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[drama 2009] Cain And Abel 카인과 아벨

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Guest White Star

[sBS] So Ji Sub, Shin Hyun Joon, Han Ji Min, Chae Jung Ahn


카인과 아벨

So Ji Sub, Chae Jung Ahn, Shin Hyun Joon, Han Ji Min


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Drama : Cain and Abel

Official Site: http://tv.sbs.co.kr/cain/

Episodes: 20

Casting : So Ji Sub, Shin Hyun Joon, Chae Jung Ahn,and Han Ji Min

Schedule to be broadcast : Wed-Thur drama. Premiere Feb, 2009

Channel: SBS

PD & Director: Kim Hyung-shik (Surgeon Bong Dal-hee).

Script: Park Kye-ok

Brief Synopsis: The drama portrays the tragic story of two brothers' rivalry. They were adopted and separated in childhood and grew up in different environments. The older brother, Shin Hyun Joon, is a powerful, warm and humane detective Yoo Hyun who has lived his life to search for his younger brother who was adopted abroad. While the younger brother, So Ji Sub, is the killer named Jin who was raised by the Mafia in the U.S. Yet, both brother fall in love with the same girl, Chae Jung Ahn, who is torn between the two.

So Ji Sub's character is a doctor. Shin Hyun Joon is the older brother. These two brothers would eventually fall in love with the same woman.

since there was MANY complications with the production of this drama, the original plot might change.

Updated plot: Cho In is a very gifted doctor who has everything that he wants whereas his older brother, Seon Woo, is jealous of all the attention that Cho In receives. Seon Woo blames his brother for taking everything good in his life away from him. Seon Woo blames Cho In for getting their father's love, getting more recognition as a doctor, and for stealing the woman he loves.

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Story based on Forever MV ft. Jang Dong Gun, Cha In Pyo

Download: 1 or 2

credit: saturn --- thanks to Dahee Fanel for posting

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My First MV by Jo Sung Mo ft. So Ji Sub & Kim Jung Eun

So Ji Sub also played a killler for a Japanese mafia in the MV



credit: ripgal

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Teaser #1

Watch: youtube link

Download: sharebee

credit: Luv

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Watch: here

Download: 1 or 2

credit: sbs & Coconut milk

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Teaser #2

Watch: here

Download: 1 or 2

credit: sbs & Coconut milk

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39 sec. Teaser

Watch: here

Download: 1 or 2

credit: sbs & Coconut milk

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Press Conference

Watch: sbs clip, nocutTV

Download: sbs clip, nocutTV

credit: sbs & Coconut milk

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Download: here

credit: baiu &Charlesriver

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Download: here

credit: aja-aja

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01 mms://kt68kmssst.dosirak.com/MP/5/76757779/76757779_192K.wma

