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[drama 2006] Which Star Are You From 넌 어느 별에서 왔&#45

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Guest bless_u
[MBC] Kim Rae Won, Jung Ryu Won


******************************************************************************** For additional links to fanmade MVs, episode captures, BTS, translated news, etc., check out

[Thread Directory Part 2] on p.5. This post just can't include all the info available. ********************************************************************************

Title: Which Star Are You From 넌 어느 별에서 왔니 Producer: Kim Jong Hak Director: Pyo Min Su (Full House) Script Writer: Jung Yoo-kyung Airing date: Starting March 13, 2006, every Monday and Tuesday on MBC at 9:55 p.m.~11:00 p.m. (16 episodes) Story / Production Note: Choi Seung Hui (Kim Rae Won), a scenario writer and film director, is troubled with his lover’s death. Three years after his lover's death, he met the girl Kim Bok Sil (Jung Ryeo Won) who looks like his lover. But later knowing that she is the twin sister of his dead lover, he became very confused about his feelings on her. The drama focuses on the virtues of a girl. They are simplicity, frankness, selflessness and trust on people, which are long forgotten by modern people. And the story tells how people around her are changed and turned pure as well. Cast


http://www.imbc.com/broad/tv/drama/byul/cast/index.html Choi Seung Hui - Kim Rae Won [soompi thread] (Attic Cat, Love Story in Harvard) A scenario writer and film director, immigrated to Australia when was an elementary school kid. He majored in movie directing in Sidney. The first short film he made won a prize in a world movie festival, and he got much public attention as a promising star director. His first-made movie in Korea however failed and received much negative comments from critics. Meanwhile, he lost his lover. He was driving the car when he crashed into a truck. The love of his life died, leaving him all alone, living a sad life. He then stopped all activities, living a very quiet life for two whole years. Being the only son of veteran film director Choi Soo Il and actress Pak Fa In, he grew up very lonely with his irresponsible parents around. Women keep coming to his father who possesses this strong air of an artist’s attractiveness. His mother doesn’t care much about the family, just looking at her own problems. The only company he had when growing up as a lonely child is movies. He spent his youth days shutting himself in his room seeing all sorts of movie. His already very wily and weird temperament goes to extremes with his lover’s death. He thinks he killed her lover driving so he doesn’t drive anymore. When he’s fed up with his own self and is feeling real lonely, a strange thing happens. A young girl who looks exactly like Hyu Su appears. Of course she’s a different person who has the similar look, actually not just different but totally different. His kind and elegant Hye Su is like the sky away from the ground compared to this girl, who’s totally boorish and coarse. She’s ignorant and even rude. But the unexplainable thing is … he’s just helpless in front of a girl like her. Her name is Kim Bok Sil. Being close to Kim Bok Sil … he becomes tamed like a meek sheep. Little by little, the spring breeze blows into his cold heart. Kim Bok Sil - Jung Ryeo Won [soompi thread] (My Name Is Kim Sam Soon, Autumn Showers) A girl growing up in a small village of less then 30 people, in the remote mountainous area of Kang-Won-Do. To get to the nearest town, it takes more than 2 hours of rugged bus-ride. In springs, she gathers wild vegetables and herbs. In summers, she works in the potato fields. In falls, she picks mushrooms. Spring, summer, fall and winter go…life is the same each year. Her decent hopes are that the black goats' number and potato fields’ area could increase with time. She’s a high school drop-out. She studied in the high school in the nearest town but had to quit in year 2 due to her mother’s sickness. The bus that travels to her living place once a day doesn’t come all the time. But she just can’t leave home, abandoning her sick mother. Her mother was hurt in a coal gas accident and left with an IQ of a ten-year-old. Her father abandoned them and