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Jung Joon Ho 정준호

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March 25, 2011

Talk of the town

First 3-D wedding photos unveiled by celebrity couple

By Yoo Sun-young joongangdaily.com l nate.com


Like most Korean couples, actor Jung Joon-ho and MBC announcer Lee Ha-jeong released wedding photos before their special day - with one difference.

Their photos are the first of a Korean celebrity couple to be taken and viewable in 3-D.

The photos were taken in Macau and released yesterday; Jung and Lee are schedule to be married today at Sheraton Grande Walkerhill in Gwangjin District, eastern Seoul.

Guests and the press will be given 3-D glasses at the high-tech ceremony, where additional photos are to be unveiled.



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Jung Joon Ho and Lee Ha Jung get married

Actor Jung Joon Ho and his wife Lee Ha Jung held an interview before their 

, and revealed that they went on a pre-marriage honeymoon. 

Interestingly enough, Jung Joon Ho said that they remained perfectly chaste during the 


. “We went to Macau for four nights and five days. We shared the same room, but nothing special happened.

He explained, “As I lived on a big bed by myself for a long time, it was uncomfortable sleeping together. I let her sleep on my arm, and after just 10 minutes, my arm felt sore.

The actor then joked, “She didn’t give consent to let me do anything more, so history will be made tonight,” which caused the reporters to crack up.

At this, Lee Ha Jung shyly replied, “Because he exercised a lot, his arm was firm.

When discussing their plans for a family, Jung said, “Personally, I’m greedy for children so I’m thinking four, but instead of choosing when [to have them], I want to have them naturally whilst sharing love.

Lee Ha Jung mused, “I was thinking three, but I’ll follow my husband’s wishes.

Afterwards, Jung Joon Ho shared his nervous sentiments, saying, “There wasn’t a time I was this nervous and anxious in the 40 years of my life, but I couldn’t fall asleep until 3AM yesterday. I thought it wasn’t easy to become one woman’s husband and then become a head of a household. I give thanks once more for getting married happily after meeting a good match whilst the people around me give their blessings.

Meanwhile, the couple had dressed up in matching white outfits at the press conference, showing their anticipative feelings about their wedding. Over 100 members of the press flowed in for this press conference, which demonstrated the high attention the Korean media was paying to the marriage.

The two had met during an interview Lee Ha Jung conducted on November 30th, 2010 for her segment on MBC’s ‘6PM News Magazine’, ‘The People Lee Ha Jung Met’. Four months later, the couple wed at Seoul’s Sheraton Grand Walker Hill Hotel. After going to Hawaii for their honeymoon, they will be setting up their newlywed home at Seoul Hannam-dong.

Credit  http://www.allkpop.c...ung-get-married

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March 25, 2011

Jung Joon-ho Marries Lee Ha-jung

Source: KBS Global


Actor Jung Joon-ho finally tied the knot to TV broadcaster, Lee Ha-jung!

Jung and Lee's nuptials took place on March 25th at 3 PM at the Sheraton Grand Walkerhill Hotel. Officiating the ceremony was the president of the World Taekwondo Federation, Jo Jung-won. Shin Hyun-joon and Tak Jae-hoon emceed the event. Here, Jung also revealed their plans of children.

The top star stated that having kids should happen naturally when a couple is in love. Lee wants maybe three children, while Jung wants four. Lee added that though she's always wanted three children, she'd go along with her husband's wishes.

Jung also revealed plans of his honeymoon...and his second wedding. A fan meeting will be held in his honor when he arrives on the tropical islands. A traditional Hawaiian-style wedding will be planned for him.

This trip will be the second one of its kind, as the couple went to Macao for their pre-wedding honeymoon for three days on March 8th. After their time in Hawaii, the happy couple will start their lives together in Hannam-dong of Seoul.

