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[Variety] Happy Sunday - 1 Night, 2 Days 1박 2일

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The Ice Bucket challenge has become a thing now.. Honestly though, the first time I saw this challenge gain fame in the social media.. the first thing I thought of were the 1N2D boys. Dumping ice bucket is weak compared to what these boys have done! hehehe
Exhibit A:
tumblr_mnil5uX0qd1qm73qio1_250.gif  tumblr_mnil5uX0qd1qm73qio2_250.gif
tumblr_mnil5uX0qd1qm73qio3_250.gif  tumblr_mnil5uX0qd1qm73qio4_250.gif
tumblr_mnil5uX0qd1qm73qio5_250.gif  tumblr_mnil5uX0qd1qm73qio6_r1_250.gif

Lee Seunggi has done it and even challenged Na PD! :)) (A lot of Seunggi fans have probably seen it already!) And his reaction proves how strong 1N2D made him! Compared to the reactions of all vids I've seen... Seunggi's reaction was just as if it was just ordinary, medium temperature water. ENG SUBBED HERE

Eun Jiwon has been challenged already by Roy Kim but is yet to come up with anything.. Knowing this oppa, he always avoided getting wet in 1N2D whenever he could. :)) This guy is really unpredictable though..

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When I read that SeungGi got challenged for icebucketchallenge, I immediately think about 1N2D days that made them stronger against icy cold water. I think every 1N2D fans think alike. And how SeungGi nominated Na PD too, many fans was expecting that :))

And I'm here with another deleted scene recap~

1N2D Deleted Scene Ep 85

Deleted scene started after PD Na explained morning mission, before JiWon and SeungGi preparing to sleep in the tent.
Raw video cut: http://dai.ly/x24c65g

Mong: When will this episode broadcasted? 21st? Oh, it nears Christmas. It's been a long time since we hear SuGeun-hyeong Chinese song. Christmas carol in Chinese. Come on, it's been long since Baekdusan.

Then the Chinese version of Christmas carol started, of course with jumbled-up words.

photo 1n2d-ep85-1_zps9a912eb4.jpg
Listening to SuGeun's Chinese version carol

After listening to the Chinese version, PD Na said "How about English version?". Then it changed to "1N2D Korean-English Interpreting Show", of course the interpreting is in 1N2D version. Mong would said something in English and SuGeun would translated it to Korean. Some of the translation below, check it out!

photo 1n2d-ep85-2_zps177ecb5c.jpg
Welcome to "Interpreting Show"

Where are you from? = jeongbu-eseoneun (government)
I'm = guggawa (nation and)
My name is = minjogeul wihaeseo (for public)
MC Mong = mu-eotboda aphseogetdago (will be priority compared to others)
Fine, Thank you = daetheongnyeongkkeseo jigjeob! (president directly)
And you? = damhwa-e naseotseumnida (the discussion moves place)
I live in Namsandong = migugeun (United States)

Then HoDong replace Mong, SuGeun still the translator.

Ladies and gentleman = neoheedeul mweohaneun geoni? (what are you guys doing?)
Nice to meet you = geureotge naega yaegi haenneunde (I wanted to say that)
Never ending story = dasi ireon iri eobsdorog (so this don't happen again)
Can you feel it? = ju-eehasigi baramnida (please be careful)

HoDong said "I like you" and "I love you", but what SuGeun said wasn't clear *sorry*. HoDong then said "Can you feel it?" again, but this time translated to different sentence too.

Can you feel it? (vers. 2) = dasi hanbeon marhajiman (even if I said it again)
Scream = igeon gyeonggo-e bulgwahada (this is a warning)
Say ye... = neoheedeureun (you all)
Say ye-e~ = jugeun mogsumida (will die)
Say Kang HoDong = jugyeobeorilgeogo (and I'll kill you)
Can you feel it? (vers. 3) = sansanhi buseojidorok (into pieces)
Scream = gamanduji anheul geosida (won't stay quite)

Watching "Interpreting Show" reaction
photo 1n2d-ep85-3_zpsbd0350fd.jpg
photo 1n2d-ep85-4_zps2dd66cfa.jpg
photo 1n2d-ep85-5_zps47cd83fa.jpg

Mong: Good translation. Jugyeobeorilgeoya (I'll kill you) means "say Kang HoDong".

photo 1n2d-ep85-6_zpsc969aa9b.jpg
"Say Kang HoDong"

HoDong suggested to continue, this time using Japanese.

Sumimasen = oneureun minbangwi-e narimnida (Today is "Civil Defense" day).
@sgsairl: Sorry, I don't know the words for civil defense in English.