02 mms://kt68kmssst.dosirak.com/MP/5/76757781/76757781_192K.wma

03 mms://kt68kmssst.dosirak.com/MP/5/76757783/76757783_192K.wma

04 mms://kt68kmssst.dosirak.com/MP/5/76757781/76757785_192K.wma

05 mms://kt68kmssst.dosirak.com/MP/5/76757786/76757786_192K.wma

06 mms://kt68kmssst.dosirak.com/MP/5/76757787/76757787_192K.wma

07 mms://kt68kmssst.dosirak.com/MP/5/76757788/76757788_192K.wma

08 mms://kt68kmssst.dosirak.com/MP/5/76757789/76757789_192K.wma

09 mms://kt68kmssst.dosirak.com/MP/5/76757790/76757790_192K.wma

10 mms://kt68kmssst.dosirak.com/MP/5/76757791/76757791_192K.wma

11 mms://kt68kmssst.dosirak.com/MP/5/76757793/76757793_192K.wma

12 mms://kt68kmssst.dosirak.com/MP/5/76757794/76757794_192K.wma

13 mms://kt68kmssst.dosirak.com/MP/5/76757795/76757795_192K.wma

14 mms://kt68kmssst.dosirak.com/MP/5/76757796/76757796_192K.wma

15 mms://kt68kmssst.dosirak.com/MP/5/76757797/76757797_192K.wma

16 mms://kt68kmssst.dosirak.com/MP/5/76757798/76757798_192K.wma

17 mms://kt68kmssst.dosirak.com/MP/5/76757800/76757800_192K.wma

18 mms://kt68kmssst.dosirak.com/MP/5/76757803/76757803_192K.wma

19 mms://kt68kmssst.dosirak.com/MP/5/76757804/76757804_192K.wma

20 mms://kt68kmssst.dosirak.com/MP/5/76757805/76757805_192K.wma

credit: baima22

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First Shooting on Sunday, 2008-11-16 at Seoul University Hospital

More here p.19

credit: woundedheart

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Shin Hyun Joon filming at hospital

credit: huangsy

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Desert shooting - So Ji Sub

More here p.20

credit: yeohweping & daum

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So Ji Sub & Han Ji Min in Shanghai

More here p.20

credit: charlesriver, woundedheart & baidu

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Candids Filming

More here p.21

credit: woundedheart

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More here p.21, p.22 & p.23

credit: huangsy, woundedheart, coconut milk, charlesriver

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Press Conference 02/13/2009

More here p.26, and p.25

credit: woundedheart, coconut milk

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Poster Photoshoot

More here p.25

credit: maneuneun

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Teaser #1

More here p.21

credit: Luv

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Date Episode Nationwide Seoul

2009-02-18 1 15.9 (4th) 17.3 (3rd)

2009-02-19 2 14.9 (7th) 15.8 (4th)

2009-02-25 3 13.7 (7th) 14.6 (6th)

2009-02-26 4 15.6 (6th) 16.6 (5th)

2009-03-04 5 14.5 (7th) 15.1 (6th)

2009-03-05 6 15.3 (8th) 15.5 (8th)

2009-03-11 7 16.4 (4th) 17.4 (2nd)

2009-03-12 8 16.6 (5th) 16.9 (5th)

2009-03-18 9 16.2 (4th) 16.6 (4th)

2009-03-19 10 16.2 (7th) 17.1 (3rd)

2009-03-25 11 16.6 (6th) 17.0 (4th)

2009-03-26 12 17.4 (3rd) 18.0 (2nd)

2009-04-01 13 18.3 (3rd) 18.7 (3rd)

2009-04-02 14 19.3 (2nd) 20.9 (2nd)

2009-04-08 15 18.0 (2nd) -

2009-04-09 16 - -

2009-04-15 17 - -

2009-04-16 18 - -

2009-04-22 19 - -

2009-04-23 20 - -

credit: http://wiki.d-addicts.com/Cain_and_Abel/Episode_Ratings

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at Aja-aja

Subtitle by WITHS2

at d-addicts

View online episode

at Viiki

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Other than the fact that the whole brothers-one police-the other criminal has been used over and over, I'M really excited because it's SJS's first drama after the army! &JRW and JJH are good actor/actresses!

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Guest ohorangie

I really excited for this drama to come out. I cannot wait!

Me too i want to go to sf in may to see the filming poo :( I'm not that big a fan of jrw tho she's not bad but still...hehe sjs is so worth going to see tho... ;)

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Guest nence

sounds interesting. sjs is so hot like always. sigh. never knew who jjr is but he seems cute. not a big fan of jrw though...

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Guest Devache

Nice, So Ji Sup in a thriller.

I thought he was wonderful in Misa, which is right up down on my list of greatest dramas.

Go go SJS.

And I must say, Jung Ryeo Won isn't picking a bad drama to make herself bigger.

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OMG what a total eye candy cast !!!! .. lol JJH is amazingly good looking and such a talented actor, great to see JRW and him together :) SJS is another talented actor, i miss him onscreen !!! .. urgh how exciting, and the description so far is soo darn suspenseful ! .. cant wait :)

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Guest Bebot

I've been waiting for So JI Sub for such a long time.. After watching MISA (I'm Sorry, I Love yoU), I've been a great Fan of HIS!


