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Han Ji Min 한지민

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Sharing a nice and transparent review of Miss Baek:wub: It's great seeing reviews of the film in english:)


'Miss Baek' ('Mi-sseu-baek'): Film Review | Tokyo 2018

Courtesy of M-Line Distribution
3:00 AM PDT 10/24/2018 by Clarence Tsui  
Furious performances in a piece of gritty drama.

Korean director Lee Ji-won’s first feature, which opened at home before bowing in the Tokyo festival’s Asian Futures competition, revolves around a woman’s mission in saving a child from her abusive parents.


A jaded child abuse survivor tries to save a young girl from suffering the same fate in Miss Baek, Lee Ji-won’s first feature, which has been doing brisk business since its domestic release in South Korea on Oct. 11.

With double the revenue of A Star Is Born, which opened two days earlier on just a fraction fewer screens, at the box office during both films’ opening weekend in the country, the indie drama is now just a whisker away from overtaking Lee Chang-dong’s much more critically acclaimed Burning in terms of total revenue.

While offering hardly a subversive take on films about child abuse (such as The Silenced) or headstrong female protagonists (Sympathy for Lady Vengeance and the more recent The Villainess come to mind), Miss Baek is bolstered by a strong against-type performance from Han Ji-min, whose on-screen persona is drastically different from her more glamorous metier (ranging from her appearances in period dramas and romantic comedies to her role as the compere of the Busan Film Festival’s opening ceremony on Oct. 4).

The film is making its international premiere in the Tokyo International Film Festival’s Asian Future competition before heading to its first stop beyond Asia in London East Asian Film Festival’s "Story of Women" program.

The film begins with hard-boiled detective Jang-sup (Lee Hee-joon) navigating Seoul’s sub-zero temperatures and winding streets to find a dilapidated tenement block where his underlings show him a decomposed corpse of an old woman. But Miss Baek is not about crime, cops or men, who appear here mostly as feeble creatures watching the horror and violence unfold from the sidelines. This is, indeed, a story about two women and a girl.

The (anti)hero here, Baek (Han), is a scruffy, foul-mouthed car washer/masseuse who seems to have given up on herself and the world. When Jang-sup, her boyfriend, brings her to the morgue to have a look at the dead body, the reason for her demeanor emerges: identifying the corpse as that of her mentally ill mother, she is spirited back to the abuse and subsequent abandonment she suffered as a child. Compounded by her spell in jail for killing a rich kid who tried to rape her, all this trauma has led to her thinking she would never make a good mother herself, thus her insistence on being known as "Miss" rather than "Ma'am" (which explains the film’s concise title) and her rugged rebuff of Jang-sup’s affections and marriage proposals.

Her transformation from femme fataliste to furious fighter begins when she meets Ji-eun (Kim Si-ah), a girl she sees wandering around covered in only a few rags but a lot of bruises. After bringing her to a meal at a streetside food stall, the girl’s nicely dressed and seemingly cordial stepmother whizzes in to take her away: beneath that veneer – we also see her later praying fervently in Sunday mass and acting very courteously with Baek’s colleagues at the massage parlor – Mi-kyung (Kwon So-hyun) is actually a devil in disguise as she beats Ji-eun relentlessly while the father (Baek Soo-jang) numbs himself by gluing himself to his computer and his online games.

Unsurprisingly, the duel begins as Baek tries to save Ji-eun from her misery, while Mi-kyung uses her saintly appearance to tarnish and frame Baek as a child-kidnapper. In what might easily become a watershed for her career, Han delivers a controlled and convincing tour de force as she brings Baek’s suppressed angst, and then exploded fury, vividly to the screen. Kwon, meanwhile, matches her every step of the way as she pushes Mi-kyung’s manipulative mannerisms and psychotic psyche to a credible limit.

Kim's turn as the abused girl is effective – some credit is due to Lee Na-kyun’s production design – but to prove that Miss Baek is all about women, Kim Sun-young’s few scenes as Jang-sup’s diner-owner sister provide humor, which serves as both comic relief and also a glimpse of the gritty working-class universe in which these characters exist.

