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Park Min Young 박민영 - Upcoming show: Busted season 3 (Netflix) / Premieres in January 22 (2021)

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Just want to share  http://mp.weixin.qq.com/s?__biz=MjM5NzY0MzEyNg==&mid=208187439&idx=1&sn=0394960a8acbf2062057df985361b167#rd "Pu Minying , although she was a Korean girl, but so far, ma

15.10.14 Today our godness was on VIP Premiere "Suspicious Murderer"with Cho Jung Seok in main lead. VIP Premiere "Suspicious Murderer"  

15.10.06  instagram

Hello everyone....I have only recently started watching K-dramas and out of everyone, I like Park Min young the most. she is so pretty and acts so damn well. I'm truly a BIG FAN. I loved City Hunter, Healer and now WWWSK. If I were to compare, I think I loved Healer the best but the other too come very, very close. She's truly versatile. Hoping to see more of her work.


Also, I would love to see her happily married. She seems to be such a wonderful person and she deserves to be cherished and loved. If she hasn't already, I sincerely hope that she meets a wonderful guy who respects her, loves her and takes very good care of her. And he makes her the happiest person on this planet.

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Hi.I'm just a silent lurker here. I really love all her series. Right now, I'm watching my ear candy. It's so fun because I get to watch her cooking. Variety shows is good for her and we know more of her personally. She's also amazingly smart in Busted. Thanks for @OksanaS for always updating this forum.


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