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March 28, 2011

Jeong Joon Ho: ‘I Have Never been Aflutter Like This’

Source: KBS Global

Actor Jeong Joon Ho (41), who was the representative old bachelor actor, said, “I have never been aflutter and nervous like this for about forty years of my life. I think that I have had a very comfortable life until now.” He held a press conference before his wedding ceremony on March 25 and expressed his feelings, saying, “I have participated in many events and preview parties, but I have never felt tense like this before. I think that marriage makes me aflutter and tremble with excitement right on the threshold of a new life.” He continued, “I had a restless night yesterday until 3 am and I thought that being a husband of one woman and head of a family is not something easy. I just looked at the window vacantly thinking that a life of Jeong Joon Ho as an individual has to beended by getting married. I was wondering whether any married man had felt like this and I called Tak Jae Hoon to ask him whether he had the same feelings and he answered that every man had the same feelings. He even told me that having that kind of feeling was the beginning of a life as a married man.”


Jeong Joon Ho met the anchorwoman Lee Ha Jeong last November while he had an interview and they have seen each other since then. Lee Ha Jeong looked back on the day when she met him first and when she felt really tired from her work. She said, “I have had a good feeling about him, but at that time, I was taking a rest at home after finishing night duty and I had to go out again to have an interview with him, so I was really tired when I saw him first. I have never thought that I could see someone in the entertainment business, so I just led the interview as an anchorwoman naturally. I think that the comfortable atmosphere during the interview might let us see each other after that.” Jeong Joon Ho revealed, “I heard from a writer of the program later that she reportedly grumbled, saying, ‘Why do I have to interview him even though he is not an idol star,’” and he laughed. He added, “I gave very detailed answers during the interview and I guess that Lee Ha Jeong might come to think that I was an attentive man from my answers. In addition, the writer of the program told us that we looked like a good couple. After finishing the interview, I asked for Lee’s contact number while saying that I would like to treat all the staff members, and we could see again few days later.”


Jeong Joon Ho revealed, “My future mother-in-law liked me, so we could make a decision about our marriage very quickly. As far as I heard, my mother-in-law usually told Lee Ha Jeong whenever she saw me on TV that Lee had to get married to someone like me. We had a date while I was filming a drama, so we had to see each other for only a moment at around 1 am or 2 am after my filming schedule had finished. Usually women say ‘It is too late for going out’ for someone asking them to come out at 1 am or 2 am in the morning, but she simply answered, ‘Ok, I will go out.’ I asked her whether her parents said anything bad about her going out late at night, and she told me that her mother actually allowed her go out early and come home late (laugh). Thanks to my mother-in-law, who has been very supportive about our dates, I could propose to her in only a month.”


Asked about their family plan, Jeong Joon Ho answered, “I just want to form my family naturally. Lee Ha Jeong is thinking about having three children, and I also think that I need at least three kids for giving my works to them evenly.” He revealed his aspect as an attentive husband by saying, “I want to go travel with her and offer her very delicious food made by myself along with a glass of wine at our wedding anniversary.” Lee Ha Jeong said, “I will become a wise wife to him not to give any harm for his life that he had lived so far.” In addition, Jeong Joon Ho delivered his consolation for earthquake victims in Japan, saying, “I am so sorry that I can share my happiness with my fans in Japan. As I heard that people in Japan are suffering from water shortage, I am thinking about sending water to them.”

Jeong Joon Ho and Lee Ha Jeong held their wedding at Sheraton Walkerhill Hotel at 6:30 pm on March 25 and went on a honeymoon to Hawaii. His best friends Shin Hyun Joon and Tak Jae Hoon hosted the wedding ceremony, the president of the World Taekwondo Federation Cho Jeong Won officiated, and singer Roh Sa Yeon and members of “Ddasamo,” which is a voluntary group consisting of entertainers, sang for the wedding.

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congratulations to both of them! his wife is cute, finally he got married coz he's already 42..... lucky girl she has a loving and funny husband...

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Guest adikkeluangman

Jung Joon Ho & Lee Ha Jung reveal their wedding photos


Actor Jung Joon Ho and MBC announcer Lee Ha Jung have revealed their special wedding photos!

Taken at Macau’s Venetian Hotel, the couple made use of the beautiful local scenery for their shots, and produced a special 3D video to show their guests on their wedding day.

Director Choi Young Chul of Air Garden, a 3D filming company, used his experience filming 3D CFs for the couple, and provided 3D TVs and glasses for the guests.

CEO Kim Tae Wook of iWedding Networks commented, “I’ve prepared weddings for countless stars, but this is the first time I’ve ever received so many sponsors and filming requests. I’ve tried to reflect the opinions of the couple as much as possible.”