left when she was born … Her youth is buried in a sad family and in the mountains. She’s not that unsatisfied about life (Well, she doesn’t quite like her name ‘Bok Sil’ that is kind of boorish. Who else gives their kid such a name nowadays! People don’t use such names even for puppies). Nevertheless, she fights hard against fate with her resilient and easy-going character. Her positive attitude towards life is a result of her living in hardship. She sits among the flower bushes in a school every evening, immersed in her wild imaginations. In her daydreams, she can be as a singer, a news anchor, a teacher, a man and even an American. Her dream is visiting Jeju Island (but she hasn’t even been to Seoul). She hopes she can pass the college entrance exam and enter college, wear pretty clothes as an office lady after graduation. She will travel to work every morning by subway and buy a beautiful house with her saved salaries. She will not marry but live with her mom forever … However, these are all dreams far away from reality. Just when she is angry with her being stuck in the small village forever, her life comes to a turning point. That is, she meets Seung Hui … Yun Mi Hyeon - Kang Jung Hwa (Dae Jang Geum, Let's Go to the Beach) Billionaire Lee’s granddaughter, cousin of Hye Su, she studied music composition in Australia and graduated with a master degree. She immigrated to Australia with her doctor father and finished high school and college there. She and her cousin Hye Su who also studied in Australia were like real sisters. Staying close with Hye Su and her lover Seung Hui, she unexpectedly develops a loving feeling towards Seung Hui. With Hye Su’s death, she’s lost her only chance to get close to Seung Hui. She’s been blaming herself for Hye Su’s death for she’s always prayed that Hye Su and Seung Hui would be separated … she even wished Hye Su would meet some accidents … She went back to Korea, staying at her aunt’s place a year ago. Comforting her aunt who’s lamenting her child’s and husband’s deaths, she develops a mother-and-daughter-like relationship with her aunt. She even feels her aunt being more like mother to her than her real mom in the US, mainly because they can communicate so well. She talks to her aunt on the phone 5/6 times a day, with endless talking points. One day, she went with Jeong Hun to see Seung Hui who’s filming in the mountainous area. She was so shocked by what she saw - a girl that looked like the dead Hye Su ... Han Jeong Hun - Park Si Hu (Let's Get Married) Seung Hui’s high school senior, grandson of the founder of a big publication company. After 3 generations, his family business has become a big corporation involved in music and movies productions and advertising. He inherited his corporation head position from his father who lied of brain hemorrhage a year ago. With straight family education, he has this serious, humble and matured character. A typical weak-outside-but-tough-inside person, he holds on tight to his targets and always wants to win in whatever he does. He has silenced out all the accusations of his ruling power out of inheritance with his ability and sincerity. To further expand business, he has borrowed funds from the billionaire Lee Young Loo. He and Lee have relationship like that between a grandson and a grandfather. He just loved Lee’s granddaughter when he first met her but she had her eyes on his high school junior friend, Seung Hui, instead. It’s always been like that, women find the untrammeled Seung Hui more attractive than the straight gentleman Jeong Hun. (He shouldn’t have brought Hye Su there that day!) But then he can only with Seung Hui and Hye Su well with their relationship. One day however Hye Su died. He had to find Seung Hui who’s then hiding and living like the dead; he had to help him get back his spirits. He admires Seung Hui’s talents, he understands Seung Hui’s pains and he’s Seung Hui’s only support. The good brother, the good senior, the good man … he’s keeping the good guy image all the time. No matter when, who, he hopes to be praised as kind and sincere. With time, he senses that he needs to face some great dilemmas in life. While visiting Seung Hui who's filming remote mountains of Kwang Won Do, he met a girl who looked exactly like Hye