Captured by Kang Gook-hyun’s gritty camerawork, these performances heighten Lee’s no-nonsense and taut script. Miss Baek provides as much hope for the rookie woman filmmaker in breaking out to the mainstream as it does for its titular protagonist in finding some cathartic closure to her troubled life.

Production company: Bae Pictures in a CJ ENM presentation
Cast: Han Ji-min, Kim Si-ah, Kwon So-hyun, Lee Hee-joon
Director-screenwriter: Lee Ji-won
Producer: Lee Jeong-uk
Executive producers: Cho Dae-hyun, Kim Jong-baek
Director of photography: Kang Gook-hyun
Production designer: Lee Na-kyun
Music: Lee Eun-joo, MOWG
Editors: Han Young-kyu, Heo Sun-mi
Venue: Tokyo International Film Festival (Asian Future)
Sales: M-Line Distribution
In Korean
98 minutes

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Miss Baek already crossed 500,000 viewers. It is already a feat for an indie film:wub: And may many more watch going on its 3rd week. It is nice seeing so many people help achieve the movie's break even point for a good cause and for many people to be enlightened of the problem of child abuse:)

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Why is it still locked?


@richelle I wasn't sure I could see any clear News.
But I'm glad it's official.
I'm excited about Han Ji Min and Nam Joo Hyuk.
I hope this drama will be the best job of Nam Joo Hyuk.
12 chapters are too little for me.
So I don't want to wait too long for Han Ji Min's next drama.
If possible, his should always have a new drama.
And she shouldn't let me miss her anymore.
I'il always be happy watching him. :wub:

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October 26, 2018 th_congrats.gif


Han Ji Min Wins Best Actress Award At London East Asia Film Festival For “Miss Baek”

Source: Soompi  by J. Lim

Han Ji Min Wins Best Actress Award At London East Asia Film Festival For âMiss Baekâ


Han Ji Min continues to be recognized for her most recent film “Miss Baek”!


On October 26, Han Ji Min won the Best Actress award at the 4th London East Asia Film Festival. This is her second Best Actress award for the film, the first awarded to her through the 38th Korean Association of Film Critics Awards.


For her acceptance speech, Han Ji Min said, “Thank you for this honorable award. I was so happy to just be here to represent ‘Miss Baek,’ and I’m even happier to be receiving such a special award. ‘Miss Baek’ is a film that tackles the issue of child abuse. I believe that no child should ever have to experience such hardships in real life, and I hope that all the children of the world will be able to lead happy lives, something that we should guarantee for them.”




“Miss Baek” was the opening film of the festival’s most popular section “Stories of Women,” and was praised as, “A film that is able to transcend all barriers of language and culture to connect with people.”


Congratulations to Han Ji Min!


Source (1)

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^it's her 2nd best actress award. She truly deserves it and i am so proud of her as a fan:wub:


@tok-soompi she is enjoying her time in london. She doesn't age since she is very young at heart. She is so beautiful too in her purple gown accepting the award. Good story, good acting is really rewarded:)

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Han Ji Min awarded 'Best Actress' at the 'London East Asia Film Festival'


Han Ji Min


Han Ji Min is honored with an award at the 'London East Asia Film Festival.'


On October 26, 'London East Asia Film Festival' took place at Leicester Square in London, England. At the prestigious award ceremony, Han Ji Min is awarded the 'Best Actress' for the film 'Miss Baek'. 


Han Ji Min expressed sincere appreciation, stating, "Thank you for giving me such an honorable award. I'm happy just the fact that I could be here today for 'Miss Baek,' and I'm even happier to receive the special award."
She continued, "'Miss Baek' depicts a story relating to child abuse. No child should go through such unhappiness. I hope all children can enjoy the happy life they deserve."
Meanwhile, 'Miss Baek' has been praised by film experts as "the film that can communicate over language and culture."
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Thanks to mistymorning for translating this article at LBH thread ~


October 15, 2018


Han Ji Min: Thirst for different roles, through movies. One reason, I chose it for one scene with Lee Byung Hun


Source: Naver


Just to appreciate Lee Byung Hun and Han Ji Min, this article is Han Ji Min talking about BH's acting. (this article is mainly for HJM and her movie Miss Baek)




Her quote on BH and his acting.


