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[drama 2007] Me Ri, Dae Gu's Attack And Defense Battle '메리 대구 &#

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Some pictures from the first episode... :lol:





















JHW's character is so cheap...it's hilarious...well...he doesn't have a lot of money so when he goes on a date...everything is so funny. He bought Broadway tickets...but they sat really far...he's always leaning forward to try to see... :lol: but people complained...hehe...when they go to dinner...he only drinks water while his date/girlfriend??? eats steak...

When they're on a taxi...he watches the meter...and wanted to get out before he ran out of money...but he' s out of luck because the meter jumped and he didn't have enough money... :lol:

LHN spent all the money on the Broadway ticket...she caused a scene and was carried out of the theater :) when she got home...her mom beats her up...and she ran out of the house...she has 50 cents left and saw some advertisements on the street that the cup of noodle is on sale for 50 cents...but when she got there...JHW already got the last one...so she chased after him :lol: and made him sell it back...but of course he didn't want to...then while fighting for the cup of noodle...they drop one box down on the highway and they watched the box as a car drove by and crushed it...hehe...then they continue to fight for the 2nd box...and the end result is so hilarious...they ended up on top of each other with the noodle got crushed underneath...haha...then they started to fight for her 50 cents...since she caused all the losses...haha...

It's just too funny...and that's only 2/3 of episode 1...

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I like the first episode a lot...it's so light & fun.

Toward the end...LHN sang a song...she looks so cute...like that little girl from Monster's Inc :)

It's so cute...they have matching hairstyle... :)

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*Ep.01 mock interview with Meri & Dae Gu*

Q1: How did both of you met each other?

M: We met each other over a bowl of 500 won instant noodles and we fought over it with him losing in the end.

DG: No, actually we met earlier but I think that she is too embarrass to say it out since she did got kicked out of the show for making too much noise. Speaking of it, you still owe me 500 won for smashing my noodles.

M: What about you? You were sitting so faraway in your cheap seats that you have to use the telescope to watch the whole show. Stop talking about the money before I hit you there again.

Q2: Your most unlucky day?

DG:Let me talk first this time.. It was the day that I received news that my new book wasn't selling at all. The food for the homeless ran out when it was my turn, it was at the expense of my pride as well when I first accepted the offer.. such bad luck. This was not the worst for that day, it started to rain and so I went to the local stall for some drinks and food when it happens that the owner's daughter coaxed her classmate into stealing and then put the blame on me when I caught that brat. He fainted when I pushed him away accidentally when he was threatening to take me to the cops and his daughter just sent me away with a bag of chips when I tried to help.

M: My day was worse than yours. My mom made me attend her friend's daughter with the ugly dress she made and forced me to give all the money that I have to them. The guys that aunty tried to introduce to me all ran away when they heard about my family's background. Hey! So what if I'm poor?! Those rascals! But the worst part is that I had to sing the wedding congrat.song to my ex-boyfriend who made me waited for him for three years without any news. And he didn't even give me any interest on the money that I loaned him and he even gave me such an ugly shirt as a farewell gift. Even you, Dae Gu took me as a crazy woman just because I put flowers in my hair.

How many battles have you won till now?

DG: None.. because she kicks, she bites and play dirty.

M: I won all three because I'm merry..

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Thank you so much yeohweping... :wub: :wub:

That's a wonderful summary of episode 1.

It was so silly...but I laughed so much...can't wait until tomorrow...the martial art parody looks so funny.

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Thanks for all the pics and summaries.

Going to download it now--------------->home***

Wah! Can't wait to see this.

Looks fun!

I love both JHW and LHN.

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You're welcome...but seriously...the caps don't do justice...the real thing is a lot funnier...hehe...




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I heard the rtaing for War of money is quite impressive. Around 17%. I wonder how Meri n DaeGu will score. They look funny

N yeah, in one of the caps that Luv provided, I saw a haircutter with JHW and I thot he would change his hairstle. But nope. Hehehe, funny aura all around luv's caps. Can't wait to watch it

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