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The Chronicle Of The Everlasting Friendship (updated 3/24/2008!)

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You're free to take this out and post/translate this anywhere else. I encourage you to do so.. ^^

But please just don't hotlink the pictures. Thank you. =)

"The Chronicle of the LEGEND"

Year -- (XX before Shinhwa) – In the beginning...





Year 00 (1998) – The birth of a New Legend

Dongwan: Within a week after we debuted, IMF occurred.

Hyesung: "The first album title song "Hye Gyul Sa" didn’t receive any reception due to the IMF in the Korean economy.


Hyesung: So we changed the song to "Eusha Eusha".

Dongwan: But right after ‘Eusha Eusha’ was released, a flood disaster occurred.

Hyesung: It was a song about having fun at the beach and playing with water.

in that situation would a song about having fun with water do?"

Dongwan: The music video was filmed in a pool, so they didn’t play the music video on TV at that time.


Hyesung: 1998 was the most difficult time in which Shinhwa struggled in.

Everyday, we were busily taking part in all sorts of programs and almost didn’t have time to eat or sleep.

This type of intensity was difficult to even a superior singer, let alone the fact that we were just beginners. There were programs everyday.

While we were busy promoting our first album, we were awaiting for a breakthrough in our responses.

However, there was none, so we suffered a huge setback.

SM entertainment : Shinhwa was a late developer, so there wasn’t any special attention paid to them as we were focusing on H.O.T. They suffered a lot during the first album.

Hyesung: When we debuted, we did the activities seriously. But it was different from what I had hoped, actually I should say it was a failure. When it came to calculating time, all the members were anticipating it since it was our first time getting salary after working. But we have 6 members, and also a lot of background helpers, also transportation fees, and the cost for eating was no joke. It turned out our expenditures were larger than our income for our 1st jib activities. All the members were quite defeated. During preparation, we thought that if we became singers, even if we’re only a little popular, we would earn a lot of money since singers are also artists, but actually that is not the case.

Minwoo: We each did a great job on the first album but the result really shocked us.

I thought our luck would always stay with us but the albums didn’t sell well.

Hyesung: The company decided to split the group up if the second album couldn’t get the results that they wanted.

The Shinhwa members made an agreement, "If the 2nd album doesn't work too,

let's cleanly finish it there and study hard at school and be successful through that."


Year 01 (1999) – LEGEND in the Making

Dongwan: Our 1st album was buried and forgotten. When we were preparing for the 2nd album, usually people prepare for 6 months and put out another album, but nobody contacted us for 10 months. We were living in the dorm, among the members we said to ourselves “we must get through this. We can do it.” We’d make up the choreography ourselves at the studio, we’d go to the song writers ourselves and ask for a song. We really worked hard and felt that we were being looked down upon. The other groups like H.O.T and S.E.S were getting all the preparation efforts while we weren’t getting any preparation since we were a team that failed the first attempt.


Hyesung: The lucky thing was that the second album was a big success and T.O.P managed to fight it’s way to the top on music shows.

Eric: Usually singers will cry when they get no. 1 spot for the first time..

but in our case, we were really calm when we won..

our friends, seniors, families who watched the show asked us ‘you just got the first spot, why are you not happy?’

but at that time, we were too happy that we just stood still.. after the show ended, after we got into the car and left..

one by one, our members started to cry in the car.. we took out our cell phones and

called our trainers and teachers said ‘we finally got the first spot, thank you for your training.’

One person, 2 persons, 3 persons cried.. Hyesung, Minwoo, and I..

at the end, everyone cried together.. we cried for the difficult times that we had to go through..

Hyesung: With the 2nd jib, we got the first place in gayo programs for the first time. At the end of 2nd jib activities, the loss of the 1st jib was covered and although it wasn’t much, there was even money left after calculation.

Hyesung: During the 1st jib, we were told we ate too much so during the 2nd jib, all the members didn’t eat much. And to lower the cost of makeup, sometimes when we went home really late, we would go out directly without washing the morning of the next day.


Year 02 (2000) – The LEGEND is begun



Eric: I, Eric, promise to love each and every one in Shinhwa Changjo forever. My heart is always with you.

Hyesung: I, Shin Hyesung, promise to sing for each and every one in Shinhwa Changjo. Every song that I sing, I’ll only sing for you.

Dongwan: I, Kim Dongwan, promise to only see Shinhwa members and Shinhwa Changjo. I will only walk on this road forever.

Junjin: I, Junjin, promise to love Shinhwa Changjo forever. In the future, I will only see Shinhwa Changjo.

Minwoo: I, Lee Minwoo, promise to forever love Shinhwa Changjo. Every time I dance, I’ll only dance for you.

Andy: I, Andy, promise to always be the same to Shinhwa Changjo’s heart. I’ll keep this promise until I’m old.

Hyesung: We just said our promise, the engagement ceremony with Shinhwa Changjo.

So in the next concert, we’ll do our marriage ceremony.

Minwoo: Without Shinhwa Changjo, we are nothing.



Shinhwa: 6 is just a number without any special meaning..

but to us, 6 represents SHINHWA.. all the waiting.. all the hardship..

it wasn’t a waste.. we’ve made it..



Year 03 (2001) – 1st Quest for the LEGEND

Eric: During Shinhwa’s 4th album activities, andy left the group because of school problems and his personal situation..

that was the worst crisis of shinhwa ever faced..


Minwoo: The guerilla concert was the most cool.



Minwoo: jinnie, dongwanie, hyesungie, eric who are here, and a close friend whom we wish is here with us – our andy..

really.. I want to spend the rest of my life with you..

I love you, guys..


Junjin: because of hyungs.. andy and I.. always.. can bear up for 4 years..

but I haven’t said ‘I love you’ to hyungs.. not even once.. to andy too..

hyungs.. I sincerely love you..


Dongwan: Although we are not related by blood, we thank God for letting us meet.

This is the greatest fortune of my life. No matter what happens to our lives in the future.. I wish that we will keep this memory of us forever.