After they got tired playing "Interpreter Show", this time HoDong suggested to play gawi bawi bo (rock scissors paper)

HoDong: Let's play gawi bawi bo, if you all win then...
SuGeun: Of course it's a good thing, right?
SuGeun comment made HoDong speechless and they all laughed. JiWon then said he was sure he could win because he knows the strategy/trick and won't lose. Hearing that, SuGeun challenged JiWon and JiWon lost in one game. HoDong then said he would surely win. The trick is seeing the opponent's eyes. This time HoDong vs. JiWon, and in one game JiWon K.O.-ed.

photo 1n2d-ep85-7_zps1c6ee9b0.jpg
SuGeun vs. JiWon

photo 1n2d-ep85-8_zps5273eac3.jpg
photo 1n2d-ep85-9_zps9dc031af.jpg
HoDong vs. JiWon

Winning against JiWon made HoDong felt confident and challenged SuGeun. If he won 5 times continuously, they would switch sleeping place. But HoDong lost after three games. HoDong wasn't going to give up easily and suggested mukjjibba. This time SeungGi wanted to play against HoDong. Before playing, HoDong looked at SeungGi eyes and... SeungGi won in one try.

photo 1n2d-ep85-10_zpsfce9c3e7.jpg
photo 1n2d-ep85-11_zps3767412e.jpg

At last, HoDong, JiWon, and SeungGi went to their sleeping place (read: tent).

photo 1n2d-ep85-12_zps92a3052d.jpg
Annyeongi jumuseyo Hyeong

But, they didn't immediately go to tent, they still sat leisurely outside KimC, SuGeun, and Mong room while sipping tea and singing. Hearing HoDong singing, Mong went out of the room.
Mong: Ajeossi, go to the tent and sing there.

But HoDong kept singing. Mong didn't stay quiet. He threw snow at HoDong. HoDong was still patient at first throw. Mong kept attacking HoDong with snowballs continuously. Finally HoDong counter and the war between the two began. Starting to afraid, Mong called SuGeun for help, but SuGeun and KimC already fell asleep. Because there was no answer and HoDong attacks becoming more fierce, Mong immediately said "jal mothaeseo (I'm wrong)", as a give up sign. But HoDong kept continue attacking Mong, LOL. Suddenly Eun-choding started collecting snow into a basin.

photo 1n2d-ep85-13_zpsefa92017.jpg
photo 1n2d-ep85-14_zps87e60723.jpg

Seeing Papa and Baby Bear joining force against him, Mong decided to flee.

photo 1n2d-ep85-15_zpsc6705a55.jpg
Papa and Baby Bear loading ammunition

While HoDong running after Mong, Heodang and Choding were dancing under falling snow. After finished dancing, Heodang-Choding couple went to the tent and shouted "Ilbak iil!" together before sleep... and nasty Choding wiped his snot on the camera.

photo 1n2d-ep85-16_zpsb1443eb6.jpg
Dancing Heodang

photo 1n2d-ep85-17_zps4c89d0fb.jpg
Dancing Choding

photo 1n2d-ep85-18_zps9023ee38.jpg
Before sleep, ilbaakkk... iil!!


Credit: http://diahaksaeng.wordpress.com/2012/10/29/kbsw-deleted-scene-from-episode-85/
Indonesian to English: sgsairl
This was translated from Korean to Indonesian to English. Some meaning may lost in translation. Please pardon my grammar.

JiWon leisurely singing and filling that basin with snow. =))

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I added raw video cut for ep 79 deleted scene part 1, finally managed to make the audio works. Check it here.

Deleted scene~


1N2D Deleted Scene Ep 90 - 1

At the beginning, the scene where the winner team of dinner bokbulbok got to enjoy their dinner while the loser team had to make their dinner themselves. There wasn't much to translate at this part because they used generally known words, mostly to express their tasting reaction.
Raw video cut: http://dai.ly/x24t58y

The winner team (HoDong, JiWon, and SeungGi) enjoyed their dinner, the loser team (KimC, SuGeun, and Mong) got kijogae (a type of big clam, you can see it in ep180) which they bought earlier at market. After hearing the dinner prize explanation, HoDong suddenly told SuGeun to immediately went to sleep because he was worried for him who had to collect kkomag at 2 AM.

photo 1n2d-ep90-1_zpsa5a15127.jpg

The winner team dinner has came which not only making the loser team jealous but also gulping, and don't forget HoDong tasting reaction that made it seems very delicious.

photo 1n2d-ep90-2_zps3ff2a485.jpg
Variety of dishes created from kkomag

photo 1n2d-ep90-3_zps83dcd06b.jpg
photo 1n2d-ep90-4_zpsfb86f24d.jpg

Mong begged to taste the dinner and promised to gave out a best expression. HoDong allowed him one bite of kkomag tangsuyuk which SeungGi said tasted like beef. Mong's reaction? Too moved that he could eat it, he cried.

photo 1n2d-ep90-5_zpsbfa33220.jpg
photo 1n2d-ep90-6_zps2ffa2f35.jpg

KimC joined tasting, but when SuGeun want to eat too, KimC immediately said:
KimC: SuGeun, you had tasted it already before.
SuGeun: Eiiii..., Do you think I still remember the taste? I ate it a while ago (at lunch).
All: ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ...
HoDong: Just cook a delicious meal and enjoy it.
SuGeun: Yeah, I understand. Apparently you won't give it to me until the end!

