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[Variety] Star King 놀라운 대회 스타킹

Guest mingy

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Guest mingy

[sBS] MC Kang Ho Dong

Star King 놀라운 대회 스타킹

For the newest update please go to Here

Credit MsCTruc

Due to some reason I cannot update this title page for very long time, Sorry for all the inconvinence. With all the thanks to MsCTruc.

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There is a new show on SBS Call "Star King". I love this show, it is touching, funny and enjoyable!!

The show is host by Kang Ho Dong!! the show is hosted right after SBS Jiwhaza a.k.a. Burst! Mental Concentration

Star King airs before Jiwhaza, to my recollection. :)

and I was also fairly surprised no one has started a thread about SK. it's not actually that new... lol

edit: I think the lady's name is Noh SaYeon [she's the one who sang with Yunho [part 2], right?]

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Guest Lil.Miss.A

ah just watched the DBSK ep and it was soo cute!

does anyone have an SRT file for that ep? coz I can't seem to dl from veoh and I downloaded the HQ file already...

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Guest ovette

thanks for this thread! i actually just chanced upon it last saturday while i was waiting for Jiwhaza.. and i was actually entertained and amazed by the great talents! i saw wonder girls and babyvox Re.V guested last saturday :) the little girl was a really great dancer! beats the two groups lol :)

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Guest Aznkeo

I have a question, but does anyone happen to know the song Yunho sang? The one in ep14, where he sings "Saranghae...." so and so, but can't finish singing it seriously XDD

It's a really good show though, so hilarious XD

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Guest derised

sweet. since xman is now over, i think this is gonna be my new show. especially since the first episode i watched was with dbsk. definitely eye catching. but anyways, thanks for starting the thread, i was looking for it all over. but now i've found it! ^^

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aww... Star King is also one of my favorite variety show! and yes i also saw the part with Hee Chul crying over that blind girl who plays piano it was really touching. hahaha I absolutely love the part about the dancing little girl and then her challanger the group who danced to the song "Nan Arayo" (I laughed so hard when the little girl gave a chilling cold stare to her opponent) and at the end the Star King award was given to that boy with crazy flexibility !!! that show rocked !

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Guest mingy

WoW TVXQ and kids so cute ^0^

Thanks for sharing..

Thanks for thread...

but i can't CB download TT_TT

Hey 4zomarol since you cant download from clubbox i am trying to download it and upload to megaupload so you can try the ones that is already upload!! hope you will have fun watching it!! it is very funny!!! :rolleyes:

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Guest litt0piggy

there are some links on the front page of the nonclubbox forum you can check it out there

EDIT: nvm just copy and paste if you want to save your time hehe :)




























credits to baekkyungzqt at the nonclubbox forum

wasnt there more episodes of star king before december 17? because i remember seeing one with jang young ran and solbi as guests along with the three regulars..... anyone else think so?

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thank you for putting this thread up - been looking for it for WEEKS!! it's a great show because all the guests so far - stars & star wannabees are very entertaining and 'real'.. it's nice to see the stars interact wt the contestants. :rolleyes: kang ho dong is great with the little kids!! it makes up for xman and love letter withdrawal!!

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