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[Variety] Star King 놀라운 대회 스타킹

Guest mingy

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Guest adikkeluangman

Jackson thinks J.Y. Park would choose '4-year-old IU' Ha Ni over him in an audition?

The Chuseok special, SBS's 'New Star King,' aired on September 28 with celebrities present to view all the awesome talent before them, one of them including Ha Ni, who was dubbed "the 4-year-old IU."

The father appeared on the show with Ha Ni, revealing that even though she did not know Korean, she learned over 100 songs by listening to them over and over all day long! Hearing this, Jackson showed a lot of interest in Ha Ni, stating, "Honestly, I still can't speak Korean well.  However, I heard the letters 'JYP.'"


After she sang IU's "The Meaning of You," Jackson said, "She's really on beat.  Even I'm unable to be on beat that well, so she's amazing.  On top of that, when she sings, she gives off the feeling of half air, half sound in the JYP style."

When asked what J.Y. Park would do in this situation, Jackson replied, "He would cast her right away.  If Ha Ni and I were to audition together, he would cast me aside and choose Ha Ni."



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Guest adikkeluangman

Jackson is asked if he regrets choosing JYP Entertainment

GOT7's Jackson talked JYP Entertainment during his appearance on the December 8 broadcasting of SBS's 'Star King.'  On this episode, there was a competition between 'Super Junior Child' and 'Suwon Beast Man.'


Kang Ho Dong asked Jackson, "Are you the type who make good choices?"  Jackson replied in the positive, so Kang Ho Dong continued, "You have no regret choosing JYP?" Letting the question sink in, he belatedly replied, "No," making everyone laugh.

When he was asked to choose between 'Super Junior Child' and 'Suwon Beast Man,' so he replied, "For some reason, 'Super Junior Child' seems like SM and 'Suwon Beast Man' seems like JYP.  I am always for JYP.  I love JYP," causing more laughter.


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