SuGeun swallowed his disappointment and went out to cook kijogae and kkomag with his team mates without any taste of winner food. Then it's time for the winner to enjoy their food.

photo 1n2d-ep90-7_zpsc6ea45fc.jpg
photo 1n2d-ep90-8_zpsd25288ef.jpg
photo 1n2d-ep90-9_zpse99e2652.jpg

Meanwhile the loser team was grilling kijogae and kkomag which look tasty too.

photo 1n2d-ep90-10_zps5989c833.jpg

photo 1n2d-ep90-11_zps139757ba.jpg

After a moment, Mong went back inside bringing some grilled kkomag, actually he wanted to taste the kkomag tangsuyuk again. And the grilled kkomag he brought were the burnt ones.

photo 1n2d-ep90-12_zps84c2798c.jpg
Eating burnt kkomag

After he successfully ate some, he immediately run out.

HoDong: You (kkomag) must be very surprised, right?
[Caption: Gentle HoDong-ssi]

The gentle HoDong then when outside where the loser team grilling their dinner and joined them eating dinner there.

photo 1n2d-ep90-13_zps09b11773.jpg
photo 1n2d-ep90-14_zps846bcaa1.jpg
photo 1n2d-ep90-15_zpsd12cc3a8.jpg
photo 1n2d-ep90-16_zpsba3ed400.jpg

Suddenly, coming from nowhere, SuGeun appeared bringing a pot and said wanting to eat ramyeon, which of course giving the other members hope to eat it too. But when the pot lid opened, the others became speechless, but SuGeun was still acting like the pot wasn't empty.
[Caption: In restless mental state]

photo 1n2d-ep90-17_zpsdda9a263.jpg
photo 1n2d-ep90-18_zpsc0fb400b.jpg

1N2D Deleted Scene Ep 90 - 2

This part happened after KimC, Mong, and SeungGi took a bath, before members slept. PD Na explained the morning mission.
Raw video cut: http://dai.ly/x24t60l
Video cut: http://vimeo.com/77840984 (Credit: http://owen47.wordpress.com)

Mong: There's also morning mission tomorrow?
PD Na: Tomorrow at 9 o'clock, music will be played. To success, when the song ended, all 6 of you must do mulgunamu (handstand) perfectly in this room.

photo 1n2d-ep90-19_zpsffe73e10.jpg
Heodang read diligently

HoDong: KimC injured his ribs. Please exclude him.
PD Na: Then KimC excluded.
SeungGi: Yes...
PD Na: If you do mulgunamu when the song is playing, it doesn't count. It must be as the song ended.
JiWon: Must we do it without relying our feet on wall?
PD Na: Doing mulgunamu without wall?
JiWon: Yes.
Mong: Please don't listen to JiWon-hyeong.
JiWon: It's easy! I'll do it. Can't you guys do it?
HoDong: If you can do it for 10 seconds, I'll replace you collecting kkomag.
JiWon: Really? Quick, record it? 10 seconds!
Mong: Hyeong, fighting!!! (HoDong start feeling anxious.)

JiWon began to take off his clothes one by one.

SeungGi: (HoDong)-hyeong, JiWon-hyeong was a dancer.
JiWon kept taking off his clothes
[Caption: How many layers did he wear?]
HoDong: Awhh!!! Really worrying!!!
JiWon: I want to practice once first...
HoDong: No, no, just do it immediately!
[Caption: If I can do it for 10 seconds, I don't need to go collecting kkomag]
JiWon: I'll create my own fate.

Then JiWon do it, and like his friend prediction, in 3 seconds JiWon already couldn't kept his balance.

photo 1n2d-ep90-20_zps18fc90d8.jpg
Doing mulgunamu

As JiWon fell, all cried happily, especially HoDong cause he didn't need to replace JiWon. The BGM played was Lee SunHee's "ah... yennariyeo (It's old days)".
[Caption: If only I'm one year younger]

JiWon: My body feels heavier!
HoDong: Try it once more...
JiWon: I'll do it with my head!

JiWon then tried again, this time using head, not hands.

photo 1n2d-ep90-21_zps893c824c.jpg
Doing mulgunamu using head

HoDong: Wah, awesome!
JiWon: Let's do it like that!
HoDong: Do it for one minute!

Hearing that JiWon face immediately went gloomy, and Lee SunHee's song played again with the same caption.

photo 1n2d-ep90-22_zps4167c0a7.jpg

JiWon: Ah, I feel like my eyes will popped out!
[Caption: I'll just go collecting kkomag]

Before sleeping, SeungGi and HoDong watched weather forecast. For south area, where they were shooting, there was a snow storm warning.

photo 1n2d-ep90-23_zpse94cd12e.jpg

SeungGi: Snowman will fall on where we are.

Looks like 1N2D shooting never friendly with weather condition. According to the forecast, the weather would get better in 2-3 days, after they finished shooting. Weather forecast ended, they prepared to sleep... Jalja!!!

