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Miyavi Thread

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^ My God I'm so jealous with you :(. Have to find some fancams to watch =(

But what went wrong with the public there?

Well some of the public (behind & a bit middle) are talking while Miyavi sings.

I know that there is many people with camera's breaking rules of taking picture. So as you can read from Miyavi's twitter 'im NOT on stage 2 b a model but 2 play the guitar. musicians all want audience feel music. no matter wat I cant stop lovin u Netherlands.' is a cause of many camera's (with a bit flash I see. <.<').

But Miyavi himself has a reason for being arrogant in begin.. (He plays first song and after that he walked away {heard that he's angry of soundcheck} in which it confused me.

but weird thing is that he said 'To be honest I started to hate Holland, but now i'm loving it'.


It's not a great blog I write (I use it more for diary what I went).

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Miyavi updated his official Twitter with an adorable photo of his two daughters, Lovelie and Jewelie. Just six months ago, retired singer melody. gave birth to the couple’s second child, Jewelie. “celebrated Jewel’s 6 months anniversary wiz a bunch of relatives yesterday. hope her days r filled wiz smiles,” Miyavi posted on his Twitter. “they looked so mature after a month on the road. time never stops tickin…”.

Fans fell in love with the two little girls, commenting, “They both are so cute!!!”, “I can’t believe how much Luv looks like you,” and “Beautiful.”

Source: Miyavi_Official@Twitter & TokyoHive

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