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[Drama 2007] Coffee Prince 커피프린스 1호점

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Credit CDBloom @ Yeh.net



"1st Shop of Coffee Prince Receives High Praises In Warszaw, Will It Lead A Passionate Whirlwind For Hallyu?"

[TV Report Reporter Kwon Hyuk Ki]

MBC drama "1st Shop of Coffee Prince" played at the movie theater of Palac Kultury i Nauki (PKiN: Palace of Culture and Science), located near the center of Warszawa, Poland, receiving high praises.

The "Hallyu drama screening event", which took place at 7pm on the 12th, was joined by approximately 200 fans of K-Pop and regular citizens. It was a unique event that showcased a Korean drama on a large movie screen, instead of on a TV screen. After the screen, viewers who watched the 2 episodes of the total 18 episodes of the drama spent their time sharing their thoughts, while enjoying coffee and cookies from Korea, out on a "recreated" set of the 1st Shop of Coffee Prince in the hall way.

Patricia Piatzha (age 21, National University of Warszawa) said, "The story and script lines are really comical and fun". The she added that her friends and family members also showed lots of interest as they asked when they could see the 3rd episode of the show and discussed how the remaining story would develop. In particular, one Polish grandmother who attended the event after seeing a newsletter published by the cultural center stated, "This is the first time ever watching a Korean drama, but the scenario and setting of the drama is very unique and entertaining compared to Polish dramas".

The drama screened during the event, "1st Shop of Coffee Prince", had been selected as the number 1 most loved K-drama by the young Polish people. The Korean Cultural Center (Principal Han Sung Rae) stated that they prepared this special event to showcase an excellent drama, after discovering that Korean dramas had never been introduced to Polish people on TV before.

The Cultural Center plans to relay the interest and praises shown by the Polish citizens at the event to the TV stations, and plans to support the possibility of airing K-dramas through Polish TV stations including TVP Station and etc.

Photo=Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism




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Hello :D does anybody know what music(instrumental) was playing at episode 15, when Choi Han Sung propose Han Yoo Ju using a cracker as a ring? when they were at a kids playground. I can't find it...:-S
Thx b4 for your help :)

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source: http://www.bangkokpost.com/print/299175/

Brewing up a rich drama

Film director Songyos Sugmakanan talks about remaking the phenomenally popular Korean series Coffee Prince

  • Published: 22/06/2012 at 02:24 AM
  • Newspaper section: Life

    Film director Songyos Sugmakanan questioned himself for doing soap operas because those showing on Thai TV are not really, so to speak, his cup of tea.


    But when TrueVisions executive producer, Attaphon Na Bangxang, asked him to do a remake of a popular Korean series, it was an opportunity for the award-winning film-maker to offer something new to the local TV industry.

    The project, however, puts him under great pressure since the original Coffee Prince was a phenomenal hit even though it aired as a Channel 7 morning programme back in 2007. Its legions of Thai fans even took tours to see filming locations, such as at The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince, at Hongdae, Seoul.

    The story in the 2012 Thai production takes place in Chiang Mai with the set of the coffee shop located in a soi on Klong Chonprathan Road. The 30-something director loved being in the Lanna city for the filming, which took almost half a year.

    "It reminded me of my early days as a movie director when I worked upcountry for months, filming Fan Chan [My Girl] in Phetchaburi and Dek Hor [Dorm] in Chon Buri and Ratchaburi," he says. "Back then we had more time shooting movies. Likewise, more time and effort have been dedicated to filming Coffee Prince in order to achieve the same quality as Korean and American series."399905.jpg

    ‘‘Working on Coffee Prince’s 17 episodes compares to making eight movies,’’ said top director, Songyos Sugmakanan.

    One of Studio GTH's top directors, Songyos affirms that his focus is still film. Last year, his film Wai Roon Pan Lan (Top Secret), a biopic about a teen-turned-billionaire from selling dried seaweed, could have done better at the box office if there hadn't been the flood crisis.