Credit: http://diahaksaeng.wordpress.com/2013/10/24/kbsw-deleted-scene-from-episode-90/
Indonesian to English: sgsairl
This was translated from Korean to Indonesian to English. Some meaning may lost in translation. Please pardon my grammar.

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Deleted scene~

1N2D Deleted Scene Ep 91 - 1

Raw video cut: http://dai.ly/x252ijk
Video cut: http://vimeo.com/77004482 (Credit: http://owen47.wordpress.com)

Before HoDong-SeungGi team eating triangle sushi (onigiri). If you watched KBSW version attentively, you'll notice there's a deleted part.

photo 1n2d-ep91-1_zpse428707e.jpg

After 1st team (Mong-SuGeun) and 2nd team (JiWon-KimC) got their lunch, now it's time for last ranked team lunch. HoDong and SeungGi went back to SeungGi's pond for their lunch.

photo 1n2d-ep91-2_zpsc3e80609.jpg

After they reached the pond, apparently part of their lunch is two box of milk on the center of the pond. Now they must think how to get those milk.

photo 1n2d-ep91-3_zps392f4fa1.jpg
SeungGi and HoDong lunch

SeungGi who had been a victim of the pond didn't want to do the same thing again. But, that meant HoDong would have to get the milk? We know the answer, that was rather impossible.

HoDong: SeungGi, you go there, I'll hold your hand.
SeungGi: Ah... Hyeong!!! I'll hold Hyeong hand, so Hyeong go there!
HoDong: I'm heavy...
SeungGi: Ah, I really don't have any clothes left.
HoDong: I'll hold your hand, that can already works... just your feet (in the pond).
SeungGi: No, really can't.
HoDong: I won't let go of your hand. Try it first.

SeungGi was convinced by HoDong words and agreed to went into the pond.

HoDong: Because I'm holding your hand, the ice won't break. Trust me!

Few seconds later, the infamous dangsin mweoya incident happened (SeungGi talked about it on YaShimManMan).

SeungGi: Mweoya, dangsin mweoya! Dangsin mweoya! I really don't have any change clothes left! Ah... really annoying. Owh, my God! Ah, now I really didn't have any clothes left! Ah, I really can't understand. Dangsin mweoya!

photo 1n2d-ep91-4_zpse5db3d05.jpg
photo 1n2d-ep91-5_zps00c2a8dc.jpg
photo 1n2d-ep91-6_zps8b0d96dc.jpg
photo 1n2d-ep91-7_zps51175003.jpg

당신 (dangsin) is a formal form of 너 (neo) which means "you". 뭐야 (mweoya) meaning depends on the tone of talk, but generally it means "what". Mweoya is a banmal or informal form. The formal form is 뭐에요 (mweo-eyo) or 뭡니까 (mweomnikka). SeungGi's words is okay to use on same age or younger person, but this is Kang HoDong, the ex-ssireum athlete who is more senior than him. So, this is explaning why SeungGi thought this incident had broke his "good" image that he buiit for 5 years, LOL. Hearing SeungGi rant that seemed to never end, HoDong just laughed!

SeungGi: I really don't understand. Clearly I'm going to fall again! Ah... I really don't understand. Clearly going to fall. (Hyeong) also not a devil, but must you doomed me to that path? Ah, I really don't have any clothes left...

While SeungGi and HoDong was still busy getting the milk, the other 2 teams were enjoying their lunch. HoDong didn't even get a bite of their food before, but they're being kind and give it to dogs.

photo 1n2d-ep91-8_zpsd08872d3.jpg

Back to pond. After dangsin mweoya parade end, they got an idea and decided to borrow the mic stick from staffs.

photo 1n2d-ep91-9_zpsc9c8da2c.jpg

HoDong: If this (mic) came off, what happen? Our voice will not be heard?
[Caption: Of course it couldn't be heard]

HoDong give the stick to SeungGi. Then the hunt for milk began again. HoDong managed to get the milk closer using the stick, but the milk was still on the surface of the ice floor on the pond. (Now, I don't really understand if they purposely made it harder or they just didn't think of it, that they can use the stick to move the milk closer again and grab it with hand. But they didn't do it, so this strange parade begin.)

photo 1n2d-ep91-10_zpsb0cafae7.jpg
photo 1n2d-ep91-11_zps40ded27e.jpg
photo 1n2d-ep91-12_zpsb27e6aef.jpg
photo 1n2d-ep91-13_zps1b8eca2e.jpg
photo 1n2d-ep91-14_zps15d39d05.jpg
photo 1n2d-ep91-15_zps16fc5edc.jpg

Finally, after various trial, they got to enjoy the milk.

photo 1n2d-ep91-16_zps3dbd83a8.jpg
photo 1n2d-ep91-17_zps4efc7c9f.jpg

SeungGi: I want this milk.

Childish SeungGi was choosy with the milk, HoDong just laughed it off. Later...