Su. Later, he found out that she might be the lost granddaughter of Billionaire Lee. He’s the first to notice this and … Kim Soon-Ok - Im Yeh-Jin Bok Sil’s mother. She met a man in the mountains when was 20 years old. He’s a city college student who lost his way hiking. She brought him home to let him recover from injuries and they had feelings for each other. The man left in the morning after their being together the night before. She waited for him to come back with her getting more and more pregnant each day. She’s afraid that others would know about her pregnancy and went to the city to look for him but to no avail. She found a job in a cafeteria and decided to raise the child on her own. Due to a coal gas accident, however, she lost her child. When she recovered from the injury, she’s so shocked that she’s left with an IQ of a 10-year-old. She then lived as a living-dead. Then one day the cafeteria she worked in had a big fire. While she’s escaping from the scene with the crowd, she heard a crying kid. She rushed back like mad to the scene and saved the kid. Many people died in the fire and she couldn’t find the kid’s parents. With her poor judgment, she thought the kid’s parents must have died and she brought the kid to her village home. So it’s been a kid raising a kid; life was really hard. But with help from neighbors, the kid grew up into a lovely girl who became her own guardian angel. Though being mentally challenged, she has an angel’s heart. She’s very sympathetic to poor people and always supplies them with food and other things, causing trouble all the time. In this way, she is Bok Sil’s love and hate at the same time. http://www.imbc.com/broad/tv/drama/byul/ca...ndex,4,0,0.html [Written by PChoi based on Chinese translation by 紫烟轻娆 of 韩剧热线 (www.hjrx.cn) and edited after watching the drama.] ***************************************************************************** Official MBC drama website links: http://www.imbc.com/broad/tv/drama/byul/index.html http://www.imbc.com/broad/tv/drama/byul/by...aser/index.html Daum café drama fansite links: http://cafe.daum.net/mbcstars http://cafe.daum.net/mbc3582 http://cafe.daum.net/mbc3052 Another unofficial drama fansite: http://www.gongjunim.co.to/ Drama discussion thread at Korean Wind (Chinese): http://www.koreanwind.net/bbs/viewthread.p...975&fpage=1 Drama discussion thread at sina.com.cn (Chinese) http://ent.sina.com.cn/v/j/f/whatplanetareyoufrom/index.html Various related drama discussion boards & Blogs http://kr.dcinside16.imagesearch.yahoo.com...ard.php?id=byul http://ilovedrama.cafe24.com/bbs/star.htm http://blog.daum.net/unjjong4 http://lookssy.dreamwiz.com/bbs/bbs_list.a...amp;TopOrder=11 http://blog.paran.com/cg2nd http://tvzonebbs.media.daum.net/griffin/do...searchValue=100 http://enter.miclub.com/index.do http://blog.naver.com/cooer77/130003000926 http://tong.nate.com/sem7777/b1787275?quer...%AD%B5%B5%BF%B5 http://blog.naver.com/djaak3526 http://idols-unlimited.com/which-star-are-you-from#more-817 Official MBC English Website!!! ***************************************************************************** Ratings (TNS) Episode 1 - Nationwide: 12.2% (12); Seoul: 12.9% (12) Episode 2 - Nationwide: not on the top 20; Seoul: 11.3% (19) Episode 3 - Nationwide: 12.9% (9); Seoul: 13.2% (11) Episode 4 - Nationwide: 12.2 % (12); Seoul: 12.8 % (10) Episode 5 - Nationwide: 16.8% (4); Seoul: 17.8% (4) #1 of the time slot Episode 6 - Nationwide: 17.9% (4); Seoul: 18.4% (3) #1 of the time slot Episode 7 - Nationwide: 16.3% (3); Seoul: 16.8% (3) #1 of the time slot Episode 8 - Nationwide: 17.6% (4); Seoul: 18.1% (4) #1 of the time slot Episode 9 - Nationwide: 16.8% (3); Seoul: 17.7% (3) #1 of the time slot Episode 10 - Nationwide: 16.1% (4); Seoul: 16.2% (4) #1 of the time slot Episode 11 - Nationwide: 15.9% (4); Seoul: 17.1% (4) #1 of the time slot Episode 12 - Nationwide: 16.6% (4); Seoul: 16.1% (4) #1 of the time slot Episode 13 - Nationwide: 15.3% (4); Seoul: 16.2% (4) #1 of the time slot Episode 14 - Nationwide: 16.1% (4); Seoul: 15.3% (5) #1 of the time slot Episode 15 - Nationwide: 14.8% (4); #1 of the time slot Episode 16 - Nationwide: 15.4% (4); Seoul: 15.1% (5) #1 of the time slot Previews from official MBC site Preview 1 Preview 2 caps & other info of preview 1&2 Preview 