Until we die, let’s never forget this friendship of ours.


Minwoo: I honestly couldn't say anything at that time, but we just wanted to hug all our fans as we were hugging each other and crying together.

Jin cried so much then, didn't he? We all cried. You and us...



Andy: As the members were very busy at that time, contacting them was not easy. As time went by.. I thought.. that even without me, shinhwa with 5 people will do well.. thinking about it brought tears to my eyes.. but even while I was crying.. I didn’t dare to say a word.. I didn’t want to hurt our fans..

Eric: At first I didn't know how to help Andy during that year.

But I think it helped when he watched us perform on stage.

Why is Andy such an important part of me? Because I love him.

He seems to be so cute that way.

When he's singing, he's like a little girl who you just want to kiss.

He seems to be working so hard....


Andy: when I became extremely depressed, I was determined to leave the group. However, in the end, standing on the stage of Shinhwa’s Fan Meeting, the members cried while trying to stop me from leaving




Andy: After not joining the 4th jib activities, I had thoughts of abandoning my entertainment career. Shinhwa Changjo's 5th fanmeeting is one of the most moving times after our debut. After going on the stage, the 40,000 fans were crying, and I also cried. When I saw those fans welcoming me back, I became determined to work very hard since then.

Eric: If Andy hadn’t come back for our fifth album, there wouldn’t be Shinhwa now.



Year 04 (2002) – 2ND Quest for the LEGEND


Junjin: there was a time when I was really badly injured...

I was rushed to the emergency department at the hospital.


Junjin: The doctors managed to stop the blood which was flowing from my head injury..

but it was a very critical situation!


Junjin: All members were really worried.. dongwan hyung was hysterically shouting ‘119!!! 119!!!’ (emergency contact number in korea)

When I woke up I was already in the hospital.. Eric hyung had already been waiting there for a few hours..

he was sitting in a pose that you do when you do yoga.. minwoo hyung was walking back and forth..

and hyesung hyung was over there crying ‘this is the first time I’ve ever seen jinnie this hurt..’

Hyesung: I really thought he was not going to make it..


Hyesung: at that time when junjin was injured, when I went to the emergency room.. the doctor said..

‘the situation is really dangerous since a lot of blood seems to be flowing from the head.’

He said ‘surviving through tonight would be really difficult’.. as soon as I heard that, really.. I was so.. I was so shocked..

I went to outside.. the rain was falling down.. I was crying so much.. I felt like a close brother was going to leave me..

really.. I couldn’t express it through words.. Jinnie ,you have to be careful.. don’t make me cry again..

Eric: that’s right.. you better be really careful.. every time you’re always like that..

each time.. every time we do a performance.. you always get hurt..





- to be continued

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Guest kriza_09

Year 05 (2003) – the Revival of the LEGEND


Dongwan: we’ve moved to a new place.. we’ve been under a different music label and company..


Dongwan: We're united in our loyalty.. until the end we'll be loyal..
And we'll give back as good as what we got.. we've always done that..
With a new album, with new music, with a new style. We'll pay you all back with that..

Hyesung: it was such a hard and important decision that we had to make.
Fortunately we made the right choice and we hit it off. It looks like we’ll get a new start again as Shinhwa.



Year 06 (2004) – We are the 'LEGEND'


Junjin: I didn’t believe it although they called our names two or three times

Eric: I was really surprised. The group can tell you all about it


Junjin: The last few years were so hard..
Eric: Just like a movie, those hard times came back to us so suddenly


Hyesung: our fans’ tears turned into tears of joy today.. that makes us very happy..

Eric: to be honest, every year each of us had been hopeful..
that’s why I thought we would feel indifferent this year..
but after the award, it’s a totally different feeling..


Shinhwa Changjo: Outside, in the dark, without any lights, and with a microphone system that wasn’t meant to be used for these purposes,
Shinhwa came out to see us all. With only one bodyguard,
Shinhwa left over 20 reporters waiting for interviews to come out and have a moment with us.


Hyesung: Thank you.. as all of you and we had hoped and hoped for 7 years, we finally did it today..
we didn't have this fanmeeting planned but we know we got this all because of you,
so we came out just to say how much we thank you..

Jun Jin: Seriously... I dont want to show you any tears... but inside I'm crying my heart out..
we never expected this.. this is all because of you.. after debuting in 1998... it's been seven years..
we've been through a lot but we've made it this far because of you.. thank you..

Minwoo: I love you Shinhwachangjo!!!!!.. Thank you so much... this is all because of you..... WE WON THE AWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[as he screamed this he flung up the daesang in the air and screamed like the happiest child in the world]

Eric: ah.... truthfully we all didnt have any greed for getting a Daesang.. really..
when others got it, we were seriously so happy for them and their happiness seemed like ours..
but every year when we didnt get the daesang.... and we saw how much you had looked forward to it and then got sad and disappointed...
and after seeing it so many times.. it made us want to get the daesang... at least for you...
to make you happy... So we are so happy now... to have finally made you not cry...

Dongwan: Ah.... all of the members have said everything there is to say... so.. we're having a concert on the 19th~~
so we hope to see all of you there~~ *^^* Sarang hae~~ Thank you..

Andy: ahh really.. thank you... we will work really hard in the future..


Shinhwa: URINEUN!!!!???? (We are......!!????)
Shinhwa Changjo: SHINHWA IMNIDA!!!!!!!!




- to be continued

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Guest kriza_09

Year 07 (2005) – SHINHWA: Separated yet Together

Hyesung: The first solo activity of all the members of Shinhwa was Junjin. He did a CF and
all the members of Shinhwa split the income that Junjin earned on his own, six even ways.
Now we keep all the income to ourselves, but Junjin was too sweet.
He said, 'Even though I shot the CF alone, we're Shinhwa, so let's split it.'

Eric: It gets lonely when there is no one to play and make trouble with. When busying with Shinhwa activities,
no matter how busy the schedules are, members will still play around with each other,
however during solo activities, you will have to tolerate alone and solve your own problem.
It’s really lonely.


