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[ANIME/MANGA] Official Thread - Sailor Moon


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Both manga and anime discussions!sailormooncry.jpg




Usagi Tsukino is a normal girl until she meets up with Luna, a talking cat, who tells her that she is Sailor Moon. As Sailor Moon, Usagi must fight evils and enforce justice, in the name of the Moon and the mysterious Moon Princess. She meets other girls destined to be Sailor Senshi (Sailor Scouts), and together, they fight the forces of evil!


Volumes: 18 (Complete) http://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=1395

Published by: Tokyopop & KodanshaAnime Episodes: 1st season: 46 + 2nd season: 43 + 3rd season: 38 + 4th season: 34 + 3 films

Crystal Episodes: 1st season: 26 + 2nd Season: Upcoming

*This series has also live action drama released.











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Guest Steph1430262970


I only watched the anime on TV.

But I fell in love ;___;

I still memorise the whole theme song off by heart >:] keke

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Guest ~fantasygurl~

i fell in love with this anime!! i prefer the dub version though caz they had better music and script hehehe.... i love Mars and Jupiter!! Amy is so cool!!! Sailor Moon is so funny stupid BAKABAKA!! Venus was pretty looking!! Usagi is a meatball head ~O~

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Guest ChocoMilkShake

this thread brings back memories for me! Sailor Moon was my first manga and even today I love the art. I've never taken to the anime ... I don't like the art and plot.

Manga Style! is a great site for Sailor Moon manga art as well as for related information! ^^

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Guest snaeha_dalis13

I actually liked the anime better than the manga despite the anime being really repetitive. Maybe coz it had more storyline and more Darien/Serena moments that were more memorable. But there were also great parts in the manga that the anime didn't have too. And the part where Darien found out about Serena being Sailor moon. I thought that the anime version of this revelation was better than the manga. But of course the art in the manga is just beautiful.

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hi new here

although i has always been a fan of sailormoon since forever!!!!

i just love the manga

i collected it and i have all of it.....

i prefer the manga compared with the anime

cause in manga the drawing and the storyline is just amazing

but in anime the story is well develop...


gawd i love the scan!!!!!

so beautiful..

ah........ tuxedo mask-my first crush!!!

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The picture with the Sailor Scouts and the -ite/-yte people... like zedite... or something. Were they couples during the past life? Or did the illustrator just match them up together?

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The picture with the Sailor Scouts and the -ite/-yte people... like zedite... or something. Were they couples during the past life? Or did the illustrator just match them up together?

They were only illustrated that way to make it look nicer. :)


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Guest Sujatmi

Best anime ever XD.. When I found out about that series in a magazine when I was like 11 I really started t become an anime fan lol.

I loved the anime, I was so sad when I watched the last episode ._. .(Damn it has been years since the last time I watched an episode.. I feel like re watching now =p.) Lol I used to know the whole Japanese theme song lyrics XD.

Anyways..Sailor Venus/Aino Minako(oo yeah Sailor V!) has always been my favorite <3. She was/is still a bit like an idol to me.

Aah Usagi, her ''bakaness'', darn that girl was funny!

I bought some vol.s of the manga a long time ago btw, read some chapters(I need to buy the Japanese version D=, the English left-to-right version is just blegh that's why I only bought some vol.s and not all.) Also read a bit online. The artwork is just beautifull, Naoko Takeuchi is a wonderful mangaka! I noticed the diffrence between the manga and anime, compared to the anime the manga looks a bit more uhm, mature/serious/misterious imo? Both are awesome.

I still have to finish watching the musicals(SeraMyu) ^^''.. And the L.A. XD.. Which I first didn't want to see coz I thought it would be lame..

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Here are some Sailor Moon soundtracks for the fans. I've been so busy. I haven't been to this thread in ages... but I hope you like the music!

English Soundtracks

Sailor Moon - Call My Name

Sailor Moon - Carry On

Sailor Moon - It's A New Day

Sailor Moon - Nothing At All

Sailor Moon - Oh Starry Night

Sailor Moon - Only A Memory Away

Sailor Moon - Rainy Day Man

Japanese Soundtracks

Sailor Moon Super - Ai no Senshi

Sailor Moon SuperS - Rashiku Ikimasho


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Guest luvinkhero




i use to wach this when i was young ^O^

MEAT BALL HEAD!! ahahaha

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Guest .:daRkwinGs:.

i love this show...i'm rewatching the anime again. i think i'm on the part when they just met up with Mars and the shrine thingy. i love watching this over.

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Guest Swtess

LOL I was rewatching this two weeks ago. I'm still in love with it after so long.

My fav. season's the Stars. No offense, but I was rooting for the Seiya/Usagi pairing. lol

And Chibi Chibi's the cutest little thing ever!!

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Guest kayem7289

Too bad this show is still not airing or there'd be more discussions -_-.

I love my SM. I wish they would revive it, and make like...New episodes again lol, selfish, but oh well...

A new, and actually good movie would be nice, too. If Evangelion can make a a movie 10 years after it stopped airing and still get people rallied up, SM can do it as well.

I can't wait to see what kind of game it will be when the Wii releases it this December!

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Guest losborrachos

sailormoon was one of my first mangas and now, 15 years later i still love it to death... the story is compelling and the artwork is gorgeous. rei was my favorite bishojo senshi, she's so beautiful and so kickass with her scrolls and her ravens... and those who read the manga and aware of the backstory of the shittenou should know the rei-jadeite pairing from that one artwork takeuchi did (and hints of it in "casablanca memories")... i know people are saying the whole thing is not canon, but since i first saw that artwork, which is before the anime even came to be, i considered their past relationship to be part of the overall story... i used to love that pairing and do fan-fics where they (and the other pairs) eventually get together in crystal tokyo.

as with most series, the manga is far superior to the anime and i quit watching the anime past the dark kingdom arc, which upset me for three reasons: 1) rei dating mamoru... the real rei would never have betrayed usagi... besides, clearly mamoru is not rei's type, have you SEEN kaidou and/or jadeite? 2) the creepy relationship between zoisite and kunzite... i'm not against yaoi but the zoisite i know is rugged and manly and, from the way he was holding ami, appears to be straight... 3) the usagi character is completely unappealing. while she's not my favorite character in the manga i've definitely been captured by her occasional wisdom and class (particularly in her serenity and neo-queen form) time and again. the anime usagi is just lazy and ugly and dumb...

my favorite arc is the dream arc with the dead moon circus... the senshis reach their eternal form and receive their respective crystals (i love those little chibi-form angels they had)... the villains are a circus, nuff said. chibi moon met her own guardian senshis (i love the amazoness quartet) and got her own man. it's close to the end so the characters have matured but not so close that it becomes creepy with the end of the universe and all that like in the stars arc...

ahh, all this talk makes me wanna read the whole series again...

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Guest oceansportrait

I grew up with Sailor Moon (I watched it every week until I was 6 when I moved to Canada. I had to wait another year before they started airing Sailor Moon here [but it was from the very beginning again -_-" The last episode I watched in Japan was a Sailor Moon Super S episode so it was really frustrating having to go back to the very beginning again :P] so it'll always have a special place in my heart. I love the anime more than the manga, even though the manga's less repetitive. I couldn't really grasp the important concepts of the storylines in the Sailor Moon manga when it was running its serialization in Nakayoshi (because...well...I was 5. lol). I did think though, that Mamoru was a lot better in the manga. In the anime he came off as more...weak, and less-cool (he has very little control of his emotions in the anime :P).

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