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The Chronicle Of The Everlasting Friendship (updated 3/24/2008!)

Guest kriza_09

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Guest kenkenpi

this topic makes me feel so touched and all..

i don't know how to explain. but shinhwa's beautiful friendship is one of the reasons why i love them so much.

and seeing how close they are makes me smile, as if im one of them.

i feel so proud to be a shinhwa fan. Bet u all are too.

shinhwa changjo. forever.

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Guest rain_drops

omg! this is so cute~

that one about the bumblebee is so cute! hahaha

& that pic with eric and hyesung. eric holding hyesung's pinky. hahahaha

thanks for sharing~

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Ahahahh!! OMG! I just love the last part!! This is why I love Shinhwa so much!!

They've been through so much as Shinhwa, but even then, they never gave up. They are truly admirable and I'm glad Shinhwa still exists. No one can ever replace Shinhwa and I will continue to support them even when they're old. From reading this, it almost brought tears to my eyes. I can see how much hardships they've been through and how close they are to one another. SHINHWA CHANGJO!! Always and forever!

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Guest lavendersky

i started crying when i finished reading yr2... it was so touching (T-T)...

thanks for creating this compilation, my love for Shinhwa grew even stronger after i finished reading the whole thing. :)

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I wanted to cry upon reading this

Hyesung: In the old days, when Jin was hurt, then I could feel it..

When one of us is hurt, or something bad happens to one of us..

Then we would all feel sad., We'd all be down.

But we all knew that it would heal and that we'd be back to work soon..

Junjin: I truly want to say this to Hyesung hyung. We are Shinhwa till we die so I want to be there for him

when he needs me and he would definitely be there for me when I need him…

but yet i started to laugh when i read this:

Eric: Eric only loves Hyesung when Hyesung doesn’t like Eric..

thanks for all the posts, the efforts for doing this. greatly appreciated.

shinhwa jus makes me tears soooo easily, envious of their friendship, <3 shinhwa...

once shinhwa fan, forever shinhwa fan...

happy 9th year, love shinhwa forever ever~

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This is the most amazing thread i've even seen including even BoAjjang... i can't believe it. it's great. thank you for making it. i used to be a fan for a while... but now im recalling all the good things about them and why they were the first boyband i love... they truly are wonderful and they are the legend.

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Guest nvr2clich3

Thank you so much!

This really touched me.

9 years.

Its the Shinhwa love between themselves that keeps the fans so loyal

Together forever oppas, Sarang hae!

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Guest xtrammieex

I got so teary-eyed reading this.

one of the sweetest things ever!

cant believe its been 9 years..doesnt feel like it.

cant wait for their 100th album :D



thanks for taking the time to make this.

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Guest hahaheehee

Thank you...

That was the most beautiful tribute ever...

Their hardships, their everlasting friendship, and the great quotes... Loved it!

Thanks for putting in so much effort to write that...! :D

Shinhwa Changjo!!! <3

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Guest ladiixxpreciious

OMG, i cried while reading this

it was soo touching... i hope shinhwa never breaks up!

haha. all them get along so well it's so sweet :)

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Guest s3xyminwoo

This is very touching. Must have taken you a long time to post this. This was a really great idea. It's like seeing almost all nine years of Shinhwa (:


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