Minwoo: While I was active as a solo singer M, there were so many moments when I was lonely.
In particular when I was preparing for the solo concert and my health was at its worst,
I missed the members a lot. Although I received many help from the members
when doing M activities but when I am on stage, I will be alone. I will then feel pressurized
during that time and then hope to have activities with the members.


Dongwan: I will feel really lonely when doing solo activities and I will start to think of the past
when we are staying together in the hostel. Although it’s tiring,
but there are many interesting memories with the members.


Hyesung: I felt the burden during solo because a stage which is meant for the six is now left only for me.
During solo activities, I spend a lot of time alone, so it gets boring.
When having activities with the members, we often joke and play when resting.
So I often miss those times.. I really appreciate my members’ presences.


Junjin: I will think of the members when I fell sick. It is most tiring to grasp the whole stage,
it is also sad when the members aren't around to carry off my part when I am sick.
If I am not feeling well when doing activities with the members,
members will help to share out my parts, however,
when doing solo activities, no one can help you and I felt really lonely.


Andy: When being the MC for SBS Inkigayo, seeing all the hoobaes like BATTLE, SS501,
DBSK, Super Junior playing together makes me miss Hyungs a lot.


Minwoo: As soon as I said my thank you speech.. I suddenly remembered the Shinhwa members. 'Sob!'
Actually as soon as I arrived at the airport I felt empty but once I got on stage, I missed them even more.

Dongwan: Whenever we have shoots together with the members, if there are awkward moments or whatnot, we all make jokes and help raise the mood.
[his facial expression shows his loneliness from realizing that he was lonely for not being with the Shinhwa members]
Besides getting all the money from it, I don't think there's anything else that's good about doing CFs alone.
Hey, you members, we agreed to meet tonight, right? If I told you ahead of time about this CF job,
then I figured you would have made me pay for tonight. So I didn't tell you on purpose. Today... I hope Eric pays for it!

Hyesung: I felt colorless when I was doing my solo activities without other members around.

Eric: For me, who had always worked together with the Shinhwa members, the emptiness I felt on the days of filming was unexpressable...

Dongwan: When I lived with the members, I never had insomnia. But these days, living by myself, there are days
when I cannot sleep. When I cant sleep at night, I miss the days when we lived together and
how when we couldn't sleep we'd talk together throughout the night.
Then I just miss the members so much.
Hyesung: These days Dongwan must not be able to sleep every night. Every day he calls me late at night and asks
'Can't you sleep over at my place tonight?'


[Hyesung left very early so they could go see Junjin act. Junjin was very happy since he hasn’t seen HyeSung in over 2 months and immediately hugged Hyesung]
Junjin: I was very thankful and happy they came, I had a hard time that day and when I saw Hyesung I forgot all my worries and had a good time.

Eric: I rushed over from the "June's Diary" shooting set. I came here (minwoo’s 2nd album showcase) in a rush
so I wore slippers and because of this, Minwoo gave me a hard time.

Junjin: Hyesung always comes to the recording room, and when I have faults, he criticizes me and gives me very valuable advice.

Minwoo: Eric gave me the biggest support by sending me the message 'Are you tired? Minbong Fighting. I love you.'
Members feel that such messages are very mushy and we do not send it often.
[After saying all these, Minwoo smiled happily]

Eric: I was so thankful that my members came to the premiere to support me. Really, there is no one that can compare to my members.
We really don’t compliment each other, but after the VIP premiere, amazingly all members sent me the same text message saying,
‘F***, buy drinks!' and I knew that in that statement they were proud of me.

Minwoo: When I was doing the recording, I received written encouragement from the members but
there was this one evil person who sent a really weird message. Very soon, I found out it was
Eric who sent me the surprising message 'Go die' (죽어)" so I sent him a reply and wrote, 'Get lost' (꺼져).

Junjin: The band member who were most unhelpful is Eric. Eric had, many times, sent me messages like ‘샤릉훼’ (syareunghwe)
this kind of alien language had often disturbed me during practice.

Junjin: I'd rather have one joking message from one of the members than ten other people giving me praises when I am down and need my spirits lifted.

Shinhwa: Although we are a group, we are also each active personally.. doing the work we want to do each day..
However when we are united together we are the strongest force there is!



Year 08 (2006) – The LEGEND is Back...


Shinhwa: There were hardly any times when all six of us could record at the same time.
But we were able to take a lot of strength from the notes filled with what we wanted to say left for each other.
Hyesung: The notes were full of attacking comments towards me.
I don't know if the other members took strength from that but they all attacked me too much.
Dongwan: All the members just love Hyesung too much.
Junjin: I was able to take a lot of strength from making attacking comments.
Minwoo: There was a time while recording one of the albums tracks 'Weak Man' (약한 남자) was recorded wrong
so I had to record again but then Hyesung who was with me, looked at me with a satisfied look in his eyes and laughed.


Eric: I really want to meet the members and go on stage together quickly.
Our members who know what to do just by looking at each others eyes.

Hyesung: We only slept for 2 hours that day, and we had been very busy since the morning, thus we were very tired.
We can overcome the tiredness though, because it has been a long time since we were gathered together,
and we are really happy to see each other again.

Junjin: To be able to work together with the members, this is the best way to de-stress.


Junjin: We are all busy seperately but once we get together its enough to bring a tear to the eye, its heart-rending and great.

Dongwan: Our Shinhwa members all do not want to remove the title of 'Shinhwa'. After busily working separately and then getting all together again
and singing is something we love so much. The ecstasy like taste that is given from the stage, it’s so amazing and exhilarating.
Not only does it give the synergy effect, it brings you income too. That’s a joke. [laughs]



- to be continued

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Guest kriza_09

Year 09 (2007) – Growing Stronger in the Name of Shinhwa


QUOTE To: Shinhwa
From: Dongwan

My beloved Shinhwa members, we have already spent 9 years together.
In these 9 years, there are a lot of difficulties and sadness as well as happiness and joy.If I was to spend this period of time with other people and not with you all, I guess I wouldn’t be as happy as I am now.
In the future, we will still do a lot of things together.
Maybe it would be happier, maybe it would be harder.
Every time we meet those times, we won’t go to find someone else but we’ll support each other.