    After the October screening of this movie, the director began concentrating on the making of his first TV drama, which premieres tonight, from 9pm, on True Asian Series. It differs from other productions as the cinematography, via single camera filming, is supposed to give the same feel as watching a movie.

    "Working on Coffee Prince's 17 episodes is like making eight feature movies," he said.

    "One of the biggest challenges is to make it as appealing as the original in terms of emotional expression. The acting is still movie-style but more expressive, but of course the Thai cast can't copy the Korean actors."

    A romantic comedy, Coffee Prince builds on a relationship between a tomboyish girl dressed as a man working at a coffee shop run by an heir to a food company who becomes confused about his sexual preference when he falls in love with this "male" employee.

    In the original, the chemistry between Korean stars in the lead roles, Yoon Eun-hye and Gong Yoo, absolutely hooked Thai viewers, and now they will get a chance to compare the experience watching the Thai counterparts, Inthiporn "Maxine" Tamsukhin and Weeradon "Mac AF6" Wangcharoenporn.

    The cast also includes former contestants of reality shows, True Academy Fantasia and Coffee Master, and so Songyos had to direct a roster of young and inexperienced actors, who have to live up to the Korean actors in the original TV series.

    "In movies, I often get to work with new actors, who bring something fresh to the silver screen. Likewise, there's an advantage of featuring fresh faces for a TV series," he said. Coffee Prince's young actors are inexperienced about life and love and so it's my job to help them understand the underlying emotion required for the acting."

    The director hopes that viewers watch the Thai version without making a comparison because that wouldn't be fair to the young local actors. As much as possible, it aims to offer the same feel as the original but with Songyos's directing mastery and superb cinematography.

    "I would like to hear feedback from Thai fans of the original Coffee Prince, hopefully they make a judgement whether they like it or not based on pure feelings when watching this new version without comparing it to the original. Like my movies, I'm always open to criticism," he said.

    From today, Coffee Prince airs every Thursday and Friday, from 9pm, on True Asian Series (TrueVisions 64).399906.jpg

    The romantic comedy stars Weeradon ‘Mac AF6’ Wangcharoenporn and Inthiporn ‘Maxine’ Tamsukhin.

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cr: http://yooneunhye.net/forums/post/16906 translated by CDBLOOM

Yoon Eun Hye, The Yoon Eun Hye Syndrome Fever in Central and South America, MBC's "Goong" and "1st Shop of Coffee Prince" airs consecutively


As MBC drama "1st Shop of Coffee Prince (17 episodes)", "Goong (24 episodes)" and etc. are being aired in the far away regions of Central and South America, it has brought out the Yoon Eun Hye fever.

According to MBC Central and South America, Panama SERTV's began airing "Goong" on July 30th and Paraguay's Red Guarani broadcasting station will air "1st Shop of Coffee Prince" on September 15th with "Goong" scheduled to be aired afterwards in January of next year.

 MBC has been marketing 13 dramas in the Central and South America regions previously. Diverse dramas from historical dramas such as "Jewel In the Palace" and 'Damo", and modern dramas such as "My Lovely Samsoon", "Wife Queen", "Phoenix", "Greatest Love", "Desire" and etc. with Spanish subs were marketed.  But such focus in purchasing and airing of a particular actor (Yoon Eun Hye)'s dramas is unprecedented *meaning they have been selling various dramas,but never before focused on one actor's drama*.  Previously, Lee Young Ae's "Jewel in the Palace" had been the best seller up to this point.

Yuh Seung Chul of the Korean Embassy in Panama has reported that "Goong", which began airing on Panama's SERTV on July 30th, is receiving a feverish response. SERTV has purchased and aired Korean dramas since long ago and Karen Ching of SERTV stated "Korean dramas are popular as they are good to watch together with your family".

"Goong" is currently scheduled to air during its prime time slot, from 8PM to 9PM, and the airing of its episodes has been extended from 30 minutes to 1 hour. As "My Lovely Samsoon" has been the biggest hit in Panama so far with "Boys Over Flowers" coming in 2nd, it is interesting to see if "Goong" will be able to break the records set by "My Lovely Samsoon". In addition, the station has already scheduled to begin an encore broadcasting of "Goong" in September when the current broadcasting ends on August 30th.