SeungGi: Ah, want to switch with me? I prefer strawberry milk.

1N2D Deleted Scene Ep 91 - 2

This part is after lunch.
Raw video cut: http://dai.ly/x252kdw

photo 1n2d-ep91-18_zps3c7ed326.jpg

Now it's 8.30 PM, and they have slept for 2 hour. As usual, SeungGi woke up first.

SeungGi: What time is it?
PD Na: 8.30 PM.
SeungGi: Then it's dinner time. (Really is HoDong kid, after waking up, he remember food immediately.)

SeungGi began to wake his hyeongs up, starting from HoDong to KimC. Guess, what was the first word come out from HoDong mouth after waking up? "Hungry." LOL, like father like son.

photo 1n2d-ep91-19_zpsf60a17d5.jpg

Suddenly, HoDong wore JiWon glasses, that looked weird on him. Not clear what they were saying, but they were saying that glasses didn't suit HoDong.

photo 1n2d-ep91-20_zps7d1d4bd5.jpg

There was one other thing that attracting their attention, Mong with his blank-face. Apparently he was immitating Boys Before Flowers. Seeing that, JiWon commented "That's a really-wanted-to-be-punch-face." Hearing JiWon comment, Mong changed the topic to KimC.

photo 1n2d-ep91-21_zps1235a22e.jpg
photo 1n2d-ep91-22_zps30007f7b.jpg

Mong: (KimC) Hyeong, please don't be like that!
KimC: Because it's MayBee (singer), so it's like that.
PD Na: Doing what with MayBee-ssi?

Not clear what they were talking about. MayBee was talking about face, that KimC looks better (never ending debate from ep40) and it was in live broadcast.

Mong: Hyeong, please don't talk about affair! Every night drinking alcohol with different woman in Apgujeong! This's true.
PD Na: KimC's like that?
Mong: This's serious. If it's here (1N2D) he's like a mom, but when he's with women... that time, I went to his shooting location. Suddenly there was a phone call from a woman, and Hyeong immediately went like this (imitating KimC).
KimC: One of my junior asking for help, it was just that.
Mong: At beer drinking place?
SeungGi: Song HyeGyo-ssi?
Mong: Yes, he met Song HyeGyo-ssi before.
KimC: Yes, I met her, but it was because she was sitting there at the place I went to.
Mong: Why did you go there? Why did you go to a place where Song HyeGyo is? Why sat beside her?

The talk about affair that seemed won't end, cutted off by PD Na, by asking what kind of project that's good according to the members.

SeungGi: I've said this before, 1N2D with women.
SuGeun: Eeiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!
JiWon: I want to try this, Infinity Challenge, We Got Married, and Family Outing, change member with them. Ah, Infinity Challenge MC is (HoDong) Hyeong.
HoDong: Isn't like that... 1N2D and Family Outing shoot together with the same staffs and PD, just edited separately.
KimC: Ah, that means competition in editing.
SuGeun: Can I recommend a most intense situation...
PD Na: Yes please.
SuGeun: Give each of us a hoe. Dig to 20 meters deep and escape from the hole.
SeungGi: Hyeong, things like that must be discussed with us first.
SuGeun: Hey... each time playing, then that.. woman~~
KimC: Dig by yourself.
Mong: How about this, there're 6 island. In each island we play bokbulbok, and in each island there's a hidden treasure. At 1st island, 1N2D with 30 super model. At 2nd island...
JiWon: Why does he always say useless things?

Mong still with his unclear idea and SeungGi still want one with woman (the lonely guy). Then suddenly Choding...
JiWon: We investigate KimC-hyeong secret for 1N2D.

The ideas becoming unclear and unclear, until there was a bicycle trip (which will be done in ep159-160). PD Na became confused. While the others still with their crazy ideas, JiWon doing who-know-what alone, away from the other noisy member. From all the ideas, then this idea was the most spectacular, which came out from Yasaeng Wonsungi mouth.

Mong: How about a new show?
PD Na: With different members?
Mong: Of course Muhan Phaemilliga tteo seo gyeorheonhaesseoyoro. (Quite confusing to translate, it's a joined mix from Infinity Challenge, Family Outing, and We Got Married.) We can do all things...
SeungGi: Creating new show by copying other shows?
Mong: Of course, so how is it? SeungGi suggested that they discussed it just one time.

photo 1n2d-ep91-23_zps41d02053.jpg
Strawberry milk lover entertainer

Then HoDong added, if for the young ones (JiWon, Mong, and SeungGi), they have lot of excuses. But for ones who already have family (HoDong, SuGeun, and KimC), the important thing is away from home. SuGeun added, they could always go for 3-4 days. (The point is they wanted to run away from home.) After debating for a while without any direction or conclusion, in the end they gave up and told the staffs to plan the project whatever it is, and the members will just do it. Then they remembered they still hadn't have dinner yet.

