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Oksana Sutra

Park Min Young 박민영 - Upcoming show: Busted season 3 (Netflix)

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It's been awhile but my oh my...my fav actress is just getting prettier. I'm so happy to see her in big events (Netflix, TVN, Cosmo) looking so gorgeous and radiant w/ her pretty smile. My posts would probably be so redundant by now using the same adjectives over again... :D. But what can I do when PMY just keeps on slaying in whatever she does. Be it as simple as strutting the airport walkways B)


I look forwardforward to seeing her more in bigger events and upcoming projects. Her beauty and talent need to be showcased more often.

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18/12/02 Megan Jung share photo with #ParkMinYoung and Hoy They watching musical at D -Cube Art Center   (hyejinjiung1025) IG story today.







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