The couple will hold their wedding ceremony at the Sheraton Grand Walker Hill Hotel on March 25th.


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Guest enyla

from ArirangTV

weekly star scene

[Reporter : ] : Today on WEEKLY STAR SCENE, we're going to take a look at the issues that have heated up the entertainment industry during the week! First, we have some good news! On Monday, March 28th, one of Korea's most well-known bachelors, actor 정준호, tied a knot with TV announcer 이하정, who is by the way, nine years his junior! Without further a do, let's take a closer look.


Jeong Jun-ho and Lee Ha-jeong have tied the knot after four months of dating. The new couple held a press conference right before the wedding ceremony.

[interview : PD] "How do you feel[interview : Jeong Jun-ho, Actor] "I haven't felt this excited and nervous in my entire life. I couldn't fall asleep until 3 AM this morning. I thought, 'Becoming a woman's husband, and then the head of a household, doesn't happen this easily.'"

Is this how all bachelors get to feel right before walking the aisle[interview : PD] "Any plans for your married life[interview : Jeong Jun-ho, Actor] "Firstly, I would like to thank our guests for coming today. When needed, I will be my wife's friend, father, brother or partner, and live a fun and comfortable life."


[interview : ] "Hurray, I'm married! Hurray, I'm married! Hurray, I'm married!"

Many stars attended the wedding, which was also a source of news. Let's take a look at the messages the stars have left for the couple.

[interview : Ahn Jae-wook, Actor and Singer] "Congratulations! I am so envious! I hope that they make a happy family filled with many cute babies and live a wonderful life."

Lee Byung-hun, the ideal man of many women, left a message of congratulations and didn't hide his desire to get married quickly.

[interview : Ahn Jae-wook, Actor and Singer] "It's a joyful event. Congratulations, and I hope you live happily ever after. Of course I also need to get married soon."

Jang Dong-gun, who recently married Ko So-young and became a father of a beautiful baby, left words of wisdom for the newly wed Jeong Jun-ho.

[interview : Jang Dong-gun, Actor] "I think they made an excellent decision. I hope that they quickly have children and live a happy life, and I hope that Jun-ho will take care of his future children well."

On top of that, superstar actor Ahn Sung-ki and actress Kim Tae-hee also came to the wedding.

[interview : Ahn Sung-ki, Actor] "Jun-ho was a bit late in getting married, but I hope that they quickly have some children and become parents. May they live happily ever after!"

[interview : Kim Tae-hee, Actress] "Jun-ho, congratulations on finally meeting your other half after such a long time! I hope you have a happy life."

Jeong Jun-ho and Lee Ha-jeong boast one of the widest social nets in the entertainment industry! The wedding looked so beautiful thanks to the star-studded guest list. We wish the couple the happiest "ever after"!


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Guest enyla

hello everyone! I am back! thank you so much for all your posts here especially the photos, news, articles... really appreciate your contributions blush.gif:lol:

thanks to rubie,woundedheart,saguer,adikkeluangman,forevergirl

this is late but

CONGRATULATIONS to Jung Joon-Ho and Lee Ha-Jung !

I am happy for the newlyweds... finally JJH is now a married man... :lol:

I am also happy many people congratulated JJH-LHJ especially their celebrity friends...

got to say JJH spend a lot for his wedding! GRAND wedding it is! from the wedding venue (Walkerhill Hotel) to the pre-marriage honeymoon in Macau plus the wedding photoshoot, to the branded wedding outfits (two sets right?) one in presscon then another in the wedding ceremony, and finally the honeymoon in Hawaii !

it is obvious JJH is already complete because of his success on his career, now his life was fulfilled when he got married!

I am glad LHJ is JJH's wife now... she may not an actress that I know much, but at least she is a public person as well so she is used to the media.

got to say also that I just think JJH and LHJ is like a Power Couple! I mean, JJH tag along LHJ with him in his public events.... it's like JJH is a President and LHJ is the first lady! :lol:

by the way, I am glad JJH-LHJ is a beautiful couple on their wedding day... :lol:

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Guest enyla

just want to post here an old news (not so old)

I like the way JJH said his true feelings about getting married during the radio show interview last January... blush.gif:wub:

Jung Joon Ho will marry soon? Probably yes !

jan. 11, 2011

It’s no secret that Jung Joon Ho (IRIS, Queen of Reversals) is dating MBC anchorwoman, Lee Ha Jung. But, the question is when will he tie the knot? And the answer is soon.