Credit: http://diahaksaeng.wordpress.com/2013/06/26/kbsw-deleted-scene-from-episode-91/
Indonesian to English: sgsairl
This was translated from Korean to Indonesian to English. Some meaning may lost in translation. Please pardon my grammar.

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Thanks for all these translations as always!!!
I remember watching this episode of them wanting to do that mix of Infinity Challenge and Family Outing.. :)) I didn't understand much.. but that was pretty much it.. and I also remember that cute part with Hodong massaging Jiwon's stomach cos Jiwon was really sick at the time..

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Can I ask a favor?
I'm looking for that 2010 viewers trip where the guys sang Red Sunset as their last song? Please? T_T
Also the other live performance where they sang the same song.. I think it was an awards show?
Thank you so much!!!


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Hello!!!I'm just thinking.. one of the reasons why 1 Night 2 Days experienced so much success during their 5 year run, is the way the boys evolved with their characters and how they have proved that they are way more than their characters..

 Kang Hodong , at the start he appeared as the bully leader but then watching the show, you'll realize he is the caring big brother who supported his dongsaengs a lot. Also a very approachable MC who can talk to the ordinary people they meet in the show and make them feel so at home. A really great sportsman who (even if he would try to cheat a lot and negotiate his way on things) taught as a lot about the value of fair play. Kim C , the indie band singer with an awkward smile.. then he became Master Kim C who can go hard core and eat very fishy dishes and bungee jump when the dongsaengs cried for help.. and most of all, the very caring eomma to the boys. He made sure they slept well and fed them when he had the food. Uhm Taewoong , a very late addition to the group. Was first known to just be Uhm Junghwa's brother but proved to be a really strong person who will do anything for his co-members! He's very sweet and caring and the greatest dog lover... (too bad he never got to meet Sanggeun). He can be cunning when he wants to (like how he made Seunggi cook breakfast kkk) Lee Sugeun , the person who found it hard to find his comedic point at the beginning. He did his best to be the nation's hard worker and driver as a character. But he has evolved with his real talent which is comedy. His comedic timing and jokes have always been funny the moment he found his momentum.. and we soon learned he is actually a very sensitive guy. He proved there is more to him than his farts. :')
 Eun Jiwon , he started out as the member who was once a charismatic idol turned hiphop rapper... who is actually a choding in reality. But he's not just your typical choding cos he actually makes a great choding leader (Freestyle Trip, Seopseop Dang, Museop Dang)! Though do not be fooled by his choding persona cos you won't ever win in an argument with him. And that he is actually a very smart guy who is a genius with an IQ of 160 (Hello, Genius Won!). At the start, he was always at the background being Sanggeun's play buddy or mainly sleeping but he proved he can do more. He proved that he is one of the best variety personalities in the industry, who can make the strong Kang Hodong weak in the knees.  MC Mong , the wild monkey. At first he was just this crazy funny guy. But he proved to be a very passionate person with a lot of creative ideas! He choreographed, made songs with Lee Sugeun, and came up with... Variety Jeongshin! He cares a lot about older people and can go well together with the grannies with his very approachable, caring grandson attitude. Also the best cook of 1N2D... Mong Janggeum in the house!!! He was always so wild but there is nothing he won't do for the show! Kim Jongmin , the other crazy guy before he left the show. He always made witty and funny remarks back then and very well known with his tired dance... He had to leave because of his military service.. T_T And when he came back he wasn't as funny as he used to be so a lot of people bashed him and gave him hurtful remarks but he stayed strong. He slowly found his footing again and still provided the best laughs with his pitch game abilities.. And behind all these, he's actually a very sweet and thoughtful guy.  Lee Seunggi , the very awesome umchinah that all the noonas love! He started out as the very smart, athletic guy who always goes first in everything. But deep inside... is in reality the Heodang Teacher Lee Seunggi. You see how he grew up in the show, spending his 20s with the 1N2D crew. Who would've thought he could do so well in the wild with his squeaky clean habits? He matured and proved he can be a great MC and mainly held the hosting fort after Hodong left. He cared so well for his brothers, cooking for them all the time even if the brothers didn't want his food. XD He started out as the heodang who's awful at cooking but proved that he can do it (with wifi and a timer of course).
There is way more to these boys than their characters.
And for that, they have been well loved by the entire nation.
Variety Jeongshin!!!

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The members descriptions are awesome. Reading your post made me miss them more, I'm still hoping the reunion that Na PD said will happen. *pray hard*

The viewer trip, do you need the whole episodes or just the performance? And for the award performance I don't think I've watched it before. I only have I Love U, Thank U + Let's Go on Vacation performance. I'm a late fan :(

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sgsairl said: @craptelly

The members descriptions are awesome. Reading your post made me miss them more, I'm still hoping the reunion that Na PD said will happen. *pray hard*

The viewer trip, do you need the whole episodes or just the performance? And for the award performance I don't think I've watched it before. I only have I Love U, Thank U + Let's Go on Vacation performance. I'm a late fan :(

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Except the episodes with the foreigner guests, I actually love the non-guest episodes more :D

Has anyone share this info tidbits about PD Na? From PD Na Taiwan's FM on Aug 1st this year. PD Lee, Writer Lee, and I think DaeJu is in tvN now too. PD Na, please make it happen. He still meets with the old members for a meal once in a while, and they’ve talked about getting back together for a show. Na PD said he would really like to do that one day.