QUOTE To: Shinhwa
From: Junjin

My beloved members, it's already our 9th anniversary.
In the future, we will still welcome our 10th anniversary, 15th anniversary.
There will still be a lot of good days.
Hoped that our members will never change.
The look of you working hard in your activities make me very happy.
Junjin will also show my hardworking side from now on, so don’t be worried.
Let's work hard together until the end. Fighting!

QUOTE To: Shinhwa
From: Andy

Although we have been working together for 9 years already, but we’ve never changed.
We are like real brothers, who give each other understanding and share with each other (sadness & joy). Really, every time one of us is having a problem, the rest will definitely help out. Really thank you very much.

QUOTE To: Shinhwa
From: Eric

Members, our 9th anniversary has come, hope that you become more mature. And hope that you’ll buy more of my solo album. Each of you must buy 10,000 copies of the album.

QUOTE To: Shinhwa
From: Hyesung

Our rich guy, Jung Hyuk, MinWoo, DongWan, SunHo, ChoongJae, you all naughty boys.
Although as Shinhwa, it's 9th anniversary but we have been together for over 10 years already. In this period of time, all of us have our own things.
Good things, happy things, sad things, bad things, although there're a lot happenings but watching all of you growing mature during this period of time, me as the Mummy bird of Shinhwa, really feel proud of all of you.
You must be good and listen to my words.
Must eat well when given food and do not be picky on food.
When mummy tells you to study hard, you must study hard.
Hope that all of you will be good kids.
When our 10th anniversary comes, I will buy candies for all of you.
Must listen to me, ok?

Dongwan: Inside the name of Shinhwa is 9 years of our effort, 9 years of love from the fans, and all of our lives from our twenties. There is no reason for us to break up. There is only reason to be together.

Dongwan: Now each member has their individual activities managed by separate management companies.

GoodEMG: The focus of our management will be Shinhwa's album production and management, while Shinhwa member's individual activities will be managed separately from the current management company in order to achieve a more organized and effective system. They will establish their own corporations or continue their album productions at a different management company.

Minwoo: I have become independent from my previous management in order to focus on my producer side and composing, however this does not change anything as a Shinhwa member and definitely does not mean we are breaking up.

Hyesung: We are now under different management companies for our individual activities. Each of us have different ambition on our individual activities, and it’s hard for 6 to excel in their domains under the same company. In order to maximize the individual ability, we need to separate.

Dongwan: With the sudden news of the members leaving current management, a lot of you have gotten shocked right? But that this is not a sudden thing for us.
This was something we acted with caution and caution again.

Shinhwa: Although individually we're all going in different directions but we have always and will continue to be friends who rely on each other no matter what. Even when some of us go off into army, shinhwa activities will not cease.

Author’s note: For solo activities, Eric established TOP Class Entertainment, Minwoo established M Rising, Dongwan is under H2 Entertainment, Hyesung is still under GoodEMG, Junjin established JF Story Entertainment, Andy established ND Entertainment. Shinhwa activities are still under GoodEMG.

Minwoo: Now I am a CEO (laughs). I have self-produced the 3rd jib and the employees’ ‘bowl of rice’ is my responsibility.

Dongwan: For this 3rd album, from composing to producing, minwoo did it all by himself. And even when he’s busy himself, he still composed a song for me.

Minwoo: I've written a lot of songs for the members already, do they need to pay? I can only hope that Dongwan will bring some alcohol here from now on (laughs).

Dongwan: All Shinhwa members came together and participated in the work (Dongwan’s 1st jib) and I am really feeling thankful about it.

Minwoo: Dongwan isn’t a competitor but instead he’s like the source of energy, in which both of us gives each other motivation.

Dongwan: I wanted to show something of my own music and style that has not been shown through Shinhwa up till now. It’s the same for all the members but the group Shinhwa will be forever. We always remember that it is because the fans exist that Shinhwa exists, so we are always thankful and trusting them.

Andy: The members all want to come together (to Andy’s musical) so I've been doing all kinds of things to make them not come. I wish they would sit in the back row seats but they stubbornly refuse to come at all if it's not front row seats, so I'm telling them that all the seats are sold out so there are no seats. (laughs) If I laugh (during the musical) it’s be a big trouble.

Dongwan: I received a text message after I mentioned that I will go to watch Andy’s musical drama, ‘Music in my heart’ next week when I returned back to Korea, it said, “I only want to show you all when I am satisfied with my own acting. You are searching for death if you come like this.” He’s really a totally perfectionist guy, no way to argue against with (laugh).

Andy: Eric hyung came on the last day of my musical and he said, "It's very good, very interesting." Then I told him, "Hyung, I may be releasing an album." He then asked if I needed his help, I asked him to feature on my album, which he eventually did.

Interviewer: You featured on Andy’s album for one pizza?
Eric: Between the members there are no financial motives for our participation in each other’s work. (But that will change starting with Andy)

Andy: I was thinking, I have not lived these 10 years in vain. The Shinhwa hyungs have helped me a lot. On the day of the album release, Minwoo hyung sent a congratulatory text message, then he joined Dongwan hyung and Eric hyung to sing on the song too. I feel completely thankful to them. If the album does well I'll have to buy them drinks. (laughs)

Andy: When I passed him (Eric) the album, he said, "You're releasing an album as a joke right?" I laughed then he gently asked, "What's your first program? I'll watch out for you." I told him that it could be a show on SBS, then he immediately replied, "Is it a gag show?" (laughs)

Andy: As the youngest, the other members are always worried about me. But every time I was tired, the members were my source of strength.

Dongwan: Because we stood on stage under the name of Shinhwa, we were able to have those truly amazing times.