Oopppss Sorry ! double post... :(

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Guest White Star

♥ ○ ♥ ○ ♥ ○ ♥ ○ ♥ ○ ♥ ○ ♥ ○ ♥ ○ ♥ ○ ♥ ○ ♥ ○ ♥ ○ ♥ ○ ♥ ○ ♥ ○ ♥ ○ ♥ ○ ♥ ○ ♥ ○ ♥ ○ ♥ ○ ♥



3/15/07 -- Soh Ji Sup’s agency BOF announces that SJS will lead the drama “Cain and Abel (카인과 아벨)” after he completes his military service on 4/27. The drama portrays the tragic story of two brothers. One is a powerful detective while the other one is a misfortunate killer. They were separated in childhood and grew up in different environments

SJS plays the younger brother who was adopted and grew up in USA after he was separated from his elder brother. Then he joins a mafia organization and becomes a killer. Kim Dong Hyun (김동현), the representative of the production company “Plan Pictures (플랜비픽쳐스)”, states, “We have been planning this drama for quite some time. This project allows SJS to fully demonstrate his knockout performance power.” The production cost is about 6 billion Won. The filming is scheduled to start in May, and San Francisco will be one of the filming locations.

credits CindyW88

source http://soompi.com/?q=node/1208



So Ji Sub, to return to TV screen through drama series 'Cain and Abel'


So Ji Sub who will complete his military duties on April 27th has selected the drama series 'Cain and Abel' as his returning piece.

After his discharge, So Ji Sub will start filming 'Cain and Abel,' two years after his last drama 'I'm Sorry, I Love You' which ended in December of 2004.

The series 'Cain and Abel,' produced by the newly formed company Plan B Pictures, is the fateful story of two brothers who were separated during their youth and meet again as a police agent and killer. So Ji Sub will play the younger brother 'Jin' who was sent to the U.S. for adoption and is raised to become a killer of the Mafia. The cast for the role of the older brother has not yet been decided.

'Cain and Abel' which will be filmed on location in San Francisco is a large scale drama with an estimated production cost of 600 million won. The broadcasting channel is to be determined while the series will be filmed 70% in advance.

So Ji Sub's agency BOF commented on the 15th, "So Ji Sub selected this piece after contemplating for a long time. He said he would put his best into it for the fans that have been waiting for him for so long."

Source: BROASIA.com




Ji Jin Hee, cast in drama series 'Cain and Abel'


Actor Ji Jin Hee has been cast in the series 'Cain and Abel' and will be co-starring So Ji Sub.

Ji Jin Hee's agency SidusHQ commented on the 17th, "Ji Jin Hee will be returning to the TV screen through 'Cain and Abel,' two years since the series 'Spring Days.'"

'Cain and Abel' which has gathered the spotlight as So Ji Sub's first piece after his discharge this month is about two brothers who are separated in their youth but are reunited later as a detective and killer.

Ji Jin Hee will be playing the warm and humane detective Yoo Hyun who has lived his life to search for his younger brother who was adopted abroad. His role is directly contrasting to the killer he played in the recent movie 'Soo.'

So Ji Sub will play the killer Jin that is raised by the Mafia in the U.S.

'Cain and Abel' which will be filmed on location in San Francisco prior to its airing is a blockbuster with a budget of 6 billion won. The broadcaster has not yet been determined but the series will start filming towards the end of May without a projected 70% to be completed upon its first airing date.

Source: BROASIA.com


credit to rubie



Jeong Ryeo Won confirmed her appearance in 'Cain and Abel'


JRW confirmed her appearance in 'Cain and Abel' co-starring with So Ji Sub and Ji Jin Hee, as her TV comeback after 'Which planet are you from' 1 year ago.

JRW's name in drama is Min Suzi. Suzi is an only daughter of a rich family, studys at US, is in the resident course of surgery, becomes a doctor of forensic medicine later. She is intellegent and innocent.

Min Suzi makes a fatal love with both Jin and Hyun. Jin is yonger brother, seperated from his elder brother, adopted to US, raised as a killer by Mafia.

Hyun is elder brother, manager of detective division, who has thoughtful personality and strong spirit



Translated by saturn. Posted by Dahee Fanel.



