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Jang Nara ♥ 장나라 ♥ チャンナラ| Drama 2021 : Sell Your Haunted House, 대박부동산

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Super cute Jang Na Ra Instagram posts~    

Oops..Sorry..didnt mean to..Just glad Sell your haunted house is receiving love   Hope they restore it soon..and thank you in advance   Leaving new beautiful still cuts of uri Hong J

One More Happy Ending    Profile Drama: One More Happy Ending (literal title) Revised romanization: Hanbun Deo Happyending Hangul: 한번 더 해피엔딩 Director: Kwon Sung-Chan Writer: Heo Sung-Hee Network: MBC

Guest peekaboo1917

@ KyRoean, I am just teasing you guys since we are in a jolly good mood to celebrate HS's wins at MBC awards. 
Oh dear, I am NOT quite over Mr Back yet. We will hang over together, right??? Anyway, HS reaaaaalllly look gorgeous tonight - simple, elegant and graceful.Hmmmm ....  I am really looking another potential OTP pairing over there......
To those who posted those pictures, video clips, many thanks for the rest of us who missed the good first part of the ceremony. Waiting now for more to come ......THANK YOU VERY MUCH !!! 

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I'll try my hand at translating what Nara said for her speech, just roughly. This is my first time translating a speech though. 
Ah, I'm sorry. Really- I... actually- Over there, the people who worked with me. Director Lee Dong-yoon, Director Lee Sang-yeop, the person who gave me my first acting opportunity in New Nonstop, Director Kim Min-sik. The three of them over there. Really really thank you. Actually, when the two dramas ended... the thing I'm most grateful about... where can I meet such great staff? Really, it's the first time I've met such kind people. I was really thankful during filming. The camera directors, the lighting directors and the staff, I'm really thankful to have them. (She mentions the directors LDY, LSY again and Director Kim Hee-won, not sure what she said exactly.) And the managers who took care of me (their names)... And I also have to thank, Jang Hyuk sunbaenim... I'm really sorry, what is this... Shin Ha-kyun sunbaenim who was really tired on set, and Joonie, Ji-won ssi and Jin-hyukie who did really well. I'm really really grateful to all of you. Also also my chingu Ye-jinie, thank you very much. I'm sorry that I had 2 dramas this year. I worried if the viewers will not want to see me. I'm really thankful that you didn't. I'll continue to show better acting and work hard. Thank you.
And I like it so much that SYA was clapping so happily for NR, CJH and LJ too :)
@rainyrainy: Here you go.

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Guest rainrainy

@anopinion Thanks.
Celebration! Triple Wins–Top Excellence Actress (Mini-Series): Jang Nara  (Jang Hyuk won Top Excellence Actor)Most Popular Actress: Jang Nara  (Shin Ha Kyun won Most Popular Actor)Best Couple: Jang Hyuk & Jang Nara
....An old clip: Ostrich and Rooster dance by JNR & JH respectively.

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Guest rainrainy


said: I think the Mini-series award was really awkward for Nara. There were only 3 nominees, and it was so obvious it was going to be Nara that she herself was embarrassed. I mean, there's no other people they could have given it to, but they didn't need to make it like so, right? 

And she's crying right now, haha. She's really emotional right now...

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wow 200 page almost missed it yeyeye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!snail princess rocks!!!!!!
@kyorean i read your post of best couple(shk and jnr) and i was like seriously ........how can this be i missed voting for my country election and i voted for snail couple and they lost  lol!!!
thank god they won!!
so to commemorate this triple win i change my siggy!!@pinaycliza dont get irritated with this lovely couple mate perhaps you need one those massages JNR was giving JH tonite awards i saw some pics i dont recall where lol perhaps someone can upload

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