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Shakugan no Shana


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DiscussionAnyone seen the anime yet? I got to see the preview and it looks interesting. For those that want to see the preview. Wanted to read what people think about it.

Click me!

credit:Fansub TV Forum

The story focuses on Yuji Sakai, a high school boy who inadvertently becomes involved in an age-old conflict between forces of balance and imbalance in existence. In the process, he befriends a fighter for the balancing force and names her "Shana".

Volumes: 10 (Complete) http://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=1612Published by: Viz (up to 6 vol)Anime Episodes: 1st Season: 24 + 2nd Season: 24 + 3rd Season: 24 + 2 OVAs + 1 film*This series has also games released



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Guest lady_muimui

I just finished watching it (a bit slow, yes). I really liked it. It made me cry. Right now, I'm trying to find the music sheet the the Hisoka no Sora (the piano version played during the anime). Plus, there's a movie coming out for it right? Or maybe it came out already. xD

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Guest KuYA II

the opening songs from this anime...i first heard it on a fanmade anime and it was used for this opening.

I haven't seen teh anime so far, but the opening songs draw me close to watching it =).

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Guest myluckyself

ive watched a few episodes... its alright (the beginning freaked me out a bit, i guess coz i was expectig sumthing different...)

i luv the opening song tho. very catchy =]

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What do you do? You blacklist him.

I watched this anime! I remember I got teary-eyed at the end but something dissapointed me.

Erm, it's been a while since I watched this anime. Strangely enough, I don't remember the storyline. Which is odd since I've watched many animes and dramas and I've never forgotten storylines before. x.x I guess Shakugan no Shana wasn't as memorable for me.

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Personally I didn't really like this anime that much... Kinda overrated imo >_>

I liked Zero no Tsukaima a lot more when it comes to Rie Kugimiya's anime....

The ending was really open-ended and they left a lot of story handing T____T

Nonetheless though, I REALLY liked their OST ^^ BOTH of them... besides Nana and H&C, this has got to be one of my favourite OST =)

OH! and the animation was totally superb ^O^



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Guest strawberrylove

the animations were nice. but mannn, he's eyes really bugged me.

whats he's name.. yuji yuki? one of them --'

ierno.. huge eyes on guys look weird TT"


ok story


i love the song :D

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