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[manga] Penguin Revolution

Guest Misao

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Good story. image It's kinda remind me of the manga Host Club. o_o Hmm.. yeah.. it have a lot of crossdressing.. It's also the same author as Mekakushi no Kuni.
Summary: Penguin Revolution is the story of Yukari, a high-school girl who posesses a special skill. Ever since she was young, she has been able to see the potential for star talent in the form of wings on people's backs. When one day she meets Ryou, a talent at the prestigious talent company Peacock, she suddenly becomes involved in the whirlwind business as his agent. Now, together they are trying to make it to the top; can they do it? It's the beginning of a revolution!

Volumes: 7 (Complete) http://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=754Published by: CMX

You can download it here.

or the scanlator site Dragon Voice.



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Guest chocolate//

I'm reeaaaally glad you made this thread. A few months ago, I read some of this and I really liked it but I completely forgot the name of the manga. =) Thanks!

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Guest Minerva

Oh I really like this manga and its author as well. I read one of her series Mekakushi no Kuni and I became one of the fans of TSUKUBA Sakura. I have the 2 first vol of Penguin revolution in Japanese even if I don't read any Japanese... If someone wants me to upload it tell me!

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