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[manga] Koukou Debut

Guest Misao

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bleh~ maybe it's just me, but the link for chapter 19 won't work T_T

can someone reupload it to megaupload or something? please ><


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^ I think Asaoka actually likes Haruna. It's just that he didn't show it. He is indeed the perfect guy! I mean, no one is sooooo kind like that dude! And no one would go that far for a friend either. If it's in real life I think Haruna/Yoh would breakup for good if Asaoka intervenes. Hahaha... XD

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Guest Tsunade

I have a few questions... I'm a RECENT addict of this manga... like 2 day addict and aI read all of the scanlations by Boku-Tenshi.... so my questions are

-What magazine does this manga come in

-It's ongoing in Japan right? What chapter is it up to?

-ME VANT RAWS!! At least I hope someone has raws beyond the scanlation

-Why can't Yoh be more rough <.<

Anywayz I believe I have vol5 raw if anyone's interested... not sure what chapters it is...

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Guest wish.girl

ahhh~~ i cant wait any longer!! i love reading this series and its been such a long time since chapter 21 has been released!

my favourite part was how Yoh slept on Haruna's arm and when he woke up " i dreamt that i slept on a wrestler's arm" >> something like that >> i was laughing so much!! so funny!! and the art is good too!

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