon and KimC team, this team was a bit confused by the navigation too. Well, he's the heodang.

Back to the cursed navigation. They still followed their instinct. Finally, the staffs frustrated and contacted them, asked them to just follow the staffs vehicle.

Change to comedian team. They passed a creek and as usual HoDong suggested for sight-seeing. This time they brought a camera and took a selca of them both. HoDong positioned the camera wrongly, it was inverse.

photo 1n2d-ep104-2_zpsc2adcb79.jpg
What pic do you want to take?

And one more thing, everytime he saw water "Geuge mweoya??? Maja... ibsuda!!!" as said in Kang-seonsaeng's entertainment rule. Water means ibsu (dive in). HoDong: We are entertainer, seeing this (water), do you not want to (ibsu)? The other team are singers. Singer just need to sing. But our dream is to be the best MC in Korea.

SuGeun: I also released an album...

Still, whatever Kang-seonsaeng says can't be denied. They played gawi bawi bo to decide who were going to dive into the water. HoDong lost the game. After that, he just began to regret it. As usual, before diving in, he whined. Bored by his whining, SuGeun helped HoDong to dive by pushing him.

On other side, KimC worried his documentary style made the recording wouldn't be able to be broadcasted. JiWon said it wasn't a problem, because he knew other team had lot of stuff to be broadcasted.

And HoDong still talked too much after diving like before diving.

HoDong: Did you guys see the entertainer performance? My face when I fell, you see it right?

photo 1n2d-ep104-3_zps4cb54dd0.jpg
Sorry, not recorded

As the name, comedian team does entertaining things. After diving in, the way of giving towel should be in entertainer way too.

photo 1n2d-ep104-4_zps9df55f72.jpg
photo 1n2d-ep104-5_zps8ec7b90b.jpg
photo 1n2d-ep104-6_zpsd0a13f1e.jpg

Then HoDong mimicked some Gag Concert comedians way of talking, but they weren't similar.
[Caption: Entertainment Kang-seonsaeng, please learn how to mimick them]

When JiWon and KimC team was entering the destination, Mong and SeungGi already arrived. Their task now was finding Grandma's home, but when Mong called to ask her the address, Grandma didn't answer the phone. They went walking without destination to search for Grandma home. They arrived at a house that seemed to be left by the owner. When Mong called, the phone inside the house rang, making sure they were at the right house. Apparently Grandma was out.

photo 1n2d-ep104-7_zpse50e71e0.jpg

HoDong and SuGeun also had arrived at the destination house, while the other team who lost their way still in journey. They stopped when they saw a convenience store, and decided to buy things to be presented to house owner. The owner of the store was a 90 year old grandpa. When asked for the price, he answered he didn't know. Fortunately there was a younger person, he called one of store owner and asked for prices. So as good customers, they calculated the price they had to pay themselves.

photo 1n2d-ep104-8_zps52b79755.jpg
Good customers

Mong and SeungGi still hadn't met Grandma because Grandma went to town's market, so they became homeless person.

photo 1n2d-ep104-9_zpsa8deb298.jpg

1N2D Deleted Scene Ep 104 - 2

After HoDong and SuGeun went to help Grandpa and Grandma at field, before going home.
Raw video cut: http://dai.ly/x264euq

HoDong suggested to SuGeun to do a game, which decided by gawi bawi bo. The one who lose must do slapstick, and it was SuGeun. The first try failed to make Grandma laugh, so according to Kang-seonsaeng rules, he must redo it. Second try was also failed. After the third try, Grandma laughed even though it wasn't funny, LOL.

photo 1n2d-ep104-10_zps5db51173.jpg
photo 1n2d-ep104-11_zps7776f56e.jpg


Credit: http://diahaksaeng.wordpress.com/2014/06/06/kbsw-deleted-scene-from-episode-104/
Indonesian to English: sgsairl
This was translated from Korean to Indonesian to English. Some meaning may lost in translation. Please pardon my grammar.

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Hahaha OMG!!! Kim C and Jiwon team! XD Jiwon is so adorable sharing all these unnatural stuff and alien stories.. ♥♥♥
And Seunggi and Mong team calling grannie's house and hearing the phone ring from the outside! :))
Thanks for this!!! 
EDIT: Also the Hello Kitty themed car of Jiwon-Kim C team! kawaii~~♥♥♥

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OH MY GOOOSHHH!!! So according to the ads, the best of the best of 1 Night 2 Days!! I'm freakiiing out!!! And I'm so happy that 1N2D Season 1 is still getting so much love until now! It just proves how legendary our favorite variety show is!!! *CRIES*

Thanks, you two for this update! I'm so happy! So it means every Saturday? T_T I must've missed it! I wonder at what time...

EDIT: Is Channel M from Southeast Asia included too? Has someone from SEA seen an episode? T__T I want to watch it so badlyyyy!!!

EDIT: I checked the tv guide sched.. and it seems like we do too! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!


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OMG... I've watched the replay awhile ago... this is amazing!

I never thought of getting to watch season 1 ever on TV! TT___TT

They premiered season 1 with the boys going on different islands.. it's the trip where Jiwon gets stranded in Hodo island for 3 days. Aww so much feels!! This is really great!

I'll definitely watch out for this!

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MC Mong is coming back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
class="titleNews" style="margin: 0px; padding: 0px 0px 10px; font-family: arial, dotum, Helvetica, AppleGothic, tahoma, verdana, sans-serif; font-size: 23px;background: rgb(255, 255, 255);"MC Mong to Make Comeback in November without Broadcast PromotionsReturning after five years, MC Mong stated that he has no plans to promote on broadcast. 

According to Wellmade Yedang on October 7, MC Mong will return after five years with a new album on November 3. It′s been five years since his fifth official album in 2009. 

Speaking to Newsen on October 7, the agency stated, "He′s currently busy working on the album," and "We don′t have any plans to promote on broadcast." 

Regardless of the fact, the featured artist for MC Mong′s new album has been gaining attention. Lee Sun Hee, LeeSsang′s Gary, Baek Ji Young, Huh Gak, SISTAR′s Hyolyn, and Ailee have all been named to take part in the album. 

"As it is an album that′s coming out after five years, a lot of his colleagues are sending support," said the agency. "The album is currently 80 percent completed and will be released later than scheduled so that MC Mong can make better music." 

Meanwhile, MC Mong hit a rough patch due to his military evasion controversy in 2010. He was later found innocent regarding the accusastions. 


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