3 caps Preview 4 Preview 5 caps1 caps2 caps3 Preview 6 Preview 7 caps1 caps2 Preview 8 Preview 9 caps Preview 10 Preview 11 caps Preview 12 Preview 13 Preview 14 Preview 15 Preview 15 VOD caps preview flash caps Preview 16 Official Episodes Synopses Translation Episode 1 ~ 6 Episode 7 Episode 8 Episode 9 Episode 10 Episode 11 Episode 12 Episode 13 Episode 14 Episode 15 Episode 16 Link to Korean synopses at MBC website: http://www.imbc.com/broad/tv/drama/byul/ma...view/index.html Story Details/Dialogues Translation Episode 1 - story details by katrina / JD's Qs & discreed's As Episode 2 - Bok Sil's daydream by imsky / SH asked for BS's opinion about his new MV by imsky / JD's Qs & discreed's As Episode 3 - At the football stadium by imsky / details by discreed Episode 4 - BS’s moms met by imsky / summary by discreed Episode 5 - review by ling / review by Ji_Eunie / BS told SH abt her high heel shoes by guiyeoni Episode 6 - SH & BS's talk abt Cinderella stories by guiyeoni / SH & BS holding hands by guiyeoni Episode 7 - 1st 30 mins dialogues by guiyeoni / Conversation 25:10-30:44 by guiyeoni Episode 10 - SH's confession by guiyeoni Episode 11 - summary by cecilia / abt the song sung by Seung Hui / abt movie played by SH Episode 12 - summary by cecilia / BS's 2 talks with her 2 moms by akie Episode 13 - summary by discreed / summary in Chinese Episode 14 - summary by discreed / summary by cecilia / summary in Chinese / Birthday party at restaurant by discreed / Conversations: SH & BS's village mom + SH & his mom by imsky / Complete dialogue translation by imsky Episode 15 - summary by discreed / review by akie / Teacher's advice to BS abt life by Rxgoodleaf Episode 16 - SH's narration near the end by PChoi / last scene by discreed / Talks: BS & Real Mom + SH & BS's real mom by PChoi This & That - The books appearing in the show by akie / Info abt English Town in Korea where SH & BK danced by akie / Info abt Olypics Stadium (finale) by akie / SH's narration (audio files) by kim / SH's cellphone Full Episodes Download!! http://clubbox.co.kr/creidesca (HQ/LQ/Eng hard subbed HQ 630MB) http://hosted.filefront.com/imsky99 (Eng hard subbed MQ 250MB) http://clubbox.co.kr/sylver (Eng hard subbed MQ 300MB) http://clubbox.co.kr/krcity (HQ) http://clubbox.co.kr/tomhhoang http://clubbox.co.kr/JoPau http://clubbox.co.kr/mandyquyen (MQ) http://down.clubbox.co.kr/xiaomao123/8eoo6 (Chin subbed MQ) http://clubbox.co.kr/nishiluvme http://clubbox.co.kr/gfamca http://clubbox.co.kr/tomhhoang http://clubbox.co.kr/sweetshelly00 http://clubbox.co.kr/pennyloo http://clubbox.co.kr/samshiki BT (Chinese subbed MQ) http://clubbox.co.kr/crysalide (LQ Ep 01-16) http://hosted.filefront.com/EM1LYxD (LQ) Ep-01-16 Eng Hard-subbed/MQ MU links (by imsky) Vietnamese Sub EM ĐẾN TỪ NGÔI SAO NÀO? VIET SUB youtube - onlin watich only http://www.youtube.com/results?search=whic...e=search_videos English Subtitles Brought to you by: WITH S2 (Written In The Heavens Subbing Squad) [Ep 01] Main Translators: discreed, rayndrop; Spot Translator: yeohweping, oOheejungOo; Timers: CraZyaH, upikepik; QC/Editor: ay_link [Ep 02] Main Translator: innerouter2000; Spot Translator: discreed; Timers: Mangosteen & ltrang; Editor/QC: CraZyaH [Ep 03] Main Translators: hot_saranghae, dizziified; Spot Translators: oOheejungOo, guiyeoni, discreed, moonwon85; Timers: upikepik, CraZyaH; QC/Editor: ay_link; Coordinator: mily2 [Ep 04] Main Translator: discreed; Spot Translator: moonwon85; QC/Editors: innerouter2000, ay_link; Coordinator: mily2 [Ep 05-BS Player] [Ep 05-other players] Main translators: eidolon, discreed; Spot translators: guiyeoni, eidolon, discreed; Timers: CraZyaH, WroW; Editor/QC: mangosteen; Coordinator: mily2 [Ep 06] Main Translators: guiyeoni, discreed; Spot Translator: guiyeoni; Timers: CraZyaH; Editor/QC: ay_link; Coordinator: mily2 [Ep 07] Main Translators: guiyeoni, discreed; Spot translator : moonwon85; Timer: Victory; Editor/QC: Seirin; Coordinator: mily2 [Ep 08] Main Translators: hot_saranghae, discreed; Spot Translator: moonwon85, sgwannabe; Timer: ltrang; Editor/QC: seirin [Ep 09] Main Translators: guiyeoni & discreed; Spot Translators: moonwon85, jina_bing_bang & discreed; Timer: CraZyaH; Editor/QC: mangosteen; Coordinator: mily2 [Ep 10] Main Translators: