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Guest ``HyoKi

Ah, InuYasha!!! I haven't watched it sooo long. I actually finished the whole anime a couple of years ago =] The ending wasn't what I expected, but I did enjoy the anime ^.^" Ish one of my favourite anime!

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Guest ★ rain-a-sky ★

wow I remember reading this almost five years ago!

now I'm getting addicted to it again heh. I wasn't very satisfied with the anime ending since

they didn't defeat naraku and I wanted kagome to profess her love to inuyasha n__n

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Guest ulzzang&*ann


when I first saw this,

I was like:

" ITS SO COOL :w00t: "

but now, I'm like:

" How did I like this again? :blink:"

But really,

I thought that ummm... naraku was homo



wait, did it FINALLY end?

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Guest Shini

INUYASHA <3 Love of my anime life

Ending was lousy, anime was superb! Kagome and Inuyasha are perfect together...i love the episodes where they show feelings to each other...<3

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For those of you wondering...


Seriously, how long has Takahashi been writing this manga? Like 10 years?? I'm sure she lost a lot of fans along the years because all her fans in the beginning are like.. 30 now.

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Guest iPandaBear

I stopped watching it years ago. And like ★ rain-a-sky ★ said,

it sucked because they never defeated Naraku


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Guest Anri Lin

I finished the anime in like ..a really short time two-three years ago.

Now I'm reading and following the manga and..

OMG I'm like SO freaked out! WHAT IS HAPPENING TO


?!! Where'd



Okay so here's what I think happened with Naraku and everything and

him dying and leaving his "wish" connected to Kagome disappearing into the Meidou


So I think the Shikon no Tama "feared" Kagome cuz she was the link to it coming back into the world, right? So if the well is gone, Kagome is gone from the Feudal Era, back to where she came from, modern era, then nothing from the Inuyasha world happened, right?


Byakuya slashing Kagome from teh back and Naraku making his wish right then is like as if he planned it so that if he died, Kagome would be gone too.

But I don't understand why, of course, cuz I'm not the mangaka, haha.. but yeah I'm so curious and anxious for the update! Chapter 534!!

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ROFLS, i was once supper obsessed with this manga, and anime.

I don't know why, but now it's cute and all but yeah. It's not as good.

hahahs, i finish who the whole anime, but the ending was such a bleh.

I really didn't like the ending, but i was like .__.' oh weelll.

I still like inuyasha with kagome. I just wished they confeessed their love though D:

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Guest Ginoru

TayuyaKyuu i feel the same!! it is so weird!!

but if she was sent back... wher on heart is she?? or will thi be for Inu to provr he loves her?..........agg!!

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Guest aznshorty

at first i read the manga and watched the anime, but when i watched the anime and finished it.

i stopped reading it cuz i didnt have the time, and i already know the ending.

i hate kikyo!and i always will!!my favorite character will always be sesshomaru!woot woot!

after the span of almost a year, i'm not as much of a fan anymore. i still like it. just not as much.

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Guest HeartOnHerSleeve

kk I love the anime, but it's so annoying when Kagome or InuYasha freaking YELLS right in front of the enemy what they're about to do. C'mon, use some tact here! =X Kikyou really annoys me. What's the point of someone being dead if she can still communicate with people and has physical form?

Can someone tell me if the manga is worth reading?

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Guest rinnie_chan

Ah yeah, Inuyasha!

Sheesh, I used to be such a big fan of that anime/manga!!

I still got 20 mangas, 3 DVD's and some posters of Inuyasha, but they are not hanging on the wall anymore -.-

I loved the pairing Kikyou and Inuyasha <3 haa...it was so cute and romantic...and dramatic and sad at the same time!

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Guest xLuckyXMikuzukix

Actually Rumiko Takahashi is going to update the series (anime) once the manga is finished. I caught up with the manga and its on Ch. 555. It's amazing and since the episodes only ended on ch. 368 much has happened. Once the episodes air on again, I am afraid if there will be different voice actors because I cannot imagine Sesshomaru sounding any other way....none the less the other characters. My favorite pairings are SangoxBankotsu, SesshomaruxSango, NarakuxKikyo and others, I'm such a canon pairing person. I actually don't like Kagome at all...her personality, voice and yeah....she is not suited for InuYasha at all.


In ch.480ish two of the characters die! TT-TT It's so sad because of this, InuYasha's feelings are changed and I just...grr it angers me. >_< And a new character appears for a short while...on the bad guys.


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It's ending soon. I can't believe it. :tears:

It was dragging for too long and I wanted to know how Takahashi-sensei will end it. but now that the FINAL CHAPTER is nearing, I dont want it to end. lol. so contradicting.

i was such a huge fan of the anime as well, with my fave seiyuu voicing Inuyasha, Kikyou and Sango. Inuyasha's OST were also amazing. thanks to them I got introduced to Tackey & Tsubasa.

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Guest Ginoru

Yes, finally after 12 years next week will come to and end, i feel a bit weird happy and a bit sad too i'll miss my doggy :(

Didn't know that TOC(adinuyasha) scanlations were up in onemanga!! Wonder if Urd-chan knows XD

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