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Pretty Women In Traditional Asian Clothing

Guest bubbles20

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Korea has won the best national costume award in the Miss Universe pagent more then any other country. I like it, although shapeless, because it looks traditional and is elegant, etc.

The thing I don't like about vietnamese traditional clothes and some chinese is that is looks like prom dresses from the 80s and 90s. It looks more modern then the kimono and hanbok, but looks like it could have been made 20 years ago. do you guys know what i mean?

and is it just me or does vietnamese clothing look chinese?

But Vouge magazine did a whole spread on modern versions of the korean hanbok. even after the hanbok was modernized, it STILL maintians its traditional look.

Early versions of the ao dai date back to 1744 , but the ao dai style that we know today originated during 1930s, so theres not alot of history for it yet. if u want traditional, you look at the ao tu than, thats old old old viet o.g style.

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Guest chocolate//



(I love the hair ornaments)




It was hard finding pictures that haven't already been used, so I found some paintings :P




Credits: some pictures were from www.concentric.net/ ~Artfaire/index1.html.. i can't remember where i got the rest

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Woah, the modernized ones in Vogue are..... high fashion. And wierd O_o;;

Look at the one where they cut the stomach area and part of the chest X-D

Last 3: [Korean]


^ Simple and beautiful. Red and white is my favorite combination.


^ Don't know what this style is called. Looks like royal/noble fit.


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Guest HELLnawITSc

the actual traditional chinese dress (hanfu) was never in the pageant i dont thikn so its always been a misconception in the west that the traditonal chinese dress is the qipao when its not

how does the chinese traditioanl dress look like its made in the 80s or 90s?

the hanfu is not modern at all

n the hanbok and kimono and ao dai were all heavily influenced by the chinese

hence the similiarities

i didnt mean all chinese traditional clothes, just some.

they arn't required to wear a certain dress in the miss univerese pagent, they can wear anything that they believe is beautiufl and reflects their culture. so they could have worn the hanfu.

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I think hanboks are beautiful.

If you think they're simple, then you have no idea what you're talking about. Hanboks can be REALLY detailed and fancy, especially the royal and wedding ones.

I do admit that hanboks can look ugly if they're really cheap. (Duh?) Examples:

This hanbok was made in China: Click

This one is too simple: Click

And here's a picture of Song Seung Heon and Song Hye Gyo in hanboks:


(More good quality hanboks that people would wear are found in melkimx and bsu's posts.)

Now here are some really awesome ones royalty would wear:

Yoon Eun Hye :P


Fashion show


I like hanfus and kimonos as well.

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Guest jacinda


Those look great (mmm Song Seung Heon, he makes anything look great), but the majority I see are kind of simple, like the ones that I see celebs wear, and they should be able to afford good ones.

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People don't wear the really detailed ones like Yoon Eun Hye is wearing since it's for the REALLY royal people. Wedding hanboks are really detailed though.

People wear these hanboks normally:

Royal style, but popular to wear nowadays:



Commoner style:





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God, I love the one Yoon is wearing and the last one. www.seoul88.com has AMAZING quality dresses.

I only see two that are simple, and he labeled them simple lol (one being a really cheap mimic). Are people looking for sexy leg slits and omg breast cutouts? abs? 50 feet long sleeves? giant ball on their heads?

(Just curious)

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^ About the mimic thing... I can't believe they actually sell those. I heard that lots of people who like Dae Jang Geum bought it when Dae Jang Geum was at its peak in China. Even Chinese/HK/Taiwanese celebs wore them a few times. >_<

Like people said before, hanboks aren't supposed to be sexy. It's supposed to conceall the women's figure. That's why women wear an undergarment that binds around their chest. Kimonos are supposed to cover the figure too, but I don't see anyone here saying they're ugly. =/

And I like the shape of women's hanbok... kind of like an ice cream cone. lol But still looks elegant to me. ^^;

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Those doll are freakin' awesome.

Hanbok for animals... Lmao.


Look everyone, a ho'ified Hanbok. Actually, I don't even know if it's orginially one. The character is korean and the top looks similar minus the cutouts.

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^ is that seung mina? i didn't even know that getup she was wearing was supposed to be hanbok-based... eww. but on the rare occasions i play that game, i ALWAYS use seung mina.


i hate when they do that to hanbok!!! there's a fine line between trying to "modernize" it for the sake of art and just cutting off the ends so you can show off the midriff and legs.


this is more what i like about hanbok... the crisp, defined shape and the simple color contrast.


i love the fancier ones too, but i've never actually seen these types IRL. i wouldn't know where it would be appropriate to wear one. the korean brides i've seen do wear those headdresses, but that hanbok is really big and ornate... not to mention those elaborate huge braided hairstyles seen in some of the pictures. i guess you can only wear it if you're miss korea or something!

someone asked if the patterns on the hanbok have any meaning... i'm pretty sure they do, but i don't know what.....

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Yep, it's Mina. I'm not sure but if you look at it carefully (top area) you can kind see it. The shoes a bit too. Could be used in a fashion show X-D

She does however have a real Hanbok costume in Soul Calibur II, but the colors are ugly, IMO. It's cosplayed alot though.

I use her alot too, she's easily one of the higher tier-characters.

I know one, the dragon symbols you see on the Royal dresses stand for their class-level. Five claws is the highest, King Sejong for example would have that.

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