hot_saranghae, discreed; Spot Translator: sgwannabe; Timer: debbii; Editor/QC: seirin [Ep 11] Main Translators: hot_saranghae & guiyeoni; Spot Translator: discreed; Timer: innerouter2000; Editor/QC: mangosteen; Coordinator: mily2 [Ep 12] Main Translator: sgwannabe; Spot Translator: discreed; Timers: ltrang, J.lee; Editor/QC: seirin; Coordinator: mily2 [Ep 13] Main Translators: eidolon; Spot Translator: sgwannabe; Timers: upikepik, wagws; Editor/QC: Seirin; Coordinator: mily2 [Ep 14] Main translator: imsky; Song translator: PChoi; Timer: debbii; Editor/QC: mangosteen; Coordinator: mily2 [Ep 15] Main Translators: hot_saranghae, discreed; Spot Translator: Sgwannabe; Timers: debbii; Editor/QC: seirin; Coordinator: mily2 [Ep 16-BSplayer] [Ep 16-non-BSplayer] Main translators: guiyeoni, discreed; Song and spot translator: sgwannabe; Timers: CraZyaH, debbii; Editor/QC: mangosteen; Coordinator: mily2 soompi K-drama Eng subs thread[/url Complete series in HQ RAW version (credit to creidesca for hosting in CB and With S2 team for the fansubs!) :) Container: 700MB AVI Video: XVID 624x336 Audio: MP3 48KHz/192kbps Subtitles: English SRT external (first link is part 1, second link is part2) Which Star Are You From Ep01 HQ http://www.megaupload.com/?d=19G6M9XA http://www.megaupload.com/?d=175K6A2F Which Star Are You From Ep 02 HQ http://www.megaupload.com/?d=UUP3EM3X http://www.megaupload.com/?d=U93K0YSM Which Star Are You From Ep 03 HQ http://www.megaupload.com/?d=03CNYMH8 http://www.megaupload.com/?d=YH4PTX2A Which Star Are You From Ep 04 HQ http://www.megaupload.com/?d=7NYWJAI0 http://www.megaupload.com/?d=M2XOR8AH Which Star Are You From Ep 05 HQ http://www.megaupload.com/?d=4D944E6I http://www.megaupload.com/?d=G4ZCMYJA Which Star Are You From Ep 06 HQ http://www.megaupload.com/?d=IT26HR4S http://www.megaupload.com/?d=7HZP4E2B Which Star Are You From Ep 07 HQ http://www.megaupload.com/?d=F0KX205Q http://www.megaupload.com/?d=P4OVZW50 Which Star Are You From Ep 08 HQ http://www.megaupload.com/?d=X9V07XVV http://www.megaupload.com/?d=S7FSPMK0 Which Star Are You From Ep 09 HQ http://www.megaupload.com/?d=15VPO4LU http://www.megaupload.com/?d=VXW5F5GK Which Star Are You From Ep 10 HQ http://www.megaupload.com/?d=LOV8T72T http://www.megaupload.com/?d=W2G9WI5Z Which Star Are You From Ep 11 HQ http://www.megaupload.com/?d=Y9JQ4L80 http://www.megaupload.com/?d=P5OAVF8I Which Star Are You From Ep 12 HQ http://www.megaupload.com/?d=JBW76XEJ http://www.megaupload.com/?d=SHWRIUM8 Which Star Are You From Ep 13 HQ http://www.megaupload.com/?d=3V3F8ZBT http://www.megaupload.com/?d=BJK64JQJ Which Star Are You From Ep 14 HQ http://www.megaupload.com/?d=C7MD6G0U http://www.megaupload.com/?d=ALS82IL5 Which Star Are You From Ep 15 HQ http://www.megaupload.com/?d=RNRLDEX3 http://www.megaupload.com/?d=C4NAXAQU Which Star Are You From Ep 16 HQ http://www.megaupload.com/?d=2SYIFW2V http://www.megaupload.com/?d=Y8Z7BK6S Which Star Are You From HQ Subtitles (Complete) http://www.megaupload.com/?d=HXE1HPI9 Original Sound Track Released on March 15, 2006 035165.jpg 1. Princess Story – 전문지 2. Miracle - M To M 3. 언젠가 그날이 오면... – 고광일 4. 사랑하고 있네요 - M.C The Max 5. 후회 – 나영주 6. 사랑하고 있네요 [instrumental] – 이경섭 7. Sweet Love – 이재호 8. 비(悲) – 고광일 9. Miracle [slow Version] – 이경섭 10. Whenever – 정태유 11. 울어보면... 불러보면... – 나영주 12. 산책 – 정태유 13. 후회 [instrumental] – 한성호 14. 끌림 - The A.D 15. Day By Day – 고광일 16. Miracle [instrumental] - 이경섭 DL mp3 links at baidu In rar from EM1LYxD's File-fronts DL individual wma asf files http://myhome.naver.com/goddns317/SilverLa...hatStarCome.asx More OST info: http://global.yesasia.com/en/PrdDept.aspx/...pid-1004151682/ http://www.muz.co.kr/music/album/album_det...album_uid=35165 pic scans (the post below this 1 too) alternative link: mms:// caps 1, caps 2, caps 3 'Miracle' lyrics with brief translation / 'Miracle' lyrics full translation / 'Miracle' lyrics romanization / Track 11 lyrics translation / track 4 lyrics translation / 'Miracle' & track 11 lyrics romantisation / track 7 lyrics translation Other Backgroud Music 2 other songs in Ep 02 / Abt 2 songs in Ep 01 & EP 07 / 'Let There Be Love' in Ep 07 (dl2) / 2 other songs in Ep 13 / song played at beginning of Ep 04 soompi K-drama forum rules (the rules require the link to be included) [Compiled by PChoi]