Famous musical actor Lee Seok Joon joins Cain and Abel


Lee Seok Joon plays a cruel killer Tae Sung, who annoys JJH & SJS brothers.

Source: hankooki


Translated by saturn



So Ji Sub, the force of Hallyu, "Cain and Abel" has sold for two billion yuan in advance.

So Ji Sub (30), starring SBS TV drama "Cain and Abel" has sold to Japan's largest advertising agency,

"겸 entertainment enterprises" to the equivalent of two billion yuan + α from the sale amount.

It broke the record of 1.8 billion yuan that "Air City" holds.

A spokesperson for "Cain and Abel" said : "Now in Japan, South Korea TV dramas, movies, etc. have generated less revenue.

"Cain and Abel " sets the record of the highest price this year. The news of So Ji Sub's participating in the drama

has generated great attention in Japan".

"The drama is scheduled to follow SBS TV" King and I ", in February 11, 2008 premiere, with the expectations of broadcast television can create greater sales." The spokesman added.

So Ji Sub with the TV drama "Sorry, I love you" in Japan was named one of the top four Hallyu leaders, the highest degree of popularity.

Source: Taiwan MISA Forum

Translated by charlesriver



SBS confirmed it will broadcast 20 episodes of "Cain and Abel" on Feb. 2008 following "The King and I"

every Monday and Tuesday.

Source: Baidu.com

Translated by charlesriver



New Picture of the Main Cast



Source: dongA.com


Posted by mangoicy



So Ji Sub decides not to give up Cain and Abel project


Recently, Hallyu star So JI Sub has expressed his attitude many times to pursue a side of bankruptcy drama project “Cain and Abel” till the end. He did not only initiatively extend the filming contract but also undertake to return to the filming group whenever they want.

While Korean trend is going downhill now, So Ji Sub – a famous star has initiatively solved this problem, his action has received many praise from people.

In last May, after “Cain and Abel” had defined main casts included So Ji Sub, Ji Jin Hee and Jung Ryu Won, the producer has appealed the investment of two billions won from Japanese investors. However, this project can be fallen to pieces, and producer is preceding the hazard to face with an international litigation.

The above engagement of So Ji Sub has easily erased this hazard. Specially, after being demobilized at the end of last April, So Ji Sub has bypassed many returning chances, even drama and movie, Although actor and actress Ji Jin Hee and Jung Ryu Won have chose the other scenarios, but So JI Sub still sticks to “Cain and Abel.” He has shown his capability as a big star.

The representative of production company said “For So Ji Sub, we can only say sorry and thanks to him”, “If he takes part in other films before this project starts filming, we can sympathize.”

Moreover, the poet Won Tae Yeon has taken part in writing the script. This drama is currently having a final scenario corrected and starts filming in this June. The producer is trying to broadcast “Cain and Abel” at the end of 2008.

Source: KST


Etrans: pooh9x@KST_CICHLID




So Ji-sub returns after 4 years

Can you believe it? "Sorry, I Love You" was four years ago and we haven't seen him in a drama since!

Now So Ji-sub is coming back on the television through "Abel and Cain" replacing kwon Sang-woo and Ko Hyeon-jeong's drama "Daemool".

After some complications with releasing the drama "Daemool" for this November, it has come to the decision that SBS will have the new drama "Abel and Cain" aired this winter.

"Abel and Cain" itself had much struggles throughout its production; writer changes and title change from "Cain And Abel". Even through these changes our hot actor, So Ji-sub's return has been the topic since his serving Korea in the military for two years.

The new drama's writer Park Kye-Ok, wrote well-known dramas such as "Biscuit Teacher And Star Candy" starring Gong-yoo and Kong Hyo-jin, "Invisible Man" starring Yoo Oh-seong and Chae Si-ra, and "Innocent Steps" starring Moon Geun-young. The storyline and character portrayal is much anticipated for this drama.