Minwoo: When we were still trainees we were punished physically and beaten up before. But because we had such a scary manager, we were always on tenterhooks, and this made us even more united and allowed us to get to where we are today. When we were living in the dorm, if one of us got scolded, the other members would help to speak up. When we got scolded, we'd comfort each other; when we argue, we'd work things out, and competing against each other will help us to develop musically. These interesting memories are the reasons that keep us going. Whenever we feel tired, the members will help each other out, that's why we're still together today. None of us has ever thought of trying to stand out among the rest.

Dongwan: Being in a group is like being on the same boat. The boat will move forward if everyone is rowing, but the boat will steer from the original direction if only one person is rowing.

Shinhwa: When any member is upset, other members will comfort them by gently hitting them. That's the kind of relationship we share, and that's why we can get to where we are today. That's why we say that everyone has to row the boat together to stay on course.

Dongwan: The motivation behind us being able to stay together for 10 years is destiny. After all the difficulties we've experience together, we've learnt not to expect too much of each other. (laughs) That's the kind of relationship we have. When any of us faces any problems, we'll all help each other out.

Minwoo: When any of the members in the group encounters a problem, each and every one of us will be helping out just like a family. And because of this sincerity which created true friendship, it also allows us to pin point each other mistake truthfully. Of course we fight and quarrel often too, however, perhaps because we have lived together before as a group so with one facial expression, we are able to know what the other member is thinking.

Dongwan: Eric was offered several solo contracts from 2-3 places that were worth 4 times larger than the other members’. At that time, he was the most popular member and was given the highest deal but he refused it to continue to be part of Shinhwa. We knew that he was offered a very lucrative deal but we’re not in the position to stop him in taking it. Then during one of our gatherings, we all decided that we wanted to remain as a group.

Minwoo: There’s 2 faces which I am never feel tired/sick of looking. One is Shinhwa members’ faces and the other is the fans’ faces

Dongwan: All the members think that the group Shinhwa will walk on forever. Shinhwa exists and survives because of the fans' support. Thank you fans, and we believe in the fans as well.

Hyesung: To Shinhwa, there’s no word called, ‘Disbandment’. I want to continue singing in the name of Shinhwa till the end of my life.

Dongwan: Even if the contact expired, members will also not have the thoughts to leave Shinhwa.
Dongwan: If any of the members wants to leave the group, I will disclose his weird photos in the net.

Minwoo: After 10 years, we will become uncles, I have thought about having a space belonging to Shinhwa. Perhaps a villa-like place, or building a place similar like a memorial hall for the Japanese and China fans, won’t it be good?


Year 10 (2008) – Temporary Goodbye


Shinhwa: Just talking about our 10th anniversary makes us feel that we are blessed guys. We have not dropped any member in this fiercely competitive environment, and we're happy and contented to have walked through these 10 years together.

Andy: When the 6 members get together, it's the same whether it was 10 years ago or now. We're like old friends who haven't met in a while, we'll have lots of fun and feel really good. I really like this feeling of staying the same throughout.

Hyesung: We never thought of a rival group… because we are all too busy fighting with each other.. haha..

Dongwan: We can come through until now because everyone is smart. We all know how we should live.

Shinhwa: In these 10 years, we had the most blissful time because we have the members and our fans.

Hyesung: On one hand you can say that the 10 years, it has been a long time, on the other hand, it hasn't exactly been that long. To me it feels like a very short period of time. I'm very contented to have so much love from so many fans and other younger singers, thank you.

Andy: Even now I sometimes think “why am I alone” while doing solo activities. There are a lot of times when I feel lonely, those times are really hard to endure.

Minwoo: Looking back, I only feel gratitude to my fantastic members and fans that I've had for the past 10 years. I'm very blessed. The fact that I've spent 10 years as part of Shinhwa, that alone makes me feel very blessed.

Shinhwa: Although it's been 10 years, it only feels like a short storm has passed. We have to thank each other for staying the same and getting through these 10 years together.

Minwoo: Member who’s left behind, we grab hold of his hand. Member who’s at the front, shares his luck with the rest of us (laugh). That’s how we’ve gone through for 10 years.

Shinhwa: Being guys we had our share of fights when we were younger, but we'd resolve it soon after. But it's because of things like this that we've become as close as brothers. The members exist only because Shinhwa exists. To each other, we can't exist separately.

Dongwan: I am suddenly starting to feel that 10 years isn't really a big deal. When we first made our debut, I thought that I'd be a father after 10 years..... (laughs) I think I'd like to spend the next 10 years like this.

Shinhwa: In another 10 years' time we should all be married. We'll still be together then.

Junjin: From our debut til now, we've always been working very hard, and although there's a lot of pressure to keep saying that it's already been 10 years since we made our debut, but we all feel very contented. The thought of having to send the hyungs off to the army makes me feel very sad though.

Eric: I'm proud of us being the longest-running group, not 8 or 9 years, but 10 years. I'm glad to be able to have these 10 years before I enlist.

Minwoo: If I had the chance to go back in time, I'd still choose Shinhwa.

Junjin: Since the hyungs are going to enlist soon, there's a corner of my heart that really hurts. I feel that me and Andy should bring our enlistment dates forward. Because this is the first time that I'm facing this, I don't know how to handle it.

Dongwan: This is probably the last MV that all the members will be filming together before we enlist into the army. Now we can laugh heartily and enjoy the shoot, but we probably might feel sad standing on the stage during the last concert.

Eric: It’s not that we’ll have special performance because of our 10th year anniversary. But it’s going to have a special meaning. Because it’s our 10th year… we’ve really gone through 10 years.

Dongwan: Of course I don't feel that 10 years have passed. But during the concert, as some members will be enlisting soon, the thought of it being the last concert we have before enlistment will probably make me sad.

Minwoo: Because of the fans that wait for us, we exists, whenever we recollect on the memories together with the fans, we will be able to keep performing our best by just thinking about them. The memories which continues to protect the friendship, hoped that more fans will be able to wait for us, waiting for the day when Shinhwa is back to hold the concert together again one day.