"For example, I did the movie "Keys to the Heart" because I was curious about one scene where I was to act face to face Lee Byung Hun sunbae. I had different reasons for all the movies I did"


So the reporter had to ask actor Lee Byung Hun's acting. Her quote again: "During the movie 'The Age of Shadows', he was in for special cameo, not with me, but just him being there in person made (me?us) focused. We joked that "He got it all just as a special cameo". He seems to be natural born actor. He must be working hard, but to us, he seems to be laughing and chatting during the rest time, but he seems to be able to immerse himself right on shooting. Gong Yoo said he's going (for sightseeing in KR but not sure how to translate) to watch the scene where Lee Byung Hun sunbae and Song Gang Ho sunbae together. That tells you even the actors/actresses wanted to watch those scenes. There are also so many scenes where Lee Byung Hun sunbaenim saved with his ad libs in Keys to the Heart."


The movie Miss Baek is currently playing in Korean theaters. Reviews are wonderful and especially, actress Han Ji Min is well praised. It's considered indie movie? Her agency, BH Entertainment is on credit as co-production company, from the article I read. 

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October 27, 2018

October Movie Star Brand Reputation Rankings Announced

Source: Soompi by E. Cha


October Movie Star Brand Reputation Rankings Announced


The Korean Business Research Institute has revealed this month’s brand reputation rankings for film actors!


The rankings were determined through an analysis of the consumer participation, media coverage, interaction, and community awareness indexes of 50 popular movie stars, using big data collected from September 25 to October 26.


Actress Han Ji Min topped this month’s rankings with a brand reputation index of 9,076,346, enjoying an impressive 49.46 percent increase in her score since last month.


High-ranking phrases in Han Ji Min’s keyword analysis included “Miss Baek,” “Best Actress award,” and “London film festival.” Her highest-ranking related terms included “thankful,” “like,” and “enough.”


Actress Kim Tae Ri maintained her position at second place this month with a brand reputation index of 7,327,809, marking a 8.36 percent increase from her September score.


Actor Hyun Bin rose to third place in the rankings after seeing a 40.89 percent increase in his brand reputation index. His total score for October was 7,159,968.


Check out the top 30 for this month below!


1. Han Ji Min
2. Kim Tae Ri
3. Hyun Bin
4. Jang Dong Gun
5. Joo Ji Hoon
6. So Ji Sub
7. Lee Byung Hun
8. Kim Dong Wook
9. Esom
10. Kim Young Kwang
11. Gong Yoo
12. Ma Dong Seok
13. Kim Da Mi
14. Jo In Sung
15. Jung Da Bin
16. Jo Woo Jin
17. Cha Tae Hyun
18. Yoo Ah In
19. Lee Je Hoon
20. Kim Eui Sung
21. Son Ye Jin
22. Lee Jong Suk
23. Jo Jin Woong
24. Park Ji Hyun
25. Nam Joo Hyuk
26. Song Seung Heon
27. Yoo Jae Myung
28. Song Ji Hyo
29. Jang Hyuk
30. Park Seo Joon

Source (1)

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^And the blessings keep pouring han ji min's way. So happy for all the recognition she's getting. She has been rewarded for her hard work and sincerity. Great birthday blessings for her:wub:

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The Keys to the heart is such a beautiful story too with great message.  :)


Purple dress with purple painting and beautiful architecture background

Credit to author


An event watching Miss Baek

Credit to author

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@tok-soompi i think some students from seoul womens university organized that to support their sunbae ji min. So sweet of them to support her and watch the film:wub:


Ji min is having the time of her life in london. She is so funny dancing in her ig posts lol. I guess that it is the reason why she does not aged. She is so young at heart. Good for her to have fun since she will be very busy again once she gets back to korea.


