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Guest simpleandpink
It just suddenly stopped loading...
So I booted up my laptop, and it wouldn't start up. It just comes up with a black screen with "A disk read error occured. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart." Any help, please? Will I have to pay big bucks to get this fixed? Actually, I'm more worried about losing my files.
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Guest erniehkwon

What flavor of operating system and computer? What was the last software loaded or last housekeeping operation performed on the poor thing?

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Guest simpleandpink

Wow. I posted this back in February and it's still here. I'm pretty irresponsible, so instead of starting up a new thread, I'm replying back here.

First of all: My laptop is pretty old, big, and bulky, so don't laugh <_<

It's the HP ze5700

Anyhow, still the same problem. I can't remember what the last program I started was, being it was quite awhile ago. I do remember that I left my laptop on [which I usually do, and know I'm not supposed to do x_x] and I had at least Microsoft Word and Microsoft Photodraw as well as some folders open. After 30 minutes, my laptop is supposed to log out automatically and remain on standby or hibernation, so when I went back, it didn't do either and just restarted and *poof* I got that dreaded "A disk read error occured. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart" message

I consulted with HP, and they told me that I'd have to "reseat the memory module" and gave me a link http://h10032.www1.hp.com/ctg/Manual/bph08402.pdf I have absolutely no idea what that means, and I don't know what it exactly does. Can someone explain to me?

Additionally, they suggested I insert my winXP cd to see if it would boot, but unfortunately I don't have that. And also, my CD Drive has had problems, so I'm not sure if it would be able to accept any CDs at all!

Basically, I want two things to happen: 1) I'd like my laptop to become workable x_x and 2) I'd like to preserve all of my files.

I'd like both to be fulfilled, but I'd settle for at least the preservation of my files.

Any help AT ALL would be appreciated. Please leave some advice and thanks in advance if you do :sweatingbullets:

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I have no idea why there are 3 people with this problem. (Luckily) I have never had this type of problem before and well... I can only guess the cause.


I REALLY doubt its your memory but since HP said that, shall we try it?

Im suprised they gave you a nice service manual. Most of the time they dont give this much info.

Look at page 23, #30. Thats the SDRAM door. Under that is your ram.

Go to page 39 now.

Unscrew the flap, now... go to the restroom and touch a the faucet. Go back to your laptop (don't shuffle -_- im trying to get rid of static ok?!)

and open up the flap to take a look at the memory modules. Agh, dunno if I should tell you to go further or just stop.

On the side of the ram chips are two metal tabs, pull them outward and the ram stick should pop up a little, gently lift it up to about 30 degrees then pull it out. Push it back in at the same angle, then push it back down. The holes should match (half holes eh indentations?) and the memory stick should click into place. Repeat for second module.

Generally, this will fix memory errors. Like blue screens, inability to boot and stuff. But this... I am unsure of the CAUSE actually.

I know its an HP so you don't have a normal windows xp cd. But if you did, you can just do a repair install and reinstall windows and keep your files.

If you were to use the restore feature (HP recovery disks) it WILL wipe everything from your drive. You have a laptop so its 100x more difficult to connect it to a standard PC, but depending on time and NEED for the data on your drive. There are ways (about $10) to connect it to a standard computer to copy and save the files you want on the hard drive.

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