Year ~~ (~~~~) – THE LIVING LEGEND

Andy: what I wish for is that shinhwa goes on healthy and release the 100th album.
Dongwan: I want to have concerts like this for 20 years more.
Hyesung: I want to leave our name in the Korean pop history. What I mean is not that we should be
in the first place whenever we release an album, but that we stay together till the end.
Minwoo: I want to stay with our members till we get older and die.
Junjin: we’ll stick together till the end. Every year, our members always get hurt.
So I wish in the future no one gets hurt and shinhwa changjo stays healthy.

Dongwan: The thought of going on stage with the Shinhwa members together even past the age of 40 and 50 fills me with excitement.
After all the members go to the army, I’m sure everyone will have things to do, but we’ll always do everything together

Junjin: Shinhwa breaking up? I think you should worry about things that really need worrying about.
The members have all promised each other to keep going until in the very distant future when we get married
and have children so you cannot possibly say the words of 'breaking up' to us. And we also promised each other
that with our children we will make another group entitled 'Shinhwa Junior'.


Hyesung: Just because we're busy doing our own things, doesn't mean that we're not friends.
There is still a strong relationship that continues to grow in our group everyday.
We've come a long way and we're more than friends-we're mentors and brothers to each other.
Don't doubt that.

Junjin: The reason for us being together for so long is trust. Although we've quarreled, fought, and bore grudges against each other,
but because we trust each other so much, Shinhwa was able to continue for so long.

Eric: We've overcome all sorts of trouble and made a really special friendship.
At certain points we hit, beat, fought each other and even with other members helping,
but the most important thing was that whatever the conflict, it would never last a day.


Dongwan: the reason that we can stay together for so long is………the contract!!! ^^
Minwoo: that was a joke. The time where we all lived together brought everyone closer.
We are so happy that we have each other, to support and stay with each other all the time.
Dongwan: some people think we’re as close as brother, which is not true.. ^^
Eric: though I may not be old enough to say this, I can say I’ve experienced the best and worst times
of my life as with Shinhwa members. That’s why we can keep our relationship going…
even though we have Dongwan. ^^ so even without the contract, and even with Dongwan,
Shinhwa will always be together till the end.

Eric: In the future, if there comes a time where no company wants us, we might just form our own company and carry on.



- to be continued

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Guest xjunk!0_oprincessx

Oh This was a good little story with pics, very cute ; loving frienddship all they went through, Love Shinhwa

I like these Ouotes

Andy: When being the MC for SBS Inkigayo, seeing all the hoobaes like BATTLE, SS501,

DBSK, Super Junior playing together makes me miss Hyungs a lot.

Hyesung: These days Dongwan must not be able to sleep every night. Every day he calls me late at night and asks

'Can't you sleep over at my place tonight?'

Dongwan: the reason that we can stay together for so long is………the contract!!! ^^

Minwoo: that was a joke. The time where we all lived together brought everyone closer.

We are so happy that we have each other, to support and stay with each other all the time.

Dongwan: some people think we’re as close as brother, which is not true.. ^^

Eric: though I may not be old enough to say this, I can say I’ve experienced the best and worst times

of my life as with Shinhwa members. That’s why we can keep our relationship going…

even though we have Dongwan. ^^ so even without the contract, and even with Dongwan,

Shinhwa will always be together till the end.

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Guest kriza_09

Andy: When all six of us are together it is seriously noisy and chaotic.. Sort of like the feeling of meeting the family members after being apart for a long time..
Jinnie hyung who had just returned from filming in the country hadn't slept yet, but being with the Shinhwa members of course~
he forgot about his tiredness and returned to his cheery self. Eric hyung kept being called 'CEO' and was affectionately teased by us,
but everyone was so happy his drama is doing so well and congratulated him. And, the hyungs as usual...
imitated the Nonstop lines that are so familiar to me, and still got them wrong. Although they're only one or two years older hyungs,
everytime they do that, I feel as if I am they're real little brother..


Eric: I monitor the activities of the other Shinhwa members in order to catch funny phrases and actions.
It's because the other group members can take one such funny phrase and make fun of me for more than a month.

Andy: The members are very playful. Aside from Dongwan hyung, the rest of the members don't seriously give advice on my acting.
Instead, if they find something lacking they tease with it. Every time they see me the first thing they say is
"Are you Hye Joo?" (a line from andy’s drama ‘lovers in Prague’) We met up recently in a place where
there was a lot of people and they shouted loudly "Are you Hye Joo?" It was so embarassing.


Minwoo: Because we were so comfortable with each other, 2-3 of us usually took showers at a time.
Once, Andy came in while I was taking a shower and sprayed ketchup over my head as a joke.
I thought my head was bleeding and was so shocked. I almost fainted!


Eric: Whether it's pushing against people in moving cars, or throwing really hot water on other member's butts
when we are bathing are some of the funny things we all do to one another, not just me.


Japanese reporter: I was surprised of the Shinhwa I saw. Their relationship is extremely good,
and they are like children at heart; noisy and mischievous.

Lee Ji Hoon (singer/actor): I envy them because they're always together.
They are so funny and close to each other. It seems so good.

GoodEMG: Their relationship is like friends who are so close that they are like family.
Even if they had not seen each other for a long time, they can immediately start chatting just like old friends.


Dongwan: During these years, I've had some of the toughest times..
And we've shared all the important times with all 6 members together..
We've had fun and made each other laugh..
Also when we've had serious days, we've drunk together..
We've always been together like that..


Junjin: Everytime I went through hard times I would think a lot about the other members.


Hyesung: In the old days, when Jin was hurt, then I could feel it..
When one of us is hurt, or something bad happens to one of us..
Then we would all feel sad., We'd all be down.
But we all knew that it would heal and that we'd be back to work soon..


Junjin: I truly want to say this to Hyesung hyung. We are Shinhwa till we die so I want to be there for him
when he needs me and he would definitely be there for me when I need him…


Minwoo: Just staying with each other without saying a word, we could feel each other..


