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[drama Japan 2007] めぞん一刻 / Maison Ikkoku

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Guest t3n5h1_chu_k015h173


* Title: めぞん一刻

* Title (romaji): Maison Ikkoku

* Genre: Romance

* Format: Tanpatsu

* Viewership ratings:

* Broadcast network: TV Asahi

* Broadcast date: 2007-May-12

* Air time: Saturday 21:00

* Theme song: "Mamotte Agetai" by Matsutoya Yumi (松任谷由実)


Based on a hit manga by Rumiko Takahashi, this is a romantic comedy about the relationship of Kyoko Otonashi, the beautiful widow and manager of a boarding house and Yusaku Godai, a poor student tenant.


* Itoh Misaki as Otonashi Kyoko

* Nakabayashi Taiki (中林大樹) as Godai Yusaku

* Sawamura Ikki as Mitaka Shun

* Eikura Nana as Nanao Kozue

* Kishibe Ittoku as Yotsuya

* Takahashi Yumiko as Roppongi Akemi

* Yanagisawa Shingo as Master

* Kishimoto Kayoko as Ichinose Hanae

* Hosokawa Toshiyuki as Chigusa

* Morisako Ei as Godai Haruka

* Sugai Kin as Godai Yukari

* Hashizume Ryo (橋爪遼)

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Guest asianrice

what is an SP? O_O?

A special. o__O. It's a one-episode show.

Labeling it as just "drama" can confuse people.

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Guest dadedum

Oh this manga dates back to the 80s and was made into a very population animation on television. I have the whole series :D. Appearance-wise, Itoh fit the role of the boarding house manager well, but I'm not so sure about the actor. I wish it were a 10+ episode drama instead of a SP, but they might be well testing the waters first before they release a full-blown version later...

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Guest jade_frost

From Japan Times:

Maison Ikkoku written by Rumiko Takahashi and originally published in 1980 in Big Comic Spirits, is one of the most popular manga of all time. It has been made into movies and television drama series over the years in both animated and live-action formats. On Saturday from 9:00 p.m. to 11:06 p.m., TV Asahi presents a two-hour special drama version that will be the first in an occasional series based on the comic. New actor Taiki Nakabayashi was chosen from out of 3,000 hopefuls to star as the lead character, Yusaku Godai.

Though the stories take place in the 1980s, the drama series is framed as a reminiscence: the forty-something Godai telling his young daughter about his youth, when he was unsuccessfully trying to pass the college entrance exams and living in a small apartment building called Maison Ikkoku. Godai is sick of the place because the other tenants are selfish busybodies, and he's about to move out when a new superintendent moves in.

The new super is Kyoko (Misaki Ito), a widow who has decided to never fall in love again. For Godai, it's love at first sight, and one evening he gets drunk and confesses his love to Kyoko. The next morning he can't remember what happened and apologizes, but the apology makes Kyoko angry.

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Guest haneul love

what the?!

they're making MI into a drama now? whoa.. it's so old lol

i can't imagine itou misaki playing the main role cuz i imagine someone with a more gentle feminine touch

misaki looks sassy :D

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