Today is her Q&A in LEAFF and we will see more pics and videos tomorrow:) Countdown to her birthday, only 9 days to go:wub:

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@tok-soompi thank you chinggu. She has a great time in london and surely had some fun. It is nice so she can recharge before working non stop again. She is going back to korea today:wub:


i hope there will be articles confirming the cast of her upcoming drama dazzling. The dedicated thread is still locked. I think the cast should be confirmed first before we can post in the thread.


It is only 8 days before ji min's birthday. I think this is one of her happiest birthdays:wub:


Miss Baek cumulative movie attendance is almost 650,000 as of today. It is approaching it's break even point of 800,000. May it break even within this weekend:) Fighting!!!!

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Nice article worth sharing:)


[SBS Star] Han Ji Min Speaks up About Child Abuse at 'London East Asia Film Festival 2018'

입력 2018.10.29 17:08


[SBS Star] Han Ji Min Speaks up About Child Abuse at 'London East Asia Film Festival 2018'
Actress Han Ji Min draw the attention of the public with a powerful speech.

On October 26 (local time), Han Ji Min won the Best Actress award at 'London East Asia Film Festival 2018' for her latest film 'Miss Baek'.
Han Ji MinWhen Han Ji Min went up to the stage to deliver her speech, everyone looked quite surprised since she not only looked absolutely stunning in her purple dress, but also, she prepared her speech in English.
Han Ji MinHan Ji Min said, "Thank you. As you all know, our film 'Miss Baek' addressed the issue of child abuse."

She added, "Under no circumstances, I believe that no child should go through these types of tragedy. I just hope that all the children around the world could live a happy life."
After her moving speech, the audience supported her with a big applause.

In the acclaimed film 'Miss Baek', Han Ji Min played the role of 'Baek Sang-a', a woman who became a convict in the process of protecting herself.
Han Ji MinAfter being abandoned by her mother, an alcoholic, and almost became the victim of sexual assault, 'Baek Sang-a' decided to alienate herself from the world and give herself a new name 'Miss Baek' to escape from her past.
Han Ji MinHowever, the minute she meets 'Kim Ji-eun', a little girl who reminds her of her young self and a victim of child abuse, she decides to fight back and braces herself to protect and save her from this cruel world.

Meanwhile, 'Miss Baek' attracted more than 640,000 moviegoers in a little over two weeks.

(Kang Eunbee, Credit= 'roma.emo' 'bhent_official' Instagram, Little Big Pictures)

(SBS Star)   
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October 25, 2018


MISS BAEK to Compete at Tokyo IFF
YI Seung-jun’s CROSSING BEYOND also Invited to Japan


by Pierce Conran KoBiz // 31st Tokyo IFF 2018




Two Korean films will screen at this year’s Tokyo International Film Festival. LEE Ji-won’s new indie drama Miss Baek will compete in the ‘Asian Future’ section, while YI Seung-jun’s latest documentary Crossing Beyond will be featured in the ‘Special Program’.


Miss Baek, the debut work of LEE Ji-won, features The Age of Shadows (2016) actress HAN Ji-min as a hardened woman who takes a young girl who is the victim of domestic violence under her wing when she recognizes herself in her. The film opened in Korea on October 11 and has proven to be a major hit for a low-budget title, having amassed 287,000 viewers (USD 2.15 million) in just seven days.


The documentary Crossing Beyond is snapshot of a diverse group of athletes during this year’s Pyeongchang Winter Olympics in South Korea. The film is the third work by Director YI, who has drawn acclaim for his works Planet of Snail (2012) and Wind on the Moon (2016).


His previous works, which both premiered at the International Documentary Festival Amsterdam (IDFA), examined the lives and challenges of disabled people in South Korea. YI’s latest had its world premiere at the Busan International Film Festival in the ‘Wide Angle’ section earlier this month.


This year’s TIFF will take place from October 25 until November 3.

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This is just nice:wub: Fits han ji min so well:)


Not every actor can become a star and not every star can become an actor. Han ji min is a star and became an actor:D Can't wait for her future projects:wub:

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