Some say that the title will change again and the starring actors and actresses will be finalized once again. However, what's for sure is that the filming will start this August with So Ji-sub

Source: kr.news.yahoo


Posted by White Star

♥ ○ ♥ ○ ♥ ○ ♥ ○ ♥ ○ ♥ ○ ♥ ○ ♥ ○ ♥ ○ ♥ ○ ♥ ○ ♥ ○ ♥ ○ ♥ ○ ♥ ○ ♥ ○ ♥ ○ ♥ ○ ♥ ○ ♥ ○ ♥ ○ ♥





Urgh, confused yet again by the vaguery that is Doctor Stop aka Cain & Abel aka So Ji-sub’s comeback drama.

First called Cain & Abel, the drama had attached Jung Ryeo-won opposite So, but then undergone production delays and planning issues, losing both Jung and its original title. At one point the SBS president even said it was officially canceled. It was then called Doctor Stop and may or may not replaced its original PD, and then may or may not have gotten him back on board.

Anyway. Now the drama is back to being called Cain & Abel and has fixed upon a February 2009 premiere on SBS (it’ll be a Wednesday-Thursday series). Writing the script is Park Kye-ok; behind the camera is Kim Hyung-shik (Surgeon Bong Dal-hee).

Shin Hyun-joon has been cast as So Ji-sub’s brother, marking both lead actors’ return to television after five years — Shin in Stairway to Heaven and So in I’m Sorry, I Love You. Apparently part of the reason for the name switch (again) is to highlight the rift between the brothers (although I wonder if the Cain/Abel title actually ties into the story more than as a vague, thematic Biblical reference).

Filling in for Jung Ryeo-won’s vacated female lead role is Coffee Prince’s Yuju, Chae Jung-ahn. The drama starts filming in November.

creVia JK News

Credits : dramabeans

posted by willenette



Main cast almost complete for Cain & Abel

Although the media is careful to say the details aren’t finalized, they are reporting that Han Ji-min (Capital Scandal, Yi San) is on the shortlist to fill out the main cast of SBS’s Cain & Abel.

Either she is really close to being cast, or the media is jumping the gun again. She does seem to be seriously considering the role, and even went out earlier this month to eat with and spend some bonding time with the other three confirmed lead actors, So Ji-sub, Shin Hyun-joon, and Chae Jung-ahn. In any case, her management has acknowledged that Han will be making her decision soon, so we won’t have to wait long to find out.

A source at production house Plan B Pictures said, perhaps indicating their eagerness to bring in Han, “Because we’re still in the process of writing the script, the character can be adjusted.” Although Cain is a medical drama, her character is not a doctor, unlike leads So Ji-sub and Shin Hyun-joon, who also play brothers.

Han Ji-min finished up the long-running sageuk Yi San earlier this summer. Cain & Abel plans to start shooting in November and will air next February.

UPDATE: Han Ji-min is confirmed for Cain & Abel.

Star News

Credits : dramabeans

posted by elaiine



'Cain & Abel' begins its first filming

Last acted in drama “Sorry I Love You” back in 2004, So Ji Sub will be returning to the drama scene with the upcoming “Cain and Abel“. “Cain and Abel” had previously encountered much issues on its cast selection and investment problems but the drama is now underway with its maiden filming that took place yesterday, 16th Nov at Korea University in Seoul.

So Ji Sub arrived at the filming ground early in the morning and the entire shooting proceed smoothly with almost no NG at all. The doctor consultant from the hospital gave So Ji Sub a very high rating on his acting and said: “His acting skill is so superb that during the surgery scene, I feel that he is even more skilled than some of the doctors.”

During the filming, fans from all over gathered beside and kept waving to So Ji Sub. Apart from his loyal fans, patients and their family members were also among the crowd wanting to catch a glimpse at this superstar.

“Cain and Abel” casting So Ji Sub, Han Ji Min, Shin Hyun Joon, Chae Jung Ahn, is scheduled to air in February 2009 and is directed by PD Kim Hyeong Sik who rose to star director status due to his drama “Surgeon Bong Dal Hee” last year. The drama consists of 20 episode and boasts a production budget of 7.5billion Korean won, easily the most anticipated Korean drama of 1st half 2009.

