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[Drama 2007] Coffee Prince 커피프린스 1호점

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Ke3j3.pngI have to say it. Something happened in my (drama fan) life; I watched (or shoud I say discovered) Coffee Prince out of the blue for the first time and as cheesy as it sounds;  things will never be the same as before..


I knew it's existence because of the internet (wiki, streaming sites) but surprisingly I never watched it nor knew anything about the story. It's been 2-3 years that I started to watch k drama again after a-10-year pause (I used to watch them when I was (very) young with mom, grandma and cousins when it was shown on tv. Even though I enjoyed some but as a young boy, it never got me completely and as we emigrated to Europe, I lost in touch with k dramas (  cuz unlike in Asia, they aren't shown on tv) and I was into movies and anime. I rediscovered k drama with Goblin (whitch I enjoyed a lot ) early 2017 and started to (re)watch kdrama since then and saw many great ones (BTIMFL, Mother, Greatest Love,Mr. Sunshine, etc..)and a week ago, I suddenly decided to watch CP on a whim, I knew nothing about the story except the synopsis and OMG, it was .... incredible  ! 


To start of with things I didn't like; I personally  found the 2nd couple very uninteresting (especially HYJ whom I found cool but unnerving, annoying, sometimes all at the same time) and things happening around them. In my 2nd rewatch (yes, I rewatched CP 3 times in a week), I fast forwarded almost all of their moments (except when they're interacting with Eun Chan and Han Kyul) and they have none or so few impact on a overall story. Secondly, I found the 4 last episodes dragging and I felt strongly that many elements are "filleresque" (birth dad,  HS-YJ, "2 years later") and extended alot (HK family's disagreement on his union with EC). 

I strongely felt that if we cut of many things of HS-YJ and crammed last 4-5 episodes into 2,  I thought CP would be a masterpiece, because the rest, espcially the main couple,  is by far one of the best (if not the best)  things I've seen ! 


For a drama made in 2007, I can say that by discovering it for the 1st time in 2019 that CP took the test of time extremely well compared to the others dramas made at that time and many of them are unwatchable now. CP barely got any wrinkles in all aspects(script, directing, editing, music, acting) and still unbelieavlely modern nowadays .

I think PD did an amazing job with directing; I was struck by the first images of drama (food delivery bikes on the streets on Seoul) which is very unusual and striking for a drama. It is directed with such a naturalistic style that we can almost feel the streets. The camera is always put at a right place and captures amazing images (especially EC and HK on his MINI) which resulted many defining moments that are pretty unforgettable (that surreal beach scene, CP concert, HK's acceptance to EC,  chestnut trail, EC taking first moves to HK etc..), all accompanied by a fantastic music composed of many great songs. 



The characters are very well written, defined and developped even the smallest (and the uninteresting) ones. We got attached to all of the characters and all are incredibly human (with qualities and weaknesses) which make us even more attached to them. We remembered all of them long after; Ha Rim, Sun Ki, Min Yeop, Hong Ahjussi, Butcher Ahjussi, Moms, Eun Seo, Han Seong AND OF COURSE HAN KYUL AND EUN CHAN ! 




The showrunner uses usual drama tropes and rules ( poor girl -rich guy) , disguised as a shojoesque manghawa appearance to better bend and explode the boundaries to deliver one of the unique, heart warming, gender transcending love story (with one of the most memorable kiss and love declaration in drama history)


I cannot not talk about Yoon Eun Hye. Without her, Eun Chan couldn't exist and without Eun Chan, there won't be Coffee Prince. She carries the whole drama on her frail shoulders and she is simply EXCEPTIONEL as Eun chan. She makes us laugh, cry, sad, happy, moves us, encourages us, inspire us and makes us fall in love with her and her love towards HK. She is stunning and gives us personally one of the (if not the)  the most remarkable, memorable and moving character portrayal in a rom com drama and forms with Gong Yoo one of the (if not the) most adorable, memorable, cutest couple that graced us on the screen. 


I knew GY as a dokkaebi, freedom fighter and zombie-fighting-father and he still impressed me again as a 29-year-old baby, a sort of Peter Pan with conflicted mind  about his love and sexuality.  I'm not surprised that women fall on him badly because GY is, like Brad Pitt or Hyun Bin, not only a handsome/sexy man but also an amazing actor. HK can makes you angry and seconds later makes you fall in love with him. His acting as a man conflicted and unsure with his feelings is amazing (again this unforgettable beach scene) and finally accepting his feelings towards EC transcending boundaries and loving who she is no matter the gender is simply unforgettable and still a milestone in dramaworld (as few as I've seen) . . 


Like humans, CP isn't flawless but it's it's qualities that makes CP unique and unforgettable. 

HK loves EC for who she is, no matter her gender or her appearance and EC loves HK for everything as well as his defaults and qualities. 

CP makes you want to fight for your dream. CP makes you believe in friendships. CP makes you believe in love. 


Sorry for being 12 years late to comment in ths topic. Now get me out of this drama swamp ! I'm suffering drawback syndrome and I can't pass to another drama or movie. Stuck with Han Kyul and Eun Chan... :tears: 







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I am from Holland, and got into Kdrama 10 year ago,thanks to a forumbuddy ( not drama-related) who lived in South Korea for a year at that time. She suggested I should try Korean TV or Movie for a change.


Coffee Prince was a real discovery indeed, and I watched it  several times after that . I have not enough time to visit any forums these days a lot. Coincidence, I landed on a Dutch site that started only 3 months ago, dedicated to Kdrama.

The owner started watching Kdrama and Kmovies only last year, and was very impressed by Coffee Prince.

It is still a pity Yoon Eun Hye, or the people working with her on several dramas after Coffee Prince, could not find back the right track for another serie on that level.

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