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[drama 2005] Hanoi Bride - Chooseok Special 하노이 신부


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Guest insideMYheart

This file is with rar,how should I open with?Windows Media Player,i Tunes,Quick Time,Power DVD or VLC Media Player???? Sorry I don't know much about uploading :sweatingbullets: Thankz anyway :rolleyes:

Instructions are given on the site: For each episode, download all 3 parts and use Winrar 3.30 or higher to extract.

.rar files are like .zip files so you just need a program to extract the files.

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Guest t3n5h1_chu_k015h173

I reuploaded hardsubbed episodes of hanoi bride





Thank you soooo much :rolleyes: ....I'm really looking forward 2 watch this drama....currently watching in youtube :( every 10 minutes I have to go back again 2 da main page 2 loading the drama :sweatingbullets: Thanks heapz :phew: Do you know the song when the girl chasing after the guy in the island 2 give the lotus flower sachet?? :blink: That song so good :P Do you have da mp3 4 dat song? :unsure:


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Guest Aoijen

I want watch it... but I dun have money enough for buy it... coz I have lot spend money for buy DVD My Girl... :sweatingbullets:

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Guest t3n5h1_chu_k015h173

This drama 하노이 신부 so far so good....I see a few scene same like in Summer Scent....remember in the 1st episode Eun Woo mom & brother plant a tea when they call Eun Woo....I think this location is famous in Korea :unsure::blink: I finish watching this drama this morning in youtube :D I think 이동욱 & 김옥빈 look cute together in 하노이 신부 :rolleyes: I luv 김옥빈 long hair,she look different from 안녕하세요 하느님! :phew:


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Guest sunshine4ever

I finally got to watch this drama. This is definitely a bit biased, after watching My Girl, I really like/love Lee Dong Wook. I found this drama to be charming, lol, maybe because of Lee Dong Wook so it's so great. I enjoyed watching it today, it was less than 2 hours which was bearable. I wish it was longer, but I guess this is just a special drama, not so much to expect. Thought that it was kind of brief, not long enough for me to feel all the romance, however, Dong Wook's character Eun-woo ssi was definitely "strong-minded" and well, sort of complicated. I also like the brother ^^ and Eun-woo's mom. Vietnam's scenery was beautiful...!!! Oh, and I think Kim Ok Bin's and Lee Dong Wook's Vietnamese accents are hard to hear..at first I couldn't understand her and him, but I guess graduately a little bit better as I kept hearing their Vietnamese. His "Anh Yêu Em" (=I love you) to Thi Vu was kind of vague, perhaps it was because of his accents that's why the words lost its meanings, but nevertheless, I still love his Vietnamese accents!!

Another thing that I wanted to add is that this special drama brought about the reality of Korean farmers and Vietnamese girls who are dependent of each other. I read a news regarding this, I just hope that it's for the good cause..like the guys marry the girls cuz they need each other rather than something bad like the girl got married and got sold out by the family members or something.

But then I think this drama was touching..I almost cried when Eun-woo's mother commented on how she wanted Thi Vu to marry the brother only and that Eun-woo should marry someone else who have more "status" than Thi Vu. Which was sooooooooo ironic because she stated it without seeing that it shamed her beloved elder son.

Totally love this drama!!! LEE DONG WOOK <33333

EDIT: oh never forget the quote about the shoes!!!

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Guest crapshack

This sounds like a great drama! I really want to watch it now...hopefully I can cough up the dough to get the DVD.

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Guest luvme4whoiam

it wa sso0o kewl how they actually speak my language..that gurl actually did a good jobb tt hee and gosh that guy ahhhh so0o hott..

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Guest xosandy

So I finally got the chance to watch it and just wanted to make a few comments. Despite the predictable ending I thought it was a overall a sweet drama. It's not bad considering it's only 2 episodes. Sure, the Vietnamese was basically incomprehensible, but I did enjoy listening to Dong Wook's attempt. :P It was unique to see a mix of the Vietnamese and Korean culture. I loved Ok Bin and Dong Wook's chemistry and perhaps in the future, they could work on a 16+ ep. drama so we could see more of them. Haha.




















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i just finished this drama/movie & thought it was horrible...

it was boring so i fastforwarded it & the acting made me cringed

i don't know how some people can understand her viet..but oh well

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Guest honeypia

was able to finally watch it.

we were more excited in the story dev't between the brother of wookie and his childhood friend. and im pretty biased already with the wookie-okbin tandem hehe. dahae was all in my mind while we viewed this short series. lol.

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I thought this short series is sweet, with nice quotes, especially that of 'marriage is like finding a pair of shoes that fit...'

I'm not particularly into the DongWook-OrBin partnership though, I think I prefer Dongwook-SoAe sweetness & Dongwook-Dahae magic...

But I think Wookie really looks out of this world in the doctor's coat! :wub:

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i just finish the first epi. and it's really good. lol.. hmm.. her viet. is hard to understand.

you remember the part when she had to translate for the old man in the hospital? i didn't understand a thing she said until i read the subs and go back and listened again.. lol.. then i understood what she was saying. but lee dong wook's viet is really good. i actually can understand it. lol.. but yea... now i'm d/l epi.2.. ^___^


is there an ost to this drama? i really like the songs in this drama.. lol.. thanx in advance =)

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