PD Kim Hyeong Sik said: “The theme of the drama isn’t on the hospital but is more towards the rivalry between the two brothers and the love stories surrounding them.”

The crews will also go to China for a 3 weeks overseas filming beginning 22nd November and will be returning in mid December.

Credits : hanfever

posted by woundedheart



So Ji Sup Filming In Harsh Conditions for Cain and Abel

The production team of SBS Cain and Abel are now in China for overseas filming. A production still showed So Ji Sup with a bloodied face lying on the sand, showing his strong will to live against the unforgiving desert.

For the opening and other related scenes for Cain and Abel. So Ji Sup together with the production team came to the deserts near the outskirts of Inner Mongolia and Western China for filming. The filming lasted 7 days and 6 nights as they battled against the unforgiving harsh desert enviroment. While it was scorching hot in the day with temperatures nearing 40° celsius, it would turn unbearably cold at night with the temperature dropping to 0° and below. But the production team chose to film in such harsh conditions because they felt it complemented the cold unforgiving theme for Cain and Abel very well.

So Ji Sup expressed, "The weather was harsh and everyone had a really rough time, but we did our best in order for a good outcome." Cain and Abel revolves around the story between two brothers who are doctors with different set of values as they face off against each other in their careers and love. Other cast members include Han Ji Min, Shin Hyun Joon and Chae Jung Ahn.

After the conclusion of the desert filming, the production team will still be filming in other parts of China until the end December before returning to Korea.

Credits : coolsmurf

posted by liezle



Han Ji Min is actively learning North Korean Languge

Actress Han Ji Min, who will be playing in SBS’s upcoming drama “Cain and Abel” next year, is now actively learning North Korean language and building up her body in preparation.

In “Cain and Abel”, Han Ji Min will play as a North Korean woman, Oh Ji Young, who has escaped to the South. In order to make her acting more realistic, she has spent 3.5 hours everyday just to practice her pronunciation (North Korean). She also spent the same amount of time doing Pilates everyday, bringing her total hours practicing up to 7 hours.

A close friend of Han Ji Min said: “Everyone thought that her health isn’t really in good condition after she met with a traffic accident while filming ‘Wolf’. But this is not true. She has a very good stamina and can do intensive trainings everyday.”

Through her high rating drama “Yi San” this year, Han Ji Min has won the recognition from viewers once again. After she finished her filming, she went over to Australia to accompany her sister for around 1.5 months before flying directly to Paris for a fashion show.

“Cain and Abel” is currently doing overseas shooting in China and Han Ji Min will set off to join the team today.

Credits : via Sport Chosun Hanfever

posted by woundedheart


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Guest Bebot

Oh MY God! I've been waiting for So JI Sub for such a long time.. After watching MISA (I'm Sorry, I Love yoU), I've been waiting for his next project... but I found out that he was doing his military service after MISA! :tears: I'm so excited for this new Drama.. It sounds like It's going to be better or as good as MISA! I can't wait ! Fighting!!! :D

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Guest theLEGEND

OOH, I have to stalk this thread! I have to MUST watch this drama. I can't wait for it! SJS+JRW+JJH = <3333333333333.

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Guest White Star

OMO....i just finish watching the MV....DO NOT TELL ME that that's is how the drama is gonna end......seriously. NO!!!!

I guess the tatle Cain and Abel really does play a big role in the drama


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Guest lilgzl

wow..can't wait to see sjs and jjh in the same drama!! :w00t:

but..i think this is one of those drama which will have a sad ending......hopefully NOT!

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Guest ripgal

OMO....i just finish watching the MV....DO NOT TELL ME that that's is how the drama is gonna end......seriously. NO!!!!

I guess the tatle Cain and Abel really does play a big role in the drama


I also so don't want Cain and Abel to end like that...Let's just hope they don't follow the MV ending..

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Guest Dahee Fanel

Dahee Fanel,

i hope you don't mind me posting it on the 1st post. >____<

Nope, don't mind at all. :)

More info:

The PD is Choi Ho Sung, who worked on Hotelier, and the writer is Kim Young Chan, who wrote the Marrying the Mafia trilogy.

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