******************************************************************************** Thanks to bless_u who started the thread, WITH S2 for the prompt release of English subtitles, Middy who keeps on flooding the thread with pics, clips and various goodies, the Clubbox owners who upload the shows, imsky (angel of the thread) who's been uploading the various versions (LQ, MQ, Chin subbed, Eng hard-subbed) to YSI & sendspace untiringly, crysalide & EM1LYxD for uploading the episodes to filefronts, ling99905, kim, discreed, akie, guiyeoni, SeReNiTy for various info and detailed discussion, and many other participants for your various contribution. Sorry if I forgot to include your name ... Please PM PChoi if you think anything else should be added to the thread directory. - PChoi on behalf of all WSAYFers, * thanks to shearerc for the complete HQ Episodes ********************************************************************************

Collage of stills & caps collagesm6qw.jpg *All graphics by PChoi

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Guest beautifulxmess

Physically, they look great together.

plotwise..this has been use many times before...

anyway, looking forward to the confirmed cast!

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Guest SUjjang

oy gosh. so many new dramas with the "princess" "prince" theme. i want to see something else now -_-;;

dude. they LOOK ALIKE. hahahaha ^_^;;

how funni.

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can't wait. i like kim rae won but don't care much about jung ryeo won. i thought she said she was going to take a rest that's why she turned down that one offer for this other drama. what an excuse. hopefully she doesn't act all lovey dovey with my rae won like she did with daniel henney. hehe! i'll be so jealous.

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