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[drama Japan 2007] テレサ・テン物語 / Teresa Teng Mo

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Guest t3n5h1_chu_k015h173


* Title: テレサ・テン物語

* Tagline: 私の家は山の向こう

* Title (romaji): Teresa Teng Monogatari

* Tagline (romaji): Watashi no Ie wa Yama no Muko

* Format: Tanpatsu

* Genre: Biography

* Broadcast network: TV Asahi

* Broadcast date: 2007-Jun-02


This tanpatsu celebrates Teresa's 13th death anniversary. On May 8, 1995, Teng suddenly died from an apparent asthma attack while on a trip in Thailand.


* Kimura Yoshino as Teresa Teng

* Narimiya Hiroki

* Osugi Ren

* Nakamura Shunsuke

* Takashima Masanobu

* Nagai Anzu

* Christopher Martin as the french boyfriend

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Guest dadedum

The Taiwanese singer Teresa Teng? I'm assuming this is an SP. Hmm interesting, I wonder what role Hiroki has, nice to see him in a drama again.

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Guest alcyone

the casts are japanese actors/ess? wow....weird...are they going to sing teresa's songs? hehehehe i can't imagine

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Guest babycurious

OK I read the topic's title and :unsure:

Teresa Teng? Japanese dorama?

are they going to sing her song in Japanese?

haha the parents are gonna like this drama then... since they always sing her song in karaoke :P

* sings : ni wen, wo ai, ni you.........*

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