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I love it best when it's just them.. I don't like it much also when the guys are far away from each other... hahahaha!!
The 160 performance always makes me laugh! 
Yeah, I've read that article too.. T___T They really should go back for a show!!! Even a one time, big time episode of something would be highly appreciated!!!

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Deleted scene~

1N2D Deleted Scene Ep 92 - 1

The end of dinner bokbulbok, after SuGeun vs. Sinib (Rookie) PD gugudan (multiplying) competition.
Raw video cut: http://dai.ly/x25uivj

For the last game, they bet all the leftover meat, so Na PD offered to play even/odd game. They had to guess how may tissue paper that rolled quickly by staff.

photo 1n2d-ep92-1_zpsa77d8b62.jpg
Rolled tissue papers to be counted

SuGeun was their best player for this game, he confidently said it was odd. They assumed it was rolled 7 times, 1 roll equal to 2 sheets and there was 1 sheet at the end. So it was: 7 * 2 + 1 = 15 (odd). Meanwhile JiWon said 1 roll equal to 4 sheets, so 7 * 4 = 28, and it was even. Actually their calculation was wrong because it was only 6 rolls. JiWon debated about the last sheets that pulled at the end. JiWon said there was 4, SuGeun still said 2. Then Heodang followed and said 3 to add into the confusion. They were still busy debating, SuGeun was busy counting the camera and he said even the camera count was odd. How was they related? LOL Because SuGeun was really sure with his answer, so everyone decided to trust SuGeun, they chose odd. Then they started counting carefully. Then in the end it was 16 sheets. HoDong didn't believe it and asked for recounting.

photo 1n2d-ep92-2_zps00209667.jpg
Guys with nothing to do

While Mong was busy counting, JiWon said "I already said it was 4, so it's even~" But suddenly the second counting result was odd, 15 sheets. How??? The secret was in KimC nose. After checking the previous 1 minute recording, when HoDong was still counting for the first time, KimC who was probably had a cold immediately grabbed one sheet from Mong's hand. So one sheet was missing from the second counting.

photo 1n2d-ep92-3_zpsc50d09ee.jpg
photo 1n2d-ep92-4_zpsec4dbe6c.jpg

So, the meat ended up belonging to HunSeok (Mong's manager) officially.

1N2D Deleted Scene Ep 92 - 2

This part is when they were still hungry and asked for food, so they played again with Haenam Line Team. The delete part is not much, before HoDong did his action.
Raw video cut: http://dai.ly/x25ujnu

After Heodang and Choding failed, so HoDong became Haenam Line last hope. He felt nervous, began to imagine and talk bollocks. Even SeungGi, his team member, became speechless. Only Choding had the same thought with the father.

photo 1n2d-ep92-5_zpsb844f4d4.jpg
Excessively nervous

(I'll try to translate their disordered conversation. Sorry if there's mistakes.)

HoDong: If this (bottle cap) really reached the end of the table, it'll be really awesome!
SuGeun: If it happened, we'll sleep outside.
HoDong: Really? If we won?
SuGeun: If you won? It means HoDong do it well.
KimC: If it could happen (bottle cap at the end of table), we'll immediately go outside.
HoDong: I already won CheonHaJangSa (ssireum competition) for 5 times *brags*.
SuGeun: Hyungnim, it's all about ssireum.
KimC: How if Hyung can't even pass the closest one?
HoDong: Then...
SeungGi: In short, if it reached this area (the top), then we win.
HoDong: If we got number 1. means we get to eat. If it was exactly at the edge, then you guys (KimC team) will sleep outside. But if I can't even pass the closest bottle cap, we'll sleep outside. But, if I can pass the closest one, you guys sleep outside?!!!

Hearing that, of course KimC team didn't accept. Even SeungGi was speechless. But apparently the father statement got 100% full support from Choding the son aka Baby Bear.

photo 1n2d-ep92-6_zpsf9c16a0b.jpg
Papa and Baby Bear looks very in sync

JiWon: Why that can't be understand? If it can pass the closest bottle cap (last place), then we're not in last place.
SuGeun: Yes...
JiWon & HoDong: Then it means you must sleep outside!!! ???

(Not clear what they were talking about, so I'll skip it.)

JiWon: If we can pass the last place, then it means we're not in the last place, so we don't lose. So Hyeong sleep outside~
SeungGi: Hyeong, just try to win first!
SuGeun: Even your member team SeungGi didn't say anything.
[Caption: Speechless because too embarrassed]

photo 1n2d-ep92-7_zpse1ce0603.jpg
Speechless because too embarrassed of his teammates deed

HoDong: Are you guys like this because you're too nervous?
SuGeun: No chance for practicing.

