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Park Min Young 박민영 - Upcoming drama: Cruel Office Romance (2022)

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Guest treasure51

So Glad when i read this. Just like min young said, when she is acting is when she is happiest.

Even the BOTM  staff saud she is great"

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Just want to share  http://mp.weixin.qq.com/s?__biz=MjM5NzY0MzEyNg==&mid=208187439&idx=1&sn=0394960a8acbf2062057df985361b167#rd "Pu Minying , although she was a Korean girl, but so far, ma

15.10.06  instagram

I'll go to there again.. as today missing #phuket mom and me, sunset which is like a picture Minah+Steven my only one sister wedding! Bless this two, two rainbows floating in the sky kya April, 2015 #

Guest Eileen531

Wow, this page has moved along, where was I?  Just kidding and enjoying all of these goodies so much.  Lets see........first....

Thanks @OksanaS and @dandelionjd, for the video. I love seeing anything from the set of BOtM.  So far I feel I've seen Pmy with her 2 other male co-stars than her leading man, go figure?  I think Minyoung will wind up being close friends with the two female co-stars from here. She seems to always make good girlfriends and keeps them so I wouldn't be surprised. The one next to her in this scene is also a beautiful young actress.

@PiyuMiUmesha, thanks for the gifs and they are great. Someday I hope to improve and learn the different things I want to try to do also. In the 3rd gif to me it looks that Shawn Wei realized Minyoung's ng but was keeping a straight face until Minyoung busted a laugh. lol They're all cooperating and getting along. :)  Btw.......i don't visit fb as much as I use too since i figured out what soompi was, but i always saw your name on Pmy sites and on here earlier when i first started to post, glad you checked in again. lol

@dandelionjd, you outdid yourself there finding those photos and from 2011, I know I always say this but yes these look vaguely familiar but mostly the curtains.  Haha, i know that sounds weird but I have a curtain/drape fettish and wherever I am my eyes are drawn to them. So that's what pops out in my mind, plus the City Hunter scripts. Not that I can understand Hangul but CH was on SBS and the year is 2011. Was this set of photos included in the designers collection, is that why the website is watermarked on the pictures.  Here is the website if you want to see from where Minyoung shops. Pretty nice quality items.     http://www.maison2.co.kr/    Since this is 2011, i think more recently a little bird told me Minyoung made some changes and moved from the highrise to a friendlier gated neighborhood type community.  Again, thanks for sharing.

@treasure51, thanks for posting that screenshot for us to read. I wonder when it says Minyoung..... BEGIN TO LEARN CHINESE AND CAN SAY A LITTLE BIT OF SIMPLE CHINESE SCRIPT ......isn't she speaking in Mandarin while saying her lines?  I guess I figured that she would be saying it with practice from her translator who helps her with the dialogue. Idk......just thinking out loud here.  Isn't  rachel_mypark86 the same person as she1090 right? ... and isn't that Sheila Mae also?     So many people to keep track of, right?  Thanks again.



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@Eileen531 oh so has she moved? idk unnie thank u for the information. Yes those are CH scripts. These some pics of her recently posts:






Yes BOTM has not released HZ vid, i'm impatient to watch it heehhe. I have read somewhere that usually, the korean actor will use her native language while filming.

@treasure51 she's ice breaker for new surroundings and new people like she broke the ice between her and jcw for the first meeting.

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Guest treasure51

Yes @Eileen531, she is sheila and 'she' too...

Lovely min young rite. Agree with u @dandelionjd,  and she hav beautiful smile. Just look at the piCs and make me smile too. Just want to know how they make good chemistry with language barrier. So they just look at their co-star expression, must be very interesting. Min young hv to hear the director and her interpreter too.

@ahpheng (and why now tagging is Not working) min young hv cute expression and sexy lips :D


This new soompi really test my patience. Its okay if i can't type or post. But sometimes i even can not open this thread,  reload again and again:sweatingbullets:

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Park Min Young Continues to Rock the C-wuxia Costume in New Stills for Braveness of the Ming

Posted on June 28, 2015 by ockoala


I’ve seen so many disappointing C-dramas to expect much from upcoming period drama Braveness of the Ming. I’m only following along with the filming since it’s K-actress Park Min Young‘s first C-drama and she looks so unexpectedly fantastic in this role it keeps me curious to see more. All I’ve seen are official and BTS stills of Park Min Young in character as the leading lady to romance leading man Hans Zhang, and normally Hans is always reliable in looking good for a period role but this time Park Min Young is totally outshining him.

The production released a second batch of official character stills with the same thematic element of a moonlit night backdrop, fitting for the drama with a Chinese title of Imperial Guard Night Travels. The costumes continue to be artfully eye-catching without being gaudy, colorful without being garish. There’s suitable embroidery, contrasting or similar tone layering, and a gamut of colors that make each character standout in unique visual cues. I really like it so much I hope this particular costume fitting team keeps getting more C-drama gigs in the future.

Source: Koala's Playground


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IG update (cr.rachel_mypark)


여유#compagna #free #太热#hangout

Free # compagna #free # hot #hangout



Minyoung wearing COMPAGNA Blue Stripe Blouse Model: CA5U4-WTB010 (cr.kamlp weibo) and BLANC&ECLARE (shades) type Paris (cr.JessicaJungINA)


Weibo update: Free time!dongyang,china

Dongnyang Starbucks


cr.as tagged


P.S. @Ahpheng maybe minyoung saw ur c-strip hehehe


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13 Korean stars with irresistible winks

by Rara Pop on Mon, Jun 29, 2015

6. Park Min Young


So cute! If I could even be just 10% as adorable as Park Min Young, my life would be complete. 


P.S. Her wink is addictive hehehe happy white cloud


Park Min-yeong's small doll-like face

Park Min-yeong shared the relaxing moments of her daily life.

On June 18th, actress Park Min-yeong posted photos of herself on her personal Instagram and wrote 'Relaxed'.

In the revealed photos, Park Min-yeong looks relaxed while enjoying a glass of beverage in a café.

Park Min-yeong shows off her radiant beauty in the striped shirts and a pair of sunglasses. Half of her face covered by the sunglasses and her milky skin are eye-catching.

Netizens said, "Park Min-yeong, she's getting prettier", "Much anticipation on your Chinese drama", "Park Min-yeong, I can't believe she's 30 years old", "Park Min-yeong, what is your secrets for the beautiful skin?", and so on.

Park Min-yeong is currently staying in China to film Chinese drama 'Braveness of the Ming'.


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Minyoung and her make up artist  (STARBUCKS at DongYang China) 06/30/15 (cr:大臉貓大臉貓愛吃_沙茶面_ )

Those shorts star-eyes-raccoon-emoticon.gif?130277407so sexy....(wonder how many times she was at starbucks, truly a coffeeholic hehehehe)




P.S. i think her latest ig update is not her recently photo cause from this fantaken pic, her hair is a bit longer and her cheeks are a bit chubby. Just my thought hehehhehe

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Guest treasure51

Maybe her latest ig was taken before she started filming??

Well miss her so much..

The weather must be so hot there, 

Enjoy u day youngie-ah..

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@treasure51 yeah same thought, before or the beginning of filming... me too miss her on-screen so much, can we skip july and august? hehehhehe september palli palli....

She enjoyed pizza with her staffs. Look she really enjoyed the pizza!!!



strolling in the mall and her order



The blogger said minyoung's face is small and pretty.

P.S. it seems she doesnt care with her style while spending free time with her staffs hehehe

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