Junjin: I think of the other members first, and even now I still think of them when I am hurting. Or when I'm confused.
Sometimes I’m really worried that I would wake up and find myself alone.
That this situation was really just a lie... But our members are always there for each other..
even though you may not be able to see it, I could feel the love that all our members really have for each other..


Hyesung: when I was alone I wan't just one-sixth of a group..
I wasn't just one of six, nor one of ten, nor one of 12, nor one of 20...

Dongwan: to me, Shinhwa is not a choice, but fate.


Eric: I became an entertainer at the age of 20, and all of my youth was spent with Shinhwa.
I feel so fortunate that I've found the meaning of life, and being able to live such a meaningful life with them.


Hyesung: I feel that Shinhwa exists just like parents. It brings us to meet, let us grow, nurture us into who are now. It is the group called 'Shinhwa'.
Eric: Shinhwa is everything. Without Shinhwa there won't be the present me, and I would not meet precious friends and members who love me.
Dongwan: Like what Eric said, there won't be a present me without Shinhwa.. I will never forget that I come from Shinhwa.. It is the mineral source of my life.
Junjin: to me, Shinhwa is like home. Shinhwa is like a place where I can return to anytime, a place that exists to welcome me back at any moment..


Shinhwa: To us, the number '6' is so unique and so special. It was through all six of us being together that we became the "Shinhwa" we are now,
and it is our desire to continue to be together as six and as Shinhwa... That's why the number '6' is so special to us..
When we first practiced together there wasn't six of us,
but the day we first went up on stage as "Shinhwa" we became six...
it can be seen as destiny...

To us, to be together as "Shinhwa" is only too natural,
and we hope people will just continue to accept "Shinhwa" as we all hope to become better within that name..
(If you keep calling us the longest running dance group then we feel old...^^)

And because of all this, now all our members would probably pick the number '6' as their most special number...
Its because there are six of us that we become a more brighter "Shinhwa",
and because its only too natural to have six of us as "Shinhwa...



PS: None of these quotes is made up. Some quotes are self-translated from either non-subbed videos or chinese-subbed videos. Some quotes are taken directly from english subbed videos. And some quotes are taken from english articles, translations, lyrics, etc.. but they were all said by SHINHWA themselves.. except some quotes which are taken from other parties such as SM entertainment, GoodEMG, reporter, etc..

In dedication to:
- the Chinese Shinhwa fan who passed away just 3 days before shinhwa 9th anniversary.
QUOTEToday, a chinese shinhwa fan passed away.
Just a few days ago, she was still posting on the shinhwa chinese forum.
She said she felt like she was dying and her mother would look at her with sad teary eyes. She said she knew her end was coming soon, but she hope to spend shinhwa's 9th anniversary and support shinhwa oppas to the end before she go.
Sadly, today...her friend came on and posted that she passed away. She had a heart condition and was said to have a successful surgery, but after the doctor allowed her to return home, she had a high fever and was in need to have a heart transplant but it was all too late.
may she rest in peace.

- Shinhwa Changjo

- SHINHWA (Eric, Minwoo, Dongwan, Hyesung, Junjin, Andy)

- Translations: Arirang, mommie Alice, crystalis, other translators from shinhwachangjo.net, English subbed videos and Chinese subbed videos, Aheeyah
- Articles: shinhwachangjo.net, soompi.com
- Videos: shinhwachangjo.net, youtube, DVDs
- Pictures: yahoo.co.kr, wonderful posters @ soompi.com

Special credits:
- FLiPSiDE, labingtatlo, nutzie, shinhwa family @ soompi.com for the comments and supports
- and SHINHWA (Eric, Minwoo, Dongwan, Hyesung, Junjin, Andy) for the quotes

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Guest kriza_09

Exclusive for SHINHWA CHANGJO:

Hyesung: The fans came to our performances..each time.. truly..

each person who came seemed to be a part of the work I was doing just by being there for me.

They give me the strength to perform, and without them I probably couldn't do it!

Junjin: The best gift for me is..... no matter we are having solo activities or working as group ShinHwa, y

ou can always give us love and support~~ Then it's enough~~~

Dongwan: now that all the "temporary" fans have gone and only the real fans that have been with us

through thick and thin remain, it strikes me that all we have are our fans. (laughs)

Hyesung: Everytime when I meet all of you, the reason I raise my thumb is because I'm very proud of all of you.

Making me such a valuable person, to me, all of you are not fans but a very important part of me.

Andy: The fans have always made us feel more relaxed.. we didn't need to say anything, yet the fans understand fully how we feel.

These are the bonds between the fans and Shinhwa that cannot be described.






Bonus: The 'Untold' LEGEND

Andy: we know everything there is to know about each other..

Minwoo: know what?? What do you know, Andy?

Andy: I know a lot about minwoo hyung.. minwoo hyung has a mole on his butt..^^

Q: How are you going to spend your vacation breaks?

Junjin: I plan to go to HyeSung’s place to play, so I must say a word to him here…Hyesung, thanks!

Hyesung: Apart from DongWan, the rest of the members are all planning to come to my place.

Dongwan: Then I want to come too! (laughs)

Hyesung: Not taking any more reservations. (laughs)

Junjin: I’m always sticking to HyeSung, so I am always playing with him, and it doesn’t matter if he’s sleeping or eating, I will still follow him closely! ^^

MinWoo: DongWan is very smart and is one of the main vocals in Shinhwa. Without him, it feels like a medicine shop without medicine. (laughs)

Minwoo: In junjin’s case, if the team broke up, he would be so stressed while releasing his solo album.. how many folds?

Junjin: 15020 folds.. ^^

Q: In this album, which one of Shinhwa’s charm are you trying to show us?

DongWan: Handsome faces.. ^^

Thai reporter: Which type of girls do you like?

Minwoo: you! ^^

Q: What lead to the decision that Eric and Dongwan play the lead characters for MV ‘Throw my fist’?

Dongwan: when we were discussing, the management asked ‘so who’s gonna be the male leads?’ the other members had their heads down, but Eric and I immediately turned our heads and looked at each other.. so that’s how it was decided..