But because he talked too much and the other members already too lazy to respond, so SuGeun team gave him practice chance. Like the proverb "Give somebody an inch and they'll take a mile", HoDong said, if the practice result was good then it will be real final result for the game. Of course the opposing team didn't agree! Even SeungGi could only smile seeing how his Hyeong act. So in the end they agreed to no practice session. Before starting, HoDong prayed hardly, even saying his Mom and Dad. Hearing that, SuGeun immediately comment "This is only bottle cap game, why did you bring your mother and father name?" The game result can be seen in KBSW version.

1N2D Deleted Scene Ep 92 - 3

Before sleeping after Na PD explained morning mission.
Raw video cut: http://dai.ly/x25ujwl

HoDong asked Mong to set the alarm, and then he went to toilet. Without HoDong, SeungGi realized that they only got narrow space and HoDong space was bigger.

photo 1n2d-ep92-8_zpse7036fd4.jpg
HoDong apparently big space

SeungGi: Hyeong, isn't our space is tighter? HoDong-hyeong use a lot of space.
JiWon: (To SuGeun) Move to side a little~
Mong: My space is really narrow.

Everyone asking SuGeun to move, so SuGeun felt intimidated.

photo 1n2d-ep92-9_zpsa858c694.jpg
Move, move~

SuGeun: Why are you doing this to me?
KimC: Wah, that kind of space? Hey, you don't want to move? That can for two persons.
SuGeun: Just sleep beside HoDong-hyeong then. I'll move there (to KimC place). You guys don't want to right? Why everyone is being like this?
KimC: Even if I want to go there, didn't you all have see, that HoDong is uncomfortable with me.

In bottle cap match, HoDong said he really didn't like KimC that night.

JiWon: Ah, it's okay. It should be like that. That's because it's (KimC)-hyeong who feels uncomfortable, right?
KimC: Ah, both of us each feels uncomfortable.

While they were still debating, HoDong came back from toilet. Maybe HoDong heard KimC talk just now, so, after he went in the room, he immediately doing his crazy stunt, lying down and rolling on top of other members. Of course SeungGi and Mong immediately stopped him, strangled his neck, and held down his hands.

photo 1n2d-ep92-10_zpsb9f2ee1e.jpg
photo 1n2d-ep92-11_zps88686377.jpg
photo 1n2d-ep92-12_zps31c153d3.jpg

Before the prisoner was freed, Mong made sure if the freed prisoner would be dangerous or not. For that, Mong asked if he will hit him or not? When HoDong answered no, he was freed.

photo 1n2d-ep92-13_zps2d4b5871.jpg
I won't be hit right?

After HoDong issue, then it was Heodang again that cause a ruckus with his paranoia.

SeungGi: Owh! This (calligraphy frame that was exactly on top of his head) won't fall right? What's this? If this fell, it's directly on my head, owh!

photo 1n2d-ep92-14_zpsea704345.jpg
Owh, annoying frame

When SeungGi worried about the frame, the others were also busy snatching the blanket.
JiWon: No matter how many people were pulling the blanket, I'm at middle, so the blanket is floating, not covering. Please don't pull!

photo 1n2d-ep92-15_zps1c718abd.jpg

For a while, Heodang still with the frame and Choding with his blanket. The two topics changed thanks to SuGeun.

JiWon: KimC-hyeong, please go here. Looks like I can't sleep here.

Suddenly SuGeun took off his clothes.

photo 1n2d-ep92-16_zpsa0bd1cbf.jpg

HoDong: PD-nim, please switch our position. This is weird.

Then HoDong and JiWon hit SuGeun asking him to wear his clothes back. Mong also join Papa and Baby bear duet to hit SuGeun. So was SuGeun being hit by 3 person or 3 non-human? Because he was hit by Bear and Monkey, LOL.


Credit: http://diahaksaeng.wordpress.com/2013/05/15/kbsw-deleted-scene-from-episode-92/
Indonesian to English: sgsairl
This was translated from Korean to Indonesian to English. Some meaning may lost in translation. Please pardon my grammar.

SeungGi's paranoia :D

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@sgsairl hahahahaha this is so funny!!! Thank you as always! LOL Seunggi is always paranoid at things falling on his face while asleep.. XD Though maybe if we were to be in his place, we could be paranoid too cos sometimes they put the camera above just by using tapes. :))

I really love it so much whenever the boys play around before sleeping~!!!

More vines!!

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LOL, that moment when the heat made their body and brain went haywire. Wah, I didn't notice those kisses. Aaw~~

Do you have the translation of the bus cut? I always wonder what were the poems they make. Looks really funny.

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@sgsairl IKR!! I've never noticed the part where seunggi kissed jiwon's hand until today.. it is so cute!! I was just watching some random 1n2d and saw it..

For the trans.. I just remember seeing it in the comments section. :)

Here is the video and u will see it there.. sg and jiwon's jejudo poems were translated..

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