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【 Dir En Grey 】 The Thread

Guest sHIK-kUN

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Guest sHIK-kUN
I need someone to help me update xD

If you want to help me update, just PM me with information xD 【Dir en Grey】THE THREAD Simply put, the Dir en Grey Thread with some side stuff, I'm aware of the other new thread, yes, but anyways, this was the original xD Official Dir en Grey Website:


All this information credit goes to Sean (Olivia*sSlave*) and Aki (fifth_avenue). I take no credit in researching this stuff/info-- it's all them two, so credits to them =] Dir en grey VocalGuitarGuitar Die Bass Toshiya Drums Shinya Profile. kyo.jpgName: Niimura Tooru Stage Name: Kyo Hometown: Kyoto Position: Vocals D.O.B: 16/02/75 Blood Type: B Height: 5’3” Weight: 43kg kaoru.jpgName: Niikura Kaoru Stage Name: Kaoru Hometown: Hyougo Position: Guitar D.O.B: 17/02/74 Blood Type: A Height: 5’7” Weight: 52kg die.jpgName: Andou Daisuke Stage Name: Die Hometown: Mie Position: Guitar D.O.B: 20/12/74 Blood Type: B Height: 5’10” Weight: 62kg toshiya.jpgName: Hara Toshimasa Stage Name: Toshiya Hometown: Nagano Position: Bass D.O.B: 31/03/77 Blood Type: B Height: 5’10” Weight: 58kg shinya.jpgName: Terachi Shinya Stage Name: Shinya Hometown: Osaka Position: Drums D.O.B: 24/02/78 Blood Type: B Height: 5’7” Weight: 42kg History. Formed in 1997, with the sole purpose to spread the feeling of hurt and sorrow caused by weakness, shallowness and egoism of humanity. Since then, their grotesque ways, their warped affection, and their crazy live shows took the independent record scene by a storm, putting them on the very top. In 1999, their fame caught the attention of then CEO of East West Japan. Thus signing them to a major record label. They debuted releasing 3 singles at once, very rare for a newcomer. Of course, all 3 songs hit the top 10 on the charts. After that, all their releases would hit the top 10 on the charts proving that more and more people were sympathizing with their lyrics. In 2002, their fame hit all of Asia. During their Asia Tour they traveled to Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Shanghai. And in Shanghai, public safety officers had to be called in to calm the excited fans. When they first formed, their expressions of pain came from struggling and writhe, hiding inside the feelings of hurt and suffering. But as time passed, their pain became a cry also a message. Now, Dir en grey has changed its target from Japan to the World. From their unstable beginning, the band itself has gone through many changes and revolutions. It is clear that their music is their tool to send out a message, and they have only just begun. Discography submitted by Sean/Olivia*sSlave* Missa 1997 9/25 Jealous 1998 5/10 I'll 1998 8/12 Akuro no oka 1999 1/20 Zan 1999 1/20 Yurameki 1999 1/20 Cage 1999 5/26 Yokan 1999 7/14 Gauze 1999 7/28 Myaku 2000 2/16 [Kr] Cube 2000 6/7 Taiyou no ao 2000 7/26 Macabre 2000 9/20 Ain't Afraid to die 2001 4/18 Kai [remix] album 2001 8/22 Filth 2001 9/12 Jessica 2001 11/14 Embryo 2001 12/14 Kisou 2002 1/30 Child Prey 2002 7/31 Six Ugly 2002 7/31 Drain Away 2003 1/22 Kasumi 2003 4/23 Vulgar 2003 9/10 The Final 2004 3/17 Saku 2004 7/14 Withering to death 2005 3/9 Clever Sleazoid 2005 9/21 Music Samples Something about the links led to weird sites... Taken down. Eh. If you would like to submit a music sample (or I have time to upload) just message me with them.

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Guest sHIK-kUN

xD I never bothered watching their PVs after watching Obscure, censored. It was still freakish. I can't watch like... Yeah hahah.

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Guest sHIK-kUN

Die and Toshiya series? No.. Not sure TToTT





I shall take some screenies of pvs or what not I got of DeG and upload themm...

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Guest .__.deathMEOW

noo ;__; the original Diru forum dieddd! i'm sooo sad ToT

there were so many beautiful memories there... i hope we can rebuild it

*cries in corner*

EDIT: this was Deathbyapillow btw :3

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oh my gosh!, the original thread is...is.. :unsure: and and...and we had sooo...many pages... T______________T

ah!, guys thanks for the pictures,

i would've just changed my display name to final_en_grey because that what it was before, but now im solace en sakura :lol: .... <_<

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Guest .:.:Suzzersoap:.:.

Wow...all those pages from the old thread...GONE. Here's some pictures though...











Sorry if the pictures are blurry or whatever...photobucket seems to make my pictures turn out crappy >_____< I'll try and post more tomorrow...since it's bedtime for me over here...

Forgot to credit!!! O_O it's been...how long? But credits for the pics go to Joyceandou from livejournal and the last 4 pics...I...don't remember >___<

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Guest CrazieRavieToast

It is sort of sad to start the thread over, but it's still the same people and we'll still be crazy and now when we post a picture, we don't have to apologize if it was alreayd in the thread somewhere because we're still on the 1st page

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