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[Drama 1995] Sandglass / Hourglass 모래시계

Guest jahye

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what a great drama! very deep and profound. i can specially relate because i was a freshman in college when martial rule was declared here in the philippines. suddenly our campus then was swarming with soldiers, no cameras and tape recorders were allowed inside the classrooms, teachers/professors were regularly picked up for questioning by militarymen, student activists went underground, scenes in kwangju reminded me of the confrontation between student activists and police during the first quarter storm. but after the storm, south korea became the 10th largest economy in the world while th ephilippines remain a developing country. as one of the characters said then, 'someday history will judge us differently , the patriotic fund(casino earnings share) will be known to have been put into good use as seed money for our industrialization'. indeed to attain stability, so many things have been sacrificed like human rights and freedom. i like tae-soo's character, loath hyerin as being such a user. i can't understand tae-soo's naivete in dealing with hyerin. it's not even sure if she really loves him and yet he sacrificed himself for her.

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Guest anne0129

Finally, my dvd set arrived.......I have been watching it mostly on the internet but I really hate watching on the net, especially when it is a good drama because I love watching in my room where I can just feel the story and characters.....so far I am loving what I have seen on the internet but finally, I can completely immerse myself in this series........ :w00t::w00t:

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Ah! I'm going to try this drama out since I've heard some good reviews about it. However, I'm a little reluctant since the drama was amde in 1995...

Well! I better not judge "by its covers" and give it a shot. ;]

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Guest kdramafanusa

Source: Chosun Updated Feb.11,2009 10:33 KST

'The Sandglass' Voted Best Korean Soap Since 1980

“The Sandglass” (1994) was voted the best Korean TV soap opera since 1980 by 20 star producers and drama writers, including Kim Jong-hak, Choi Wan-kyu and Noh Hee-kyung.

“The Sandglass,” written by Song Ji-na and directed by Kim, was praised for its realistic portrayal of how dark political situations affect individual’s lives. It was so popular that people often went home early from work to catch it.

“Jewel in the Palace” (2004), which was hyped as the ultimate TV soap opera, came in second. "Eyes of Dawn” took third place, followed by “Winter Sonata” and “You and I.”

(englishnews@chosun.com )




'Sandglass', 'You And I', 'Dae Jang Geum / Jewel In The Palace'





1. 'Sandglass 모래시계' (1994) - 36 points

2. 'Dae Jang Geum 대장금' (2003-2004) - 20 points

3. 'Eyes Of Dawn 여명의 눈동자' (1991) - 11 points

4. 'You And I 그대 그리고 나' - 9 points

5. 'What Is Love 사랑이 뭐길래', 'Trap Of Youth 청춘의 덫' - 5 points

6. 'A Diary Of Rural Life 전원일기', 'Love And Ambition 사랑과 야망', 'TV Literature TV문학관' - 3 points

7. 'The Moon of Seoul 서울의 달' (Han Suk-Gyu, Choi Min-Shik, Chae Si-Ra and Baek Yoon-Shik), 'The Rustic Era 야인시대', 'Son And Daughter 아들과 딸', '여자는 무엇으로 사는가' - 2 points

8. '사랑이 꽃피는 나무', 'My Name Is Kim Sam Soon 내 이름은 김삼순', 'Haeshin 해신', 'Ruler Of Your Own World 네 멋대로 해라', 'First Love 첫사랑'


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Guest cantabileblue

I was really into this drama. I absolutly love Lee jung Jae because in so little words he express himself in a way so emotional that make feel so into the story. Overall the writting was superb and the pace well used. I watch this drama in a roll, and was the best time ever.

After watching so many dramas in my life I have never watch one who wasnt really around the main caracters, and even so tell you all the situation a country is living.

Thanks so much for sharing this drama, because I was thinking I never be alble to see it at all. :D

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Guest MisterBarca

source: DramaWik

One unforgettable subject that's dealt in the drama is the 1980 Kwangju rebellion when the head of the military junta that took over Korea after the assasination of President Park Chung-hee, General Chun Doo-hwan, sent paratroopers into Kwangju to put down the rebellion. What happened was the subsequent massacre of hundreds of innocent people. The horrific scenes based on true accounts, of those people being murdered, touched off a deep sense of shock and grief for the Koreans at that time (the mid 90's Korea still had not come to terms with what happened after governments muzzled the free speech). After this drama went on air, there were more films that were made dealing with this very subject, such as The Petal (1996) and Peppermint Candy (2000). It also put ex-President Chun Doo-hwan who was responsible for the massacre, in jail. You can probably say that Moreshigae was the turning point for the young budding democracy in Korea.

Ok, whatever.

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Guest mystery88

I was happy to find this series but can anyone tell me why I cannot join the 2 parts with hjsplit? It keeps telling me joining completed.

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Guest leslie01

thank you soompi, for "being there"; because of you all i finally found out who the young tae soo is. Kim Jung Hyun doesn't have that many starring roles, but i really liked his character in this series.

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Guest BooBoo24

oh I'm so glad I found this tread! for years now I wanted to see Sandglass!!! THE most watched drama ever!

as I saw movies talking about this period I'm really glad I can see a drama about it!

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I watched this knowing nothing other than "It's the first modern drama." It is really good.

It is nothing like I expected; liked the leads right away.

As I watched Sandglass, which is wonderful but painful to watch, I am wondering what keeps me here?

Why am I putting myself through this? Is it edu-maca-tional reasons cause I really want to be able to talk 1980's SK history at the next Pot Luck with the 20 something boys I sit near at work? 

Then I came up with the answer, brief and intense moments between Lee Jung Jae and Ko Hyun Jung.

When he shows up on screen, I only watch him.

When he gets near KHJ, I stop breathing. They touch or not, and for a second, I am satisfied.

After he leaves, all I want is for him to come back.

The little lab rat in me just keeps pushing the NEXT button to deliver me my LJJ pellet!

Interestingly, they are NOT the OTP. He isn't even the second lead, I don't think...

Their story was more compelling than any of the others, and also the most mysterious.

Did he love her? Did he want her? He was physically the closest to her all her life, right?

Was it platonic? Was he gay?  I DON"T UNDERSTAND!

Maybe someone some day will read this and answer.

Meanwhile, I did finish, and it did leave a mark, but I would still recommend.  There is beatings and torture, just like Giant, that I fforwarded through, just like Giant.

Really didn't need to see that.

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Guest smashingalou

I wanna watch this....I've heard very good reviews from my two favorite review girls, girlfriday and javabeans from dramabeans...

I'm curious about Lee Jung Jae here..

However, I can't seem to find it in any kdramas streaming site.

Do you guys know a site where I can watch this in good quality? Please....

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I watched this one this year as well. It's every bit as compelling and good as advertised. A tragic story that I'm certain appeared all too real to those of whom actually lived it. The service it rendered was not only in it's entertianment value, but it's ability to put social justice to work regarding many of the criminals whose cruelty disaffected and destroyed so many innocent lives...

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