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Jang Nara ♥ 장나라 ♥ チャンナラ| Drama 2021 : Sell Your Haunted House, 대박부동산


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she won or nominated it is hard to understand running it through a transtaion, award for again not sure it either continued charity and or commutity work, sound like maybe a govenment thing? Maybe someone who can understand the news video clip may get a better idea.


short news video on her new drama

and in the 'only in china' section


somehow this impressive chest I mean girl, sorry was distracted there, is suppost to remind one of Jang Nara

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more info
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November 25, 2015

Actress Jang Na-ra Recognized for Charity Works

Source: The Chosun Ilbo

Jang Na-ra

Actress Jang Na-ra has been recognized for her charity activities by the Ministry of Health and Welfare.

The ministry on Monday gave awards to 29 people including Jang and 11 organizations who have contributed to making other people's lives better.

Some of Jang's charitable activities include donating W40 million to help North Korean children in 2002, W200 million worth of powdered milk to orphanages in the North in 2004 and W140 million worth of clothes to help children in 2008.

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Together with Jang 'cat cheerful festival held next month

JN supporting her passion of cats

I follow a Japanese Idol band called AKB48, and the one thing I noticed is how many of the girls have pets when they get older. As the band has a unspoken but pretty much unbreakable no dating rule, you can get girls that joined at 14teen and ten years later at 24 have still not 'dated' a guy {or not been caught doing so anyway} And they seem to fill the emotional void with pets of all kinds. The more years that go by the more pets they seem to have. I can not help but feel JN maybe also be filling the lack of a boyfriend with her pets. Not a bad thing but is rather sad part of being a celeb.

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lol her head about a third of the man giving the award

Hahaa!! :lol::lol::lol: Nara is so petite!! It's either that or the guy is huge~ :lol: Sigh, I really wish Nara gets her puppy fats again.. Is she so anxious about her figure? Being so slim is not good to see and not healthy too..

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@bjharm so true! Pets are often use to fill the void of missing/longingfor loveones. I just dont get it! Just look at that oh so pretty face (above) its so beautiful, its so adorable and sweet and kind. How can you not love that?!   Are guys around her just plain blind? She's my first girl crush ever and im married with a kid and im straight ;) but still i so love her. Even a simple twitter update with pics of her pets or hangul texts that i dont really understand makes Me smile. The more i get to know her, the more i love her. She is awesome! ;)

@hankitae42 yeah, i want to see with more puppy fats on her. 

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lol if you going to post all her commericails we be up to page 400 in no time :-) she done so many over the years after all.

I remember one for choco milk..pure natural milk from new zealand it said..the only link I know of from her to do with my country.

by the way everyone know cows in new zealand product choco milk....naturally..lol

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