When Jung Joon Ho was interviewed by KBS2 radio last week, there’s a question about his wedding date.

Joon Ho answered : ‘soon‘.

So, the radio DJ asked again with more specific time : ‘is it this coming spring?’

Then 41-year-old Joon Ho answered : ‘yes‘.

Joon Ho then added : Till last year, I never feel lonely when I entered my home after work. But, now, I’m starting to think why I am here alone. It is better if I spend my time with my wife.

About his fiancee he said : She is very kind and understands my works well. He even send a message for her 33-year-old fiancee: Thank you that you accept a man like me as your fiancee, a man who already old enough and has short on many things.

So sweet ! Get married soon Joon Ho ! And after that, make a cute baby !

from :


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Guest enyla

the celebrity guests on Jung Joon Ho - Lee Ha Jung wedding

Ahn Seong-gi and Kim Tae-hee


Kim Nam Gil


Kim Seung Woo , Kim Nam Joo


Kim Min Jong


Kim Yoo-mi and Hyeon Yeong


Ha Yoo-mi


Hwang Seok-hyeon


Park Shi-Hoo


Park Kyeong-rim, Cha Tae-hyeon and Kim Soo-ro


Ahn Jae-wook


Byeon Jeong-soo and her daughter


Lee Byeong-Heon


Lee Seung-chul and Kim Jeong-eun


Kim Tae-wook and Chae Si-ra


Jang Dong-gun


Tak Jae-hoon and Shin Hyeon-joon





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Guest enyla

video clip of JJH-LHJ in Hawaii

there were so many korean drama fans there!

JJH really loves his fans... he took time to visit them... :lol:^_^

Jung Joon-ho visits Fans while on Honeymoon

April 6, 2011 at 5:29 am

Actor Jung Joon-ho, who shot to fame with his performance in the Kdrama The Last Scandal of My Life, visited Hallyu fans in Hawaii while on his honeymoon. The couple were married on March 25th and went to Hawaii for their Honeymoon. They paid a surprise visit to fans of the Hallyu Friends Fan Club on April 3rd during their quarterly meeting, check out a clip that aired on a local Hawaii news channel (turn up your volume, the volume on the clip is a bit soft).


Awww, that was a nice thing to do, I’m sure it made all those Kdrama loving ahjummas’ day. Joon-ho met his wife, MBC announcer Lee Ha-jung, during an interview with her while filming his last Kdrama Queen of Reversals in November 2010. Jung Joon-ho also manages several business ventures and is rumored to be starting up a restaurant in Hawaii at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel and a travel agency (I know I read somewhere that he owns/used to own a hotel in Hawaii also).

from :


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Guest enyla

photos of Jung Joon-Ho and Lee Ha-Jung

april 6, 2011

their arrival at the airport -

the couple is back in Korea from their honeymoon in Hawaii :wub:







credit as labelled

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Guest enyla

Happy Hawaii photos of

Jung Joon-Ho & Lee Ha-Jung






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Guest enyla

screen caps -

MBC's Good Day show - the honeymoon scenes of

Jung Joon-Ho and Lee Ha-Jung blush.gif:wub::lol:












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Guest adikkeluangman

Jung Joon Ho reveals pictures from his honeymoon

Actor Jung Joon Ho and actress Lee Ha Jung revealed pictures from their honeymoon in Hawaii.

Jung Joon Ho started a topic on the homepage of his self-run travel agency, Happy Hawaii, and named it ”Jung Joon Ho’s honeymoon story”. Through it, he uploaded the sweet pictures from his honeymoon. Jung Joon Ho and Lee Ha Jung tied the knot on March 26th in Seoul and flew to Hawaii for a 12-day honeymoon.

The couple traveled to Oahu, Maui, Big Island, and other locations, enjoying their beautiful vacation as well as a second wedding ceremony.