MC: The follow-up single in Shinhwa's 7th album - 'Crazy'. I heard that there're 2 lead actors in this MV. Dongwan and Junjin! What's the criteria for choosing the male leads for this MV?

Dongwan: People who've never played lead characters before! ^^

Q: What’s the reason behind Eric and Hyesung being the lead characters for MV ‘Angel’?

Shinhwa: to cut down the expense.. we don’t have to pay anything if we use our own members as the actors.. ^^

Q: how long will shinhwa stay together?

Eric: until our contract expires.. ^^

Eric: Eric only loves Hyesung when Hyesung doesn’t like Eric..




Q: 5 members went to Germany for World Cup?

Hyesung: Yes, we had watched the competition of Korea VS Togo. But what a pity that Dongwan didn’t go. It’s because tickets price were expensive (laughed). It’s a joke!

Dongwan: It’s true…^^ all of us haven’t stayed altogether for long time, it’s happy that we can stay together again.

Who has the highest amount of popularity here in Thailand?

DongWan: JunJin is the most popular. As it is also coincidentally his birthday. His room is filled with presents. We did not even receive one... (laughs)

Q: Which group of fan base do you think each of you appeal to?

Hyesung: Older people like Andy and young friends like Minwoo or Junjin.

Junjin: A wide range of fans like Hyesung, after all he’s our main vocal. As for Dongwan.. we see very young fans aged 4 or 5 going after him. Those in the age group who don’t really know much…

Dongwan's diary: Good points about being a Singer

-You can give your own cd as a present.

what other job besides a singer can you give all your hard work so easily as a present to another?

if you're an actor you could give your dvd as a present, but isnt a cd cheaper!!^^

MC: Was there any instance where the group almost broke up?

Minwo: Yes…one time when we were living together, we had strict rules…couldn’t do anything without the manager’s permission….I asked Eric to go out for a drink….we were late the next morning for practice because we overslept.. when we got to the studio, the rest of the members were already on their knees for 2 hours. The manager knew that Eric and I went out and everyone was being punished. Manager got mad and told us to quit!

Minwoo: Andy started crying and got up and told the manager ‘I quit too!’…but when the manager yelled at Andy to ‘SIT DOWN’, Andy said ‘yes sir!’ and was on his knees again right away again!

Andy: When you are on your knees for 2 hours…it hurts a lot..

Minwoo: Eric and I came back to apartment to pack….I asked Eric, where/what am I going to do… Eric told me I can go with him back to US and we can do something together

Minwoo: As we were packing, we heard loud hurried foot steps…so I thought they are coming back to tell us good news that we don’t have to go

Minwoo: Hyesung came first and said, ‘you didn’t go yet?....what can we do…if there’s a chance, we’ll meet again’

Minwoo: Junjin came next and said, ‘hyung….keep in touch’

Minwoo: then another running step and this time it was Andy running up crying saying, ‘hyung, you don’t have to go’ then Junjin and Hyesung hit Andy’s head because he wasn’t suppose to say that yet…they agreed to play tricks on us..

Eric's diary: young puppies that do not require potty-training is very rare, this little one is a genious, i will teach it to speak, i will teach it korean and english..

HyeSung: Finally, the day I drink seaweed soup has come…

Our baby bird.. JunJin’s birthday has arrived…

When I gave birth to Jinnie, it was very terrible and laborious

So everyone must also give me their well wishes..

Sincerely wishing JunJin happy birthday..

At the same time, wishing me the day I drink seaweed soup…

Radio host : Who is the weirdest member in shinhwa?

Dongwan : I think Junjin and Eric do a lot of weird things.

Dongwan : They're unbelievable. When they wake up, they fold their blanket into an origami airplane..

Hyesung : And they're walking down the street when they suddenly turn to each other and start fighting with each other in Chinese!

Dongwan : They sing about Bap (rice) in vietnamese..

Eric : No, Jin is the really weird one. How can a person do that to a doll that doesn't even speak..

A bumblebee doll.. It was about 3-4 in the morning, and he was beating up that bumblebee doll in the night..

if i didn't stop him, he would have kept beating it up all night.

JunJin : Eric is the even weirder one. When i was beating up the bumblebee,

he came up beside me and scolded the bumblebee, asking what it did that was so wrong.. (laughs)

Eric : But the bumblebee must have done something wrong in order to get hit, right?

JunJin : Of course!!!!


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Guest chopsticksandspoon

*wipes tears as more flows down*

what's wrong with me today?

i was just on the 2nd year and i was already crying.


i don't know.

you... you... you made me cry.

i can't even think straight right now.

i don't really cry easily, but when it comes to shinhwa, i easily get affected.

and what better way to get affected but reading this wonderful project of yours.

i thought you wouldn't be able to finish it... you said a month or 2 weeks befor their 9th album. or did i read wrong in the thread?

whatever. it's here. you posted it already.

and love you for it.

i think that... even if non shinhwa fans will read this, they'll be able to appreciate shinhwa now.


the worst part is that i have

(the live perf where sungie made a mistake) on repeat!!!

it made me smile despite the freely flowing tears.

is that weird?

i was crying but smiling the whole while.

also, i recognize a lot of what you put in here...

the ones from interviews, from clips, from their concert dvd...

lol... i feel so happy....

i'm bookmarking this page.

thanks for making this day extra special...

and i was in the thanks part too!!! *hugs you*

i owe you.




just want to tell you that..

the last part?

the last part?



you made me smile... again!

but no more tears!`


oh. seeing this. i can't wait for the RICSYUNG PROJECT!~

i am going to support that project too!!!!



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Guest PurpleRain

This thread makes me smile deep in heart.I felt really happy to see them together ,just like a big caring family.


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Guest sakura_drop

omg wow i love reading all of those stories

wow this is the reason why i love shinhwa so much they are so close and are so funny haha the last part was so funny and i agree junjin and eric are weird

but yes SHINHWA forever

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