Meanwhile, Paraguay's TV station Red Guarani has purchased the rights to air Yoon Eun Hye's dramas, "1st Shop of Coffee Prince" and "Goong" at the same time. According to Lee Dong Hwee of the Korean Embassy in Paraguay, the station will air "1st Shop of Coffee Prince" every Saturday beginning on September 15th. In addition, "Goong" will follow "1st Shop of Coffee Prince" and air every day from Monday through Friday beginning in January.

As Paraguay was a dead market for Hallyu (Korean Wave) previously, this will be the first time that MBC drama will be aired in the country. Paraguay has previously been the filming site for MBC's charity public service program, "KOICA's Dream".
It is also a rare case that Colombia and Chile are presently negotiating to purchase and air "1st Shop of Coffee Prince" and "Goong", as both countries have been a barren market for Hallyu.

In regards to such "Yoon Eun Hye Syndrome", Jung Kil Hwa of MBC Central and South America stated "The appeal of K-dramas are relative to the KPop boom in these markets as well...Selling dramas abroad is fundamentally a "Long Tail Market" for the stations."

The director Jung of MBC Central and South America further added, "We can also think that the constitutional monarchy setting of "Goong" may appeal to the historical backgrounds of the region and "1st Shop of Coffee Prince" may be felt close to the people as they are big producers of coffee...But I would think that the strongest selling point behind these is Yoon Eun Hye's characters and the storyline".

MBC Central and South America is now preparing to use the current movement to market its products to Brazil. President Jung Kil Hwa showed his anticipation by station, "Don't you think next year would be a great time for us as we celebrate the 50th year of Koreans immigrating to Brazil?".

Reporter Jang Jae Yeon@Topstarnews.net
(Follow the link and click "like" and rt it^^)

TVReport: http://news.nate.com/view/20120803n11567
(Click this link to show your interest^^)
(click the link, scroll down, and click the little hand symbol to vote up this article)^^

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All the links for this drama's ost have been set to private or something like that. Can someone please update the links for the 1st and 2nd soundtrack and for all the episodes? I can't find them anywhere. They can be in a larger file, not individual if that helps. I would be so grateful!. Please help!




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I loved this drama! Though I just watched it recently (like... I finished it last week for the first time), it is one of those dramas that never get old. The interactions between the actors is simply splendid, and it gives me hope as a single lady... Muwahahaha just kidding :) Yoon Eun Hye did a fabulous job acting as Eun Chan. She is just the right tomboy- one not too boyish and still has the charm of a girl. I love how she can just climb over tables and do all different sorts of acrobatics that I never dared to do with my past boyfriends. Her courage and determination is something everyone should learn! I love how this drama is totally from a feminist- Eun Chan refusal to lean onto her boyfriend and willingness to make a life of her own! :) Super cute drama, I can't stop thinking about it ^^ 

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My most fave drama ever, just knew it on Sept 2012 and had watched  it for 4 times...

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After finishing up this drama...

I fell in love with Go Eun Chan :xTake note, I'm a girl!  hehe :PYEH unnie's portrayal for the character was just so pure, twas superb :)

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Coffee Prince is…. falling in love again like it’s the first time; And you know what they said about first love.

No matter how hard it is to let go, what’s over is over.

It’s the end of a summer break; the end of our short-lived summer love. But it shall remain in our memory for a very long time.

- mangoicy

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Good news...u can watch Coffee Prince with English or other languages subs on MBC classic YT channel :D

Coffee Prince


for english subs..
u click "CC" button, then click "Translate Captions"..then click "Afrikaans"..then scroll down to "English or other languages"
select "English" then click "ok"

enjoy ;)

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Hallyu Yoon Eun Hye ‏Twitter@HallyuYEH

☺【Yoon Eun Hye 윤은혜 INFO】☺ What Lee Yoon Jung PD of 'Coffee Prince' said about Yoon Eun Hye.


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