Jung Joon Ho wrote, “Through these photos, Jung Joon Ho will reveal all the fun poses and looks as a sweet and humorous husband.”

Jung Joon Ho and Lee Ha Jung couple’s 12-day honeymoon story will continue to unfold through the Happy Hawaii homepage.


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Guest enyla

정준호, 신지애 다큐 내레이션 호평 ‘이하정 내조 덕분?’

[매일경제] 2011년 04월 16일(토) 오전 11:27


배우 정준호가 MBC TV 스페셜 ‘신지애, 즐거운 삶에 도전하다’의 내레이션을 맡았다.

15일 방송된 ‘신지애, 즐거운 삶에 도전하다’는 아시아인 최초로 여자골프 세계랭킹 1위에 오른 신지애의 아픈 가족사와 촉망받는 골프 선수, 꿈 많은 여자로서 삶의 기로에 선 신지애의 모습을 진솔하게 담았다.

이번 방송은 평소 인맥이 넓기로 유명한 정준호가 내레이터로 참여해 더욱 화제가 됐다.

정준호는 “과거 한 가전업체의 전속모델 시절부터 지애와의 연인이 시작됐다. 함께 봉사활동도 다니면서 친분이 쌓였고 자신의 분야에서 최고가 되기 위해 노력하는 모습에서 감동을 받았다”며 “내레이터로 참여하게 돼 기쁘다”고 말했다.

또한 정준호의 아내인 이하정 아나운서가 녹음실을 깜짝 방문해 도움을 준 것으로 알려졌다. 원포인트 대본 교정 내조를 하는 등 아나운서 아내 역할을 톡톡히 해냈다는 후문이다.

이영백 PD는 "지난해 11월부터 5개월간 미국, 일본을 오가며 밀착취재를 했다. 신지애는 세계 골프 지존이라는 타이틀보다 참 좋은 사람, 정이 넘치는 사람이라는 수식어가 더 어울렸다"고 소감을 전했다.

한편 시청자 게시판에는 “정준호의 목소리가 잘 어울렸다” “담담한 듯 하면서 신지애에 대한 애정이 묻어나는 듯한 목소리가 듣기 좋았다” “아내의 내조덕분인지 보기 좋았다” 등의 호평이 이어졌다. (사진=MBC)

[매일경제 스타투데이]

Ho, Shin Ji acclaimed documentary narrated 'thanks yihajeong Housewives'

[Daily News] Sat, April 16th, 2011 11:27 a.m.

Actors canonical arc MBC TV Special 'Shin Ji, enjoyable life is a challenge to the' story of the aircraft.

The 15th episode 'Shin Ji, enjoyable life challenge' the Asians for the first time women's golf world's No. 1 ranked Ochoa, who's sick of family history and the most talented golfers dream, many women their lives as the Crossroads of Shin, the appearance of honestly captured .

The broadcast network as often as the usual well-known canonical arc involved in the narrator has become more topical.

Jung Jun-ho and "exclusive models of the past since he was an electronics company with a lover Penny began. Ssatyeotgo acquainted with the volunteer activities around the best in their effort to be impressed by the look "and" pleased to participate as a narrator, "he said.

In addition, Jung Jun-ho's wife yihajeong recording studio announcer known for helping a surprise visit. Tip of the script, such as calibration Housewives, Fe announcer did her role is a back door.

Yiyoungbaek PD "in November last year, five months the United States, Japan, patterns of coverage was tight. Ochoa, who is supreme in the world golf title than a good person, in turn, became more of loving people," he said testimony.

Meanwhile, the bulletin board, "Jung Jun-ho's voice went well," "seemed a serene and affection for Ochoa, who like Loose liked the sound of voices," "See what his wife was due to the Housewives", and two led to acclaim. (Photo = MBC)

[Economic Daily Star News]


I cannot totally understand this but I assume this was a radio show? or I think JJH is the narrator of a show? I am not sure, then JJH's wife Lee Ha-Jung went there as well... :sweatingbullets:

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Guest enyla

more pics

JJH really looks happy and very energetic after the honeymoon... sweatingbullets.gifblush.gif













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Guest enyla

Jung Joon Ho attended the official listing of domestic